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Quiz 2

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Electromagnetic Waves
13. Our eyes are able to see waves in this part of the
electromagnetic spectrum
ultraviolet radio visible infrared

14. Any warm object emits this wave. Night vision cameras
are able to detect this type of wave.
gamma rays visible light microwaves infrared

15. These rays are emitted by the sun (and other white hot
objects). Over-exposure to these rays can burn the skin
Encircle the correct answer. and cause skin cancer.
gamma rays ultraviolet microwaves infrared
1. Gamma rays travel faster than visible light.
true false
Write the letter of the correct answer.
2. All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed in a
vacuum. ___1. What electromagnetic wave wave is sometimes called
true false heat rays?
a. gamma rays
3. The speed of light in a vacuum is... b. infrared
3 m/s. 30 m/s. 300 m/s 300,000,000 m/s c. radio waves
d. visible light
4. The longer the wavelength the _______ the frequency
lower higher ___2. Which electromagnetic wave carries more energy than
the others?
5. Which of the following has the highest frequency? a. microwaves
ultraviolet microwaves x-rays b. radio waves
c. UV radiation
6. Which of the following has the highest frequency? d. visible light
visible light microwaves infrared
___3. What is the range of frequencies are our eyes sensitive
7. Which of the following has the longest wavelength? to?
gamma rays visible light ultraviolet a. 3 x 109 - 3 x 1011 Hz
b. 3 x 1011 - 4 x 1014 Hz
8. Which of the following has the shortest wavelength? c. 4 x 1014 - 7.5 x 1014 Hz
gamma rays visible light ultraviolet d. 7.5 x 1014 - 3 x 1016 Hz

9. Which of the following has the lowest frequency? ___4. All electromagnetic waves travel through a vacuum at
ultraviolet microwaves radiowaves ____.
a. Speeds that are inversely proportional to their
10. These waves have the longest wavelength and are used to frequency
carry signals for radar, TV and radio b. Speeds that are proportional to their frequency
radiowaves ultraviolet microwaves infrared c. Speeds less than 3 x 108 m/s
d. The same speed
11. These rays are absorbed by bones and teeth but pass
through flesh ___5. Which of the following correctly lists electromagnetic
radiowaves x-rays visible light infrared waves in order from longest to shortest wavelength?
a. Gamma rays, ultraviolet, infrared, microwaves
12. These waves are used to cook food (they are absorbed by b. Microwaves, ultraviolet, visible light, gamma rays
water molecules in the food) c. Radio waves, infrared, gamma rays, ultraviolet
d. Radio waves, infrared, visible light, x-rays
gamma rays x-rays micro-waves ultraviolet

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