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Grid Steelworks Corporation, P.O, Box 099334, Luwaka, 31" March, 2009, ‘Ths Human Resource Manager, Jojo Metalworks, PO. Bos 098833, Lusaka, Dear Sir or Madam, understand that Jerry Gown is applying for the position of Resident Engineer in your company. Ihave known Jerry for three years, having heen his employer, and | would highly sccommend him for this position. Jerry isa highly skilled engineer who works his fingers to the bone. He used to work ‘round the clock, ensaring that all cur machinery worked smoothly. When he just eame, ‘most of the machinery was not functioning, but duc to his ingenuity. he managed to fis aliyost all of them, Jerry works well with other people and has great leadership qualities. He was able to ‘orginizc his colleagues and get them fo perform scheduled tasks om time, His workmates miss him ercatly and his absence can be felt. really regret the loss of one of my finest ceanployees. Feeling that the work environment at our company was not challenging enough, he decided to leave. Tam certain that he will find the environment he desires at your company, ‘Once again, [highly recommend Jerry forthe position he has applied for For further information, plese don’t hesitate to cantact me on the address given in the letterhead. Yours Faithally, johns Guston Johns, Monaging Director.