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to all my astro friends;

too many people asking for KP books, other books, software, video
tutorials…etc..so , I do not send any files…books etc…, but I uploaded everything
on the web for free access;
biggest collection of free astro-jyotish books + software
+ video tuitions
have a look at these links; you can download all folders or browse
through, choose any file or folder in these links and download for free.
No need to register or wait, or anything…no publicity, captcha….etc
Biggest free astrology library on the web, a goldmine for astrologers

astro Software;
free jyotish_astrology and astronomy software collection (with serials or crack) on
Yandex server; 10 GB free_access link;
I created a new link for the best astronomy program “Starry Night Pro Plus” for mac
and windows, it is 2 huge files splitted in multiple rar compressed format. SO better
to download them bit by bit or overnight, then decompress with winrar or similar
here is the link to view and download the files;

+ how to use all these; (on my dp / divyapurusadas account ; almost full)

How to get 500 + free video tuitions on jyotish astrology (43GB) copied / cracked
from the website; http://astrology-videos.com/courses
,you do not need to subscribe? Pay anything, download any or all for free it is 3.5
GB of audio classes + Kala astrology software 2013_cracked, link here;

LATEST UPLOADS of classified books and documents

not in alphabetic order but by topics, this links is an in-
cremental clone/ backup of my astrology documents
from my computer, able to download any folder / sub-
folder or separate files in them, I recommend you get a free mega account and
you can copy/ clone everything on it instantly then synchronise/download automatically what you want on your
computer, so you never loose , then you can add/ share with anybody or only selected people whatever you
want to share if you desire, and never loose them, 50GB for free!!!!, I myself have 3 accounts with 3 different

https://mega.nz/#F!zDohjbLD!u1_c-lQIUYUNlKY4eligOw = this is the

main file, (classified by topics) where you have all books + more = about
14 GB of content

Following link includes;

_Astro Magazines_Western, _1.42 GB
_astro Magazines_Vedic, _0.4 GB
_KP books & magazines, _0.6 GB
_astronomy_time_history_ayanamsa _3 GB
_12 houses_12 signs_elements _2.67 GB

-25 GB of data (can add 25GB more) on my Jyotish divyastro account_

_KP astro books & astro magazines
_+ astrology/astronomy software crack
_+ books by alphabetic order (see list bellow)
All in; https://mega.nz/ - F!v0xx0ISD!WeYDWQVYLpVv7BNCVo_opQ
Note; the list of all books by alphabetic order are listed bellow
Jyotish_= Indian astrology books using siderial zodiac at the end of the
Book_ = astro books using tropical zodiac (+ astronomy) western,
greek, chinese, egyptian, babylonian etc

Also all following books are there also;

GNlz7FTSP54Bw7 Access to 'astro books_ jyotish at the end' was limited
due to high download traffic, 50 GB of download link traffic per month is
allowed. (some month people download more than 50 GB a month so
pcloud stop people downloading for a while…try later, in few weeks or
go to other links).