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FAQs – Summer Session 2018

Q: Why my registration form is showing “Regular Registration in Spring 2018” in front of some of the

A: These remarks are shown to remind you of your Spring 2018 registrations, as the results for these
courses have not yet been announced. If you feel to register in some of these courses during Summer
2018, you may do so now. Late registrations after announcement of Spring 2018 semester will not be
allowed in any case.

Q: I want to register for a course in Summer 2018 which I have also registered for in Spring 2018. After
the announcement of Spring 2018 results, will I be allowed fee refund if I clear that course?

A: No fee refunds are allowed in Summer 2018.

Q: Can I change my courses during pre-registration?

A: Yes, you can edit your selected courses during pre-registration period till the deadline. After the
deadline, your last selections will be frozen.

Q: Can I change my courses during final registration?

A: No, you cannot change or drop the courses during Final registration. However, if any of your earlier
selected course is not offered during Summer 2018 during final registration, only then you will be able
to replace that slot with any other offered course.

Q: If I do not do final registration after selecting some courses during pre-registration, will I have to pay
the fees?

A: Please note that if you do not perform final registration, then the full course fees will remain due, and
will be charged in next semester.

Q: If I do not attend classes after final registraion, what will be the grade assigned?

A: If any student does not meet attendance eligibility criteria or does not attend classes at all, then the
student will be assigned ‘F’ grade during the summer session. If any student wants to withdraw due to
any genuine reason, he/she must give application to his class advisor requesting withdrawal before 30th
September 2018 to avoid ‘F‘ grade. However, no fees will be refunded.

Q: When will the classes start?

A: Classes for Summer session will start from Monday, 17th September 2018.

Q: Will there be consultancy allowed?

A: Classes of Summer Session will be held as per prescribed schedule. No course will be offered on
consultancy basis at all.
Q: How can I check my attendance in the courses?

A: You will be able to log onto your student portal to check about your registered courses and the
attendances. In case attendances are not correctly shown, immediately contact the summer coordinator
of the concerned department where the course is being offered.

Q: My backlog course was not offered in Spring 2018 semester, do I have to register again? What will be
the fees of that course?

A: Yes, you will have to register again in summer session 2018. You will have the choice to either select
the same course or another one. The registration system will adjust the earlier submitted fee from
Spring 2018 automatically.

Q: Do I have to take the same course which was not offered in Spring 2018 to me?

A: No, you may choose to select another course in place of the one from Spring 2018.

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