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Problem Set in Crystallization

1. 19.20 /Foust. A 20 weight percent solution of Na2SO4 at 175 oF is pumped continuously to a

vacuum crystallizer from which the product magma is pumped at 60 oF. What is the composition
of this magma and what percentage of Na2SO4 in the feed is recovered as Na2SO410 H2O crystal
after this magma is centrifuged? Neglect the BPR of the solution
2. 19.21/Foust. A solution of 32.5% MgSO4 originally at 150°F is to be crystallized in a vacuum
adiabatic crystallizer to give a product containing 4000 lb/hr of MgSO4 7H2O crystals from 10,000
lb/hr of feed. The solution BPR is at 10°F. Determine the product temperature, pressure and
weight ratio of mother liquor to crystalline product.
3. 27.2 (MSH) A solution of MgSO4 containing 43 g of solid per 100 g of water is fed to a vacuum
crystallizer at 220 F. The vacuum in the crystallizer corresponds to a water boiling temperature
of 43 F and a saturated solution on MgSO4 has a BPR of 2 F. How much solution must be fed to
the crystallizer to produce 900 kg of epsom (MgSO4.7H2O) salt per hour?
4. It is desired to cool 1000 kg/hr of a 30 % solution of sodium sulfate to 25 oC to crystallize to
recover 60% of the salt as glauber’s salt. The Boiling point elevation for the solution is 2 oC(
3.6oF). Find the feed temperature.
5. A solution of 25% CaCl2 originally at 150°F is to be crystallized in a vacuum adiabatic crystallizer
by evaporation and cooling a 10,000 lb/hr of feed to 60oF. Using the boiling point nomograph in
Perry’s handbook, find the BPR and the operating pressure in the vapor space. Determine the
type of crystal formed and the rate of evaporation and crystallization.
6. A solution 28 weight percent Na2SO4 is to be crystallized to yield Glauber’s salt (Na2SO410H2O)
in a four-section Swenson-Walker crystallizer. It is fed to the unit at 100oF and is cooled with
50oF water flowing countercurrently. The crystallizer has a cooling surface of 3 ft 2 of length and
operates with an overall coefficient of heat transfer of 20 Btu/hr ft 2 oF across the cooling
surface. The water leaves at 75 oF.What feed rate to the crystallizer should be used to obtain 75
percent of the Na2SO4 in the feed as Na2SO4.10H2O crystals?
7. 12.11-1 Geankoplis [Replace 17oC with 20oC (use the solubility table in the handbook) and 10%
by 15%]
8. 12.11-2 Geankoplis: [Replace 363 K with 370K and 293 by 298K (use the solubility table from the
Handbook); replace b) 5% to 10%)

9. 12.11-3 Geankoplis: Replace 30 wt% to 25 wt%. and 288.8K to 285K (use the solubility table
from the handbook)

10. 12.11-4 Geankoplis: Replace 10000 lbm to 2000 kg. Replace 130oF to 50oC and 80oF to 24oC (use
Solubility data from the table in the Handbook)

11. 12.11-5 Geankoplis: Replace 283.2K with 285K (use the solubility table in the handbook