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What is the ratio of steady-state flow through a
1 perforation core to theoritical flow through a drilled CEF (Core Flow Efficiency) Technical
hole with the same dimensions as the perforation?

In 1856, he discovered an equation that now has

numerous applications in the study of water
permeability. Who is he?

2 Darcy technical

Gas cutting of the mud could be prevented by having a

3 mud weight that gives a large over pressure. Is it true or 0 Technical

What is the maximum kick size which can be tolerated

4 without fracturing the previous casing shoe? Kick Tolerance Technical

5 One of ways to control precipitation of ferric oxid is use Ethylene Technical

compound called EDTA. What does EDTA stand for? diamineTetracetic Acid

There is much information that we can collect from well Porosity, Permeability,
6 logging. Technical
Mention 3 data related to formation evaluation! Saturation

What is the name of natural gas that is extracted from Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Technical
7 coal beds?
In 19th Sept 2010, BP confirmed that well kill operations
on the MC252 well in the Gulf of Mexico is complete, Non-
8 Cement
with both the casing and annulus of the well sealed by technical

Schilthuis was the first person that found mathematic

9 Steady State Technical
model for water influx in what condition

How much the rule of thumb of pressure gradient of

10 0,465 psi/ft Technical
salt water?
Temperature Safety
11 What is TSE in petroleum production stand for? Technical
A ship's position and heading are maintained Dynamic Positioning
12 automatically by a computer system using its own Technical
thrusters. What system this ship use?
What is terminology for advanced technique for
13 producing oil after basic technique doesn’t work any Enhanced Oil Recovery Technical
14 What kind of drilling method that usually used for shale Horizontal drilling Technical
gas reservoir?

15 What is the most reactive mineral clay to water? Montmorillonite Technical

16 What is the primary emulsifier in oil muds? Calcium Soaps Technical

Mud logging or Mechanic

17 Mention two types of logging Logging, Log while drilling Technical

18 Mention two components of ESP Impeller and diffuser Technical

Using material balance,
19 How do we know current reservoir driving mechanism? Technical
energy plot

20 Who invented the ram-type blowout preventer? James Abercrombie Technical

1. effective permeability 2.
skin factor 3. pressure
Mention at least 3 data we will get from pressure build drop
21 4. flow efficiency 5. Technical
up test average reservoir
22 What is MWD? Measuring while drilling Technical
look at the picture! what's an assumption when we use
vogel equation?

23 no skin, open hole Technical

what is an unusual process in which water and natural

24 gas combine to form a solid at temperatures above the Gas hydrate formation
freezing point of water called?
what is science in geophysics that study about vibration
25 Seismology
phenomena in earth?
26 Hingle plot is a method to calculate? Rw
27 in drilling operations, the mud density is 10 ppg at 100 ft 52 psi
of depth. Calculate mud hydrostatic pressure
This is one of the most recognizable pieces of well
equipment and consists of control valves, pressure
28 gauges, and chokes located at the top of a well to Christmas tree
control the flow of oil and gas. What is the name of this
29 if mobility ratio <1, how is the condition of fluid flow? stable
decreasing interfacial tension is the main purpose of
30 surfactant
what injection?
The process of removing water from water-base drilling
mud. This process can involve chemical treatment for
31 the flocculation and aggregation of solids followed by dewatering
mechanical separation, such as centrifugation, or
mechanical treatments alone. What is this process?

The American Institute of Mining's Metallurgical

Petroleum Branch Executive Committee determined
the best way to meet this group's needs was to develop
a "publication so dominantly petroleum as to Journal of Petroleum
32 secure wide reader interest," In January of Technology (JPT)
1940, they succeeded with the first publication of what
journal that is now sent to every SPE

An operator is producing from a gas reservoir.

Suspicious of unusually high pressure losses, he
33 discovers that liquid is dropping out in the tubing, Retrogade condensate
though he observes only gas at the wellhead.
What type of petroleum fluid is this well producing?

Oil that does not move when fluids are flowed through
the rock in normal conditions, for example primary and
34 secondary residual oil
recovery, and invasion. What is this oil called
it's a residue deposited on a permeable medium when a
35 slurry, such as a drilling fluid, is forced against the filter cake/mudcake
medium under a pressure. What is it?
This small pieces of rock is screened out of the liquid
mud system at the shale shakers and are monitored for
36 composition, cutting
size, shape, color, hydrocarbon content
and other properties. What is it?

it's a Large-diameter pipe lowered into an openhole and

cemented in place. The well designer must design it to
37 withstand a variety of forces, such as collapse, burst, casing
and tensile failure, as well as chemically aggressive
brines. What is it refer to?
Sometimes, WOC can be tilted. Usually it's occur in
shallow reservoir. What is this condition called?

38 Hydrodynamic condition

What is this tools called?

39 Centralizer
39 Centralizer

Three-dimensional (3D) seismic data acquired at

different times over the same area to assess changes in
40 a producing 4-D seismic data
hydrocarbon reservoir with time. Is the
definition of?
41 Who is the 2013 SPE's president? Egbert Imomoh
When drawdown pressure is too high exceed some
42 parameter, water coning will occurred. What is this capillary pressure
Water trapped in the pores of a rock during formation
43 connate water
of the rock. Is the definition of ?

44 The study ofevents

rocks to determine the order and timing of stratigraphy
in Earth history is called
45 Mention 2 way, how can we get porosity of the rock? Well logging, coring
A point when liquid firstly appear in a gas system if
46 Dew Point
compressed is called?

Low mobility, easy to get,

47 Mention 3 advantages of using water as EOR method! cheap, have sufficient
weight, good efficiency

What type is this unconformity?

48 angular unconformity

active, passive, and active

49 Mention 2 types of continental margin! strike-slip
Mention 2 important parameters which is related on
50 Time and temperature
thermal maturity of organic matters!
What is the name of IPR Equation which is available
51 since 1968, for 2-phase oil reservoirs, zero skin, and zero Vogel's IPR equation

52 What is the terminology of drilling mud which has diesel Oil base mud
oil as the continuous phase?
A reservoir just has one J-Function. But, a J-Function can
53 be used for more than one reservoir that have similarity Porosity and wettability
on what?
If the area of the reservoir is 500 acres, the reservoir
thickness is 30 ft, the porosity is 25%, initial water
54 saturation 17 MMSTB
is 30% and the oil formation volume factor is
1.2 RB/STB, calculate the IOIP!
55 What is kept in rathole? The kelly assembly
56 True or false: Aintop drive system can ream or back ream 1
any position in the mast

The Maximum Allowable

57 What is M.A.A.S.P stands for? Annular Surface Pressure

58 Where does the U.S. import most of its LNG from? Trinidad & Tobago technical
What country did the U.S. import most of its crude oil Non-
59 Canada
from in 2005? technical
60 Who is the first SPE's non-US president? Jacques Bosio technical

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