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Following is the main screen of ASP.NET cODJET the database supported include SQL server, my
SQL, SQL night and Oracle.. You can add a mew database provider at design time

Show on the screen please select the database type once you select the return type the display
calculus will adjust section according to no database selected

Check turn 2 tables automatically checkbox... This will ensure that the table I picked up from the
database and display given all latest properties short

Please press the connect button

.. muscletech the correct button is pressed all the tables will appear on the left hand side of the
By default the menu was created according to the tables and views.. you can adjust continue
according to what you require you can also adjust properties to display the meaning vertically and

You can also set the menu from the database table

Important Features

New Advanced Settings

Database time zone (for SET TIME ZONE)
Export field images
Use Date/Time without seconds
Lookup cache count
Import records by insert only
Import records by transaction
Import supported file extensions
Import from CSV delimiter
Import from CSV quote character
Import from CSV EOL
Import from CSV SkipLinesBeginning
Import from CSV SkipLinesEnd
Import from CSV Encoding
Import from CSV Culture
Encrypt administrator and database user name and password
Encryption key for data protection
API JWT signing secret key
API JWT signing algorithm
API JWT authorization header
API access time after login (seconds)
API expire time after login (seconds)
API Access-Control-Allow-Origin header

New Server Events and Client Scripts

Server events and client scripts for Add Option page and Detail Grid page

Asynchronous programming with async and await
Lookup cache to improve lookup field performance in List page
Manage user level permissions (partially) by non-admin users (Dynamic User Levels)
Improve XSS handling by HtmlSanitizer
Optimize synchronizing linked tables with URL connection
Show aggregate and detail record count in Master/Detail-View page
Support modal links for Preview extension (for registered users only)
Short time format (AM/PM) for TimePicker extension (registered users only)
Support email address with name like "John Smith<>" (for Email_Sending
server event)

JsRender, Moment, jQuery File Upload, TimePicker, Mobile-Detect, CKEditor and tinyMCE
Following is a simple application built using ASP>NET CodeJet