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The Girl Typer

Note: You must have already gone through the 3SSA 2.0 manual in order to use this

Of course you’re bound to find many, many different types of women out there in
the world. This makes pick up even more fun because you’ll learn more about
yourself, what you are looking for and, of course, how to get it.

But there are certain archetypes out there that allow us to type a girl much faster
and let you know how to handle her. Let’s get to it.

Types of Girls:

1) The ADD Party Chick

This type of girl abounds in cities that reward beauty over intelligence
(read: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc.). They are used to getting rewarded for
their beauty so they are allowed to act however they want.

Consequently she has a short attention span since her whole life sees her
being given things she wants and her ignoring those things she does not.

How To Handle:

With this type of girl you will need to run a lot more of the attraction
elements, A, S and E with only the barest amount of Q and C elements
required to create a connection.

2) The LSE Shy Girl

This girls like you but you wouldn’t know it, terminally shy and a little
socially awkward she’ll make you wonder if she used to be fat. Regardless
you need to make her feel comfortable with you before you can truly get
her to warm up, so drop C elements in early until she’s open then roll
right on in with regular 3SSA.

How To Handle:

She’ll be extremely cautious as to what her friends think about you so

winning over the group isn’t optional it’s mandatory, do that and it’ll be
easy to create something real. It’s also important that you go easy on the

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3SSA The Girl Typer –
lifestyle elements it’ll be easier then you think to make her feel that you
are out of her league

3) The Professional

They come in all shapes and sizes but more then a few girls are the go-
getting career types, they demand a guy who is dominant and able to lead
the interaction.

How To Handle:

Good Q elements and an ability to calibrate S elements early will help you
massively here. You’ll also need some edge to show here that you are
going to give her shit and be the authoritative one, this is something that
professional women tend to miss out on in their workplace so she’ll
respond positively. However, the most important thing you can do is lead
effectively, take her from one step to the next of the logistical checkpoints
in the book whilst keeping her attracted.

4) ‘Working’ Girls

There are girls who are after the cash for services, pure market value.
These are those types of girls. We’re not saying that you can’t turn it
around but we’re not sure why you’d want to? Prostitutes are probably
not the most ideal bedmate and rate lower on the male level of beauty
then strippers, models and porn stars. All of which are abundant in big
cities like London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

How To Handle:

Working girls will hit you up for cash in return for sex within a few
minutes of you talking to them, they predominantly operate in streets or
hotel lounges and they usually are alone. When you find one we
encourage you to just go find a different girl.

5) Hired Guns

Girls that work at a bar or nightclub or even at a kiosk if you’re doing

daygame. Many establishments hire women of beauty to pull in the
punters. Any place that has women hired for beauty is considered a hired
gun, this even extends to strippers.

How To Handle:

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3SSA The Girl Typer –
These all rely on you having positive social value and working the room.
These girls only have so much time to spend with you and you’ll need to
convey your value through non-verbal means before quickly engaging and
going for a quick number close.

6) Intelligent HVV Girls

Every so often you’ll run into what we call a socially competent girl, she is
a female player, she is used to running the room, creating social proof and
getting all the guys attention. She doesn’t need to be the hottest girl in her
peer group to do it because she charms and enthralls in equal measure.

How To Handle:

Of course your job is to confound her from the start, she will respond very
well to edge elements and your social proof, jealousy sets with this type of
girl are a must and no matter what happens always maintain higher value
velocity then her if you want to get a chance of taking things further.

7) The Boring One

Different from the shy girl, this type is more of an offshoot of the ADD girl,
she’s attractive enough to not develop an interesting personality but not
so hot as to get what she wants handed to her.

Still most guys don’t require her to do anything so she’ll seem vapid. Most
guys avoid this type but it’s worth learning how to deal with her because
flash judgments might mean you miss out on something amazing.

How To Handle:

The key is getting investment through actions rather then questions the
way typical qualification elements work. Move her around, get her to buy
you a drink. If she refuses tell her “See, this is why chivalry is dead.”

Investment will take you far, the rest remains the same.

8) The “High Value” Girl

For whatever reason this girl feels that she is above most others and has a
very high level of social value.

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3SSA The Girl Typer –
She may make it harder to converse with you by putting up barriers,
many of which emphasize the idea that you and her are not on equal

How To Handle:

Despite this she is one of the easiest girls to deal with as long as you avoid
buying into her belief. Run more HVV attraction to break down her
barriers and then continue as usual. Be willing to step up and do some
proximity kino if the shield she puts up persists. It will break her out
quickly when you refuse to play her game.

9) The Gold Digger

Similar to the ‘high value’ girl except this girl is out for cash. She will be
found hanging out around tables, older men and will try to find the
biggest wallet in the room. Often this is her survival mechanism, she sees
her beauty as a commodity she can trade on for security. These girls can
be turned into satisfied lovers or relationships but she may resist you
when she finds your bank account is lacking somewhat.

How To Handle:

Still these girls have needs to be met like any others and you could be the
guy they show up to screw before they go on that date with a rich sugar
daddy. Bottom line be as emotionally compelling as you can be, she’ll not
be used to it and may just fall for you hook, line and sinker.

10)The Cougar

The great thing about older women is they know what they want. Older
women have already been through the relationship ringer. They’ve
experimented, dated and, more often then not, married. As such they
aren’t looking for a real relationship most of the time but fun, excitement
and opportunities they never explored when they younger for fear of
being branded a slut.

How To Handle:

These girls want excitement and fun, this comes in the forms of lots of
sexual elements and unpredictability about you. They rarely care for
comfort elements and you should never allow them to draw parallels

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3SSA The Girl Typer –
between you and their ex-husband or, worse still, their son! Keep it
exciting using A, E and S elements and she’ll be more then happy to share
her bed with you.

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3SSA The Girl Typer –