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DATE: ______________________________, 20____

Thank you for your interest in the participation program at La Joya Del Sol ("LJDS").
Please provide us with the following information, a photo, and return by email attachment to emrivkin@gmail.com:
Use a copy of this document to type everything in.

PLEASE NOTE: This application is for an Internship or Participant at LJDS. A 25% non-refundable deposit is
required once you choose your dates and your application is accepted. The internship fee is $400/person/month, with
the balance due in USD on arrival. You can reserve as many months as you like with the accompanying pre-payment. If
you decide to leave before the reservation time is used, you may receive a refund of UP TO 50% of the remaining time,
so please plan and choose carefully. If you decide to relinquish the participation status (its prorated at $13.30 per day),
you’ll be automatically put on GUEST rate at $50 per day. With prior acceptance, you may switch from PARTICIPANT
to GUEST, or vice versa, one month at a time.

Non-working family members over 12 pay an additional $200/person, which covers food and lodging. Children under 2
are free. Fee includes a covered bamboo tent platform (or cabina if available for $50 extra/person/month), and primarily
raw vegan food. We encourage you to bring your own tent and either pitch in a quiet fruit orchard or on one of the
covered platforms. Sometimes we have a tent available if you don’t have your own, and always have a mattress, linen,
pillow, and towel on loan. We provide high protein sprouts but interns bring their own nuts, seeds, and supplements
which are set aside for their personal consumption. Wifi is no extra charge. Laundry is $5 per load, but if you bring your
own bio-degradable detergent, you may handwash laundry yourself.

Please read over this information, and in your next email, acknowledge that you read it over and viewed mentioned







ADDRESS: (in full with address, city, postal code, country)

PASSPORT NO: (needed for emergencies)




(note: participating individuals must fill out separate form)
Partner/friend/family name(s) _______________

What dates are you interested for internship?

Do you want to combine traveling in Costa Rica along with your internship stay?

Will you be doing internships at other farms?

Is this your first time in Costa Rica?

If not, what was your experience before in Costa Rica?

Have you worked in the tropics before? If so, where?

Please send any description of the following:
Course study and experience in permaculture, bio-architecture, organic gardening, eco-building, raw foods, yoga, artist,
carpentry, furniture maker, web designer, internet expert, community planning, giving tours, and any related
subjects. Please include photos and the city or country the activity took place.

What are the skill sets you feel you can offer?

What skills are you interested in learning?

Do you prefer to work alone, or with others on a team?

Do you take direction well?

Do you consider yourself a service-giving spirit? If so, please write a brief example.

Do you like to think things through for yourself?

What sort of person are you to work with? Rate on a scale of 1 – 5 each of the following:
( ) Plan ahead and keep to it
( ) Stickler for detail
( ) Confident team player
( ) Take on a leading role
( ) Comfortable working independently
( ) Like lots of change and variety
( ) Like directions and timetables
( ) Multi-tasker
( ) Practical
( ) Theoretical
( ) Creative
( ) Solitary

Have you camped in tents before?

Are you an adventurous person?

Do you have a good sense of humor?

Play any musical instruments or sing?

What type of diet are you now? Plant-based ____ % Raw Plant-based ___ % Non-plant-based ___%

Are you interested in food preparation or lessons in raw food preparation?

Do you prefer an 80-10-10 style raw vegan diet, raw gourmet, or somewhere in between?

If you eat cooked foods now, what do you eat on a daily and weekly basis? This is important for the level of detoxing
you'll go through eating 100% raw vegan here.

Do you regard yourself as physically fit?

How often do you do rigorous exercise?

Type of exercise you like?

Do you have any health issues you'd like to improve while here? e.g. food cravings, weight, allergies, energy, skin,
specific disease healing, physical or emotional strength. (Waiver: LJDS does not purport to be a healing
center. However, we have had some experience in these aspects which we may be of assistance with.)

Do you have any health issues or injuries that we need to know about? ( i.e. diabetic, high/low blood pressure, cancer,
bee stings, back pains, etc.)
Are you on any medications or do you have allergies? (Required for emergencies)

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

Please add anything else you'd like to share that is relevant.

LJDS is a drug-free, alcohol-free environment and the use of recreational drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, etc. is NOT
permitted. It is important to acknowledge that you understand there is a "zero tolerance" and use of any of the
aforementioned will result in you being asked to leave, with no refund.

Any questions, let me know, we can skype too. Register a contact request on Skype at lajoyadelsol.

Looking forward to review your application.

Pura vida,
Eric Rivkin
Founder 2005
Viva la Raw Project at La Joya del Sol, Costa Rica