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Prabhakaran S
Mobile: +91-9092942534
E-Mail: prabhaks93@gmail.com

Career Objective:

To work in a challenging environment that encourages learning

and creativity and provides exposure to new ideas and stimulates personal and
professional growth by providing good work culture.


Being a productive Technical professional with 2+ years of experience in

IT Infrastructure Administration. I have good interpersonal skills, excellent
ability to analyze a problem and to provide solutions. I am considered as a
creative, dedicated and results oriented person by my fellow professionals and
employers. As a Systems / Network Engineer, I have strong skills in Configuring &
troubleshooting the Networks.

Skill Set:

 Operating System : Windows XP, Vista, Linux, 7, 8,10

 Programming Tools : DCA , C ,Putty
 Hardware Languages : Kiel, Xilinx, Mat lab ,Coding
 Cloud computing : Virtual desktop Infrastructure


 Totally I have 2.1 years of experience in Network and System Admin from
Wipro Technologys and the Parent company is RADIANT SYSTEMS IND PVT
Technical Skill Set:

 VLAN Configuration in Layer 2 Cisco Switch and Cisco IP Phone

 Knowledge in DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, VPN, MPLS and SCCM.
 Troubleshoot the Hardware and Software’s in Desktop and Laptop.
 Knowledge in VLAN enable in Cisco IOS and CAT OS.
 Knowledge in Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 Operating System installation &
 Knowledge in Basic CAT & IOS Switch’s and troubleshoot the LAN
 Knowledge in routing protocols IGP (i.e. RIP, OSPF and EIGRP) and EGP
(i.e. BGP).
 Knowledge in VLAN, VTP, NAT, and ACL and Routing Protocols - RIP, OSPF,
 Routed Protocols – TCP/IP & UDP.
 Configure networking devices like Switches and Router.
 Configuration of IPv6 to IPv4 tunneling and Knowledge in ASA firewall.
 LAN Switching, IP Addressing and Sub netting, VLAN, VTP, STP, PPP,
Frame relay.
 Security IP Access control list and Services DHCP.

Roles and Responsibilities:

 Playing a role as Critical Support Engineer (TL) in our location.

 Installing and troubleshooting the software’s depends on our customers.
 Installed, upgraded and maintenance of desktop and laptop hardware
components as per requirement.
 Installed software, patching, upgrading and maintenance of operating
 Configuring and troubleshooting of local and network related printers.
 Handling McAfee, SCCM & software compliance issues.
 Attending day to day calls logged by the user using remedy ticketing tool
and closing the same by visit with mentioned response, resolution time.
 Configuring Cisco VoIP phones and Auditing Project machines as per audit
 Preparing daily/Weekly/Monthly Closed Call reports for my Performance
and also achieve the SLA.
 Taking Care of VCON & TCON Support for our location for client meetings.
 Configuration of Domain & Workgroup for new machines.
 Run and configure network cables, troubleshoot the connectivity issues.
 Installation and troubleshooting operating systems (WIN XP,WIN 7, 8, 10).
 Managing and maintaining the VLAN configurations.
 Adding and remove the user name in windows server (win server 2008).
 Configure and troubleshoot the outlook (Outlook 10, Outlook 13 and Office
 Install and troubleshoot the Citrix and VM-Ware at user end and client end.
 Configuration of NORTEL and CISCO VoIP’s.
 Install and troubleshoot the hardware issue in both Laptop/Desktop.
 Managing Video-Conference connectivity.




B.E Annamalaiar Anna

[Electronics and College of University, 69.7 2014
communication Engineering, Chennai.
Engineering] Modaiyur.
Govt. Hr. Sec.
HSC School, State Board 80.8 2010
Govt. Hr. Sec.
SSLC School, State Board 85.8 2008
Personal Details:
Father’s Name : K.Subramani
Date of Birth : 13.05.1993
Age : 24
Gender : Male/Single
Nationality : Indian
Permanent Address : 147, Pillaiar Koil Street, Melkarikkathur village,
Murugabadi Post, Polur Taluka,


I, PRABHAKARAN.S hereby declare that the above mentioned details

are true to the best of my knowledge & belief.

Yours Faithfully,
Date :
Place : Chennai (S.PRABHAKARAN)