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Ideal Profile Matching - Finishing Manager

Table of Contents
1. Introduction....................................................................................................................

2. Objectives

3. Introduction to the company

2. Preparation of Job Description..........................................................................................

3. Ideal Profile machine model..............................................................................................

3.1 Selection Criteria, weights and reasons.......................................................................

3.2 Decide the method of selection....................................................................................
3.3 Develop the ideal profile.............................................................................................
3.4 Asses the suitability of candidates for the post – Job..................................................
3.5 Match the assessment for the candidates with the ideal profile...................................
3.6 Make selection decision of the candidate....................................................................

4. Conclusion


1. Introduction

“HRM is the efficient and effective utilization of human resources to achieve goals of an
organization” (Prof. [Dr.] Henarath H.D.N.P. Opatha 2009, p. 7).

It is a function where an organization focuses on recruitment of, management of, and

providing direction for the people who work in the organization.

Human Resource Management is revolving around the organizational function that deals
with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management,

organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation,
communication, administration, and training.

Selection is the most important function among the HRM since the overall efficiency and
the effectiveness of the organization is depends on the selection of right people at the
right time for the right job. This implies that the incorrect selection of people for the jobs
will end with the ultimate inefficiency of the organization.

Where as selection is the process of making the choice of the most appropriate person
from the pool of applicants recruited to fill the relevant job vacancy. (Prof. [Dr.] Henarath
H.D.N.P. Opatha 2009, p. 7). For the process of selection there are several methods to be
used. The ideal profile matching approach is one of the leading solutions for achieving
the selection objectives. This study will base on the application of ideal profile matching
model for the selection of finishing manager.

2. Objectives
The selection process is one of the most vital functions of the HRM. The application of
the selection process theories may or may not apply by the organization in their
selection of candidates. In some cases the organizations are using unique methods for
their selection processes. However the selection process should be a well developed,
unique and standardized to respective organizations since the organizations should
go away with those employees to survive in the competitive market arena.

The ideal profile matching model is on of the accepted approach in the selection process
of many developed Human Resources management area. This will leads to select the best

who will match with the ideal employee or role modal that devotes full capabilities for
the success of the organization
Therefore the objectives of the study basically,
 To apply the ideal profile matching model into a actual scenario.
 Understand the theories in practical and effective way

3. About the company

Brandix Casualwear

Brandix Casual wear forms the core of the Group, its flagship unit where 'inspired
solutions' are conceptualized in a holistic service to its customers. The company supplies,
woven bottoms, basic pants, cargo pants, 5-pocket jeans, shorts and skirts; the
quintessence of Brandix product portfolio, to the world's top brands. Its seven production
facilities include a state-of-the-art, fully automated denim facility which is the first of its
kind in Sri Lanka.

Brandix Casualwear not only leads the Group in sustainability but in innovation too. The
new Centre of Inspiration (BCI), a centralised facility in Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka is an
ingeniously designed product design and development centre. The 270,000 sq.ft. One-
stop-shop has exceeded expectations, by significantly increasing productivity.

4. Position Description
To ensure the accuracy of the ideal profile matching of finishing manager’s position, we
upgraded the job description relates to the post of finishing manager. Instead of job
description, company call it as position description

Position Description:

Title: Finishing Manager Function: Finishing

Incumbent: Location:

ENTITY: Brandix Casualwear Ltd Level:

Reports to: Reportees:


To ensure that the products are packed as per the customer’s specifications and
production schedule.

Key Tasks Key Performance Measures

To monitor the weekly and monthly shipment Shipment Plan

plan and see that deliveries are sent within
the stipulated time

To validate the finished goods against the Inbuilt

approved samples

To ensure that all finished goods are as per Finishing FPY

the customer standard & as per order quantity

To closely monitor the production targets, Inbuilt

and see that they confine to the shipment

To ensure finishing reconciliations are done Finishing reconciliations

on time per shipment

To ensure that damaged garments are Cut Ship %

salvaged through means of mending/ painting
or any other process which the respective
shipment requires as a mode of salvation

Ensure to be within the overhead / cost Budget Vs Actual

budgets of the department

Work closely with sewing floor, washing Order fulfillment %

plant, Planning & Marketing teams to ensure
that the order is fulfilled as per the shipment
date, standard & quantity

Drive & Maintain a satisfied & productive Employee satisfaction survey

work force

Duties of the Finishing Manager:

 Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for the Finishing departments and
ensure productivity, efficiency and quality are monitored and corrective action is
taken as required.
 Organizing, planning and managing weekly work schedules

 Holding client meetings and reporting progress

 Delegating and managing trades staff and sub contractors

 Management of Health and Safety on site

 Dealing with external consultants such as Architects and Planners.

 Assist operations in developing the technical and the operating capabilities of its
personnel through a suitably planned training program and to monitor and adapt
said program for optimal effectiveness.

 Act as a communications conduit between day shift and off day shift operations

 Continuously monitor Finishing operations for safety, environmental, and

housekeeping concerns and ensure preventative and corrective action is taken to
protect our employees and our environment

 Ensure appropriate resources are available to meet customer requirements at the

lowest possible cost.

 Establish schedules for preventative maintenance and then monitor and coordinate

 Ensure that all elements of the APEL's Quality System are being followed.

 Actively participate in Continuous Improvement and LEAN Initiatives.

 Contribute as a member of the Senior Management Team

 Actively keep informed of latest production and technological changes in

finishing technologies to assist APEL in becoming World Class.

Job Specifications and Requirements :

 The ideal candidate will have at least 4 years of manufacturing experience with 2
years experience managing people, equipment and processes.

 Direct experience in an aluminum extrusion environment with a focus on one or

more fabrication areas (Anodizing, Paint, Waste Treatment, and Fabrication) is a
decided asset

 Post secondary education in management, engineering, or manufacturing

 Proven experience managing people and priorities in a unionized environment

 Education and training in Safety, Quality and Lean Manufacturing concepts

 highly desirable: knowledge of and a background in ISO, lean manufacturing

tools such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, root cause analysis, Kanban, etc.

 Should process the following skills.

- Management
- Planning
- Leadership
- Good communication skills in both English & Sinhala languages &
Computer literacy.

 Ability to create and manage production budgets.

 Strong interpersonal skills; a team player and independent worker.

 Demonstrated effective verbal and communication skills.


Excellent remuneration and benefits package commensurate with experience.

To utilize the given work force and physical resources efficiently and effectively to
achieve the given targets.

Financial Authority

To achieve the relevant budget targets and given from time to time by the management.

Important notifications

Should maintain high degree of ethics and zero level of errors. Ensure any of your
activities do not impact negatively to department / company operations, internal and / or
external customers, costs and timing of product or deliverables.

Working Conditions:

Works in a state of the art modern factory, when the production process is supported by
both modular line set up and normal line set up. Working hours will be at least 8 hours
per day
Physical surroundings : Large fleet of Machinery, Conveyers, Raw
Material / Final product storages
Adverse working environment : Work involves monitoring of highly
sophisticated Machinery. Hence, adherence to the
relevant safety methods is required.

Physical effort : Not Applicable

Extensive Hours : May have to work extended hours as and

when required.

5. Ideal Profile machine model

According to the Monappa and Sayiyadain ideal profile matching is “A profile of

typically successful employee is developed on the various predictors which measure job
success. The procedure entitle administering various predictors on successful employees
of a given level of a job. There average scores on this predictors are calculated, and these
are then used as a standard to judge the scores of applicant on the same predictors”.
Monappa and Sayiyadain (1991, p.111)

Through out this study the selection of an employee for the post of finishing manager will
be based on according to the above definition given by Monappa and Sayiyadain. This
approach is most important in the process of selection where the organization could select
the best employee who will match with the best employee who is performing well in the

Based on the Job description prepared above the researches developed a ideal profile that
mach the candidates profile whom the company are in need of selection for the post of
finishing manager. This involves several steps, and detail process which applied is
discussed bellow under individual sub topics.

From this point we are applying the ideal profile matching for the finishing manager. To
develop this foundation will be the position description or the job description .According
to that we identify the most important aspects of finishing manager as selection criteria.
To facilitate the flow of ideal profile matching steps of ideal profile matching introduced
by the prof.H.D.N.P.Opatha is followed.

5.1 Selection Criteria, weights and reasons

10 | P a g e
The first step in ideal profile matching is selection of factors which assessment of
candidates is done in order to determine the degree of suitability for the post concerned.
As the compositions of the researches are from different sectors and they have plenty of
experiences in relevant field, method of discussion with the researchers and the finishing
manager who is going to be the ideal profile in our selection process at the Brandix
causeware Ldt has been used to determine the criteria for the position which ideal profile
been prepared.

When deciding the weights for the selection criteria the major attention were given by
considering the ideal profile experience in his service period and the criteria what he is
believed of his success and the contribution to the organization were given more weights.
Then the weight for each criteria and reason for the same were decided after serious
consideration on relevancy and contribution to the post in actual scenario.

The detail analysis on how the given weights were arrived is given in the table 5.1a in the
Table 5.1: Selection Criteria, Weights and Reasons
Selection Criteria Weights Reasons

1.Education(High 15 When Education is concern this post required

overall knowledge on most of the management
discipline, because in their position description they
have emphasis that the finishing manager should
responsible for overhead budgets, maintenance of
satisfied workforce, achievement of production
targets, employee relations. Hence, candidate
should not specialize for specific field. To fulfill this
he should possess the general MBA which covers
overall disciplines. and the other most important
reason for requiring masters level education is it will
facilitate the management of Human relations since
most of the employees are well educated and to

11 | P a g e
manage them the finishing manager should have
the higher acadamic qualification.

2.Experience in Appeal industry 20 Minimum three year experience in apparel industry

as staff grade position
as a key person is essential since this post highly
emphasis on achievements of variety of targets.
Works under any pressure, time management,
deadline achievements are highly depend on the
previous experience. Education and experience are
equally important since assigned weights are equal
for education and Experience .

3. Competency 25 Specific knowledge and skills from initial process to

end of the apparel procedures, rules and systems
are needed by one who wishes to be a good
finishing manager. To assure current competency on
production management it is important to have
better knowledge on entire processes, together with
sound technical knowledge.
In addition teaching and training ability, basic
understanding on time and work-study, layout
setting up and line balancing, labour management
and decision making is essential to show
competency in finishing management to a
significant level.
Compared to experience and educational
qualification, the highest weight 25 is given to
competency because it highlights the most
important areas as the position is concerned.

4.Intelegence 12 Important to have better understanding of job

supports to be taken from supporting departments

12 | P a g e
by having situational analysis with intelligence to
maintain high production performances.

5.Communication ability 10 High capabilities in communication is essential since

the finishing manager should meet the customers
while they getting the orders. Especially customers
in abroad needs to check the quality of the process
in such a situation the finishing manager’s
communication capabilities are highly important.
6.Human Relations Competency 08 Finishing manager should be capable to manage the
favorable relations with higher level authorities as
well as especially, with lower level employees who
devote their fullest capacity to meet the targets. In
this context he should knowledgeable of motivating
the peoples, controlling those to achieve the targets
as well. Under the human relation competencies he
should posses the sound knowledge on basic human
relational concepts
7.Knowledge of labour law 05 Having knowledge about the labour law Is essential
in any managerial level positions. As a finishing
manager it is required to deal with the lower level
employees to ensure the final quality of the
product. In Brandix casualware lts larger propotion
of workers are represent by the women. Therefore
having the knowledge of leave entitlement of
employees, working hours and workers benefits are
also important In order to manage his work
efficiency .
8.Charactor 10 Person, processes virtues such as honesty,
responsibility, loyalty, self discipline, respect and
should have a good personality vices such as
corruption, prejudice, and anger retaliation will be
important foundation to perform successfully.

13 | P a g e
5.2 Decide the method of selection

To recruit most competent person for the post it is very much essential to have large pool
of candidates. So, to achieve this target putting paper advertisements in most of the
weekend newspapers and web publishing should be used. If there is any possibility of
head hunting it is also more important.

Once company received the application first company should filter the candidate through
the careful supervision of job applications. Through this evaluation organization could
identify the basic criteria of education and experience which is the degree from
recognized university with 3 to 5 years experience in apparel industry as the minimum
qualification. A candidate who does not posses above minimum requirement will reject in
the first stage.

The intelligence will judge through an intelligence test, finishing management and human
relation competency, Knowledge on project management and knowledge on lean
management tool will assess through the interview and case study analysis which is
relevant to the post of finishing management practical aspects. Knowledge of labour law
criterion will assess through the interview and finally the character will investigate by
calling for referee reports. The method of interview intelligence test and the case study
method have explained in following details.


A structured interview, will used in the first stage which includes predetermined set of
questions will applied to identify the each job applicants’ general profile, level of
education, verbal proficiency & work experience. A panel interview is used in order to
carry out a fair and impartial out come from this exercise. The panel of interviewers will
consist of the senior managers in production, HRM, and finishing and this will chaired by
the general manager of the company.

14 | P a g e
5.2.2 Intelligent Test

This is an oral test which questions were offered to judge the intelligence & decision
making ability. Questions were prepared according to the practical situation where
intelligent thinking is needed.

5.2.3. Case study analysis

This will used for the identification of the candidate’s finishing management and human
relation competencies. Basically this will be a real incident which has faced by the
company during their past performances. So the company can identify the person who
can develop the best solution for the real problem.

5.2.4 Background Investigation

The main purpose of carrying out a background investigation with selected candidates is
to check their past behavior, history & character which has direct impact on performance
of the position holder and the acceptance of the other members in the organization. The
investigation was mainly focused on four areas directed by members of the interview
panel. Those four areas can be classified as academic, employment, personal & finance.
This will do through by calling for the referee reports.

Therefore interview, one intelligent test, case analysis and background investigation has
been used as selection methods in this process.

15 | P a g e
The following figure represents the selection process of the company


Case study
E Interview
O Intelligence Test


5.3 Develop the ideal profile

The most important part of the ideal profile matching is to determine the realistic and
accurate scores for each criterion which already decided. In this study, the researches
have identified one well experienced person in the filed of apparel manufacturing who
have shown excellent results and matching the qualification to the already developed job
description. Accordingly a senior finishing manager in Brandix Casualwear ltd had
chosen as the ideal profile in this study. The scores of the ideal profile were taken as

Table 5.2: Decided weights and the scores of the expert selected

16 | P a g e
Selection Criteria Method of Weights Scores
1.Education(High Interview/
school/Professional Application 15 10
institute/University) evaluation
2.Experience in Finishing Interview/
Management Application 15 10
3. Finishing Management Interview and Case
competency study analysis 15
4.Knowledge on Project Interview and Case
Management study analysis 05
5. Knowledge on lean Interview and Case
05 2
Management tool study analysis
6.Intelegence Intelligence test 12 6
7.Communication ability Interview
8.Human Relations Case study analysis
Competency 08 5

9.Knowledge of labour law Interview

10.Charactor Back ground
investigation 10 6

Note: Ideal position holder was selected according to the field experience on group
members and the scores for the each criterion’s were given by an evaluation made by
group members.

5.4 Asses the suitability of candidates for the post – Job

As there is only one job vacancy for the finishing manager in the company researchers
have taken only three candidates out of several for evaluate them on selected criteria.
This step will start once the initial application evaluation, interviews and case study
analysis have been completed. Researches expectation is to complete this before the
background investigation of the candidates. The evaluation results for three applicants
namely FM 1, FM 2 and FM 3 are shown in the table bellow. The following figures are

17 | P a g e
Table 5.3: Evaluation Results of Job Candidates

Selection Criteria
FM 1 FM 2 FM 3
school/Professional 10 9 12
2.Experience in Finishing
10 12 12
3. Finishing management
competency 8 10 10

4.Knowledge on Project
3 2 4
5. Knowledge on lean
2 2 2
Management tool
8 9 6
7.Communication ability
5 5 5
8.Human Relations
Competency 5 4 3

9.Knowledge of labour law

3 3 1
7 5 4

5.5 Match the assessment for the candidates with the ideal profile

According to the Monappa and Saiyadain, there are two techniques that can be used to
select the best candidate through ideal profile matching. To understand the application
and ensure the accuracy of the matching results we used both techniques in this effort.
Accordingly the correlation technique and deferential technique were tested and results
were taken.

5.5.1Correlation technique

18 | P a g e
Here we have calculated the correlation coefficient for three job candidates (Between the
idle profile and each candidate). The mathematical equation to calculate the correlation of
coefficient (r) of any given two values of X & Y is as follows. Where N = number of
selection criteria.

Correlation Coefficient - r

Where X = Score of Idle candidate & Y = Score of Job candidate

Lets take FM1 = Y1 FM2 = Y2 & FM3 = Y3

Following tables represent the calculation of correlation coefficients of FM1 with the
ideal profile.
Table 5.4: Correlation coefficient calculation

X Y1 XY1 X² Y1 ²
10 10 100 100 100
10 10 100 100 100
12 8 96 144 64
2 3 6 4 9
2 2 4 4 4
6 8 48 36 64
7 5 35 49 25
5 5 25 25 25
∑ X= 62 ∑ Y1 = 61 ∑ XY1 = 462 ∑ X² = 502
∑ Y1 ² 449
∑ XY1 - ∑ X∑ Y1 / N = 83.8
∑ X² - (∑ X)² / N = 117.6
∑ Y1 ² - (∑ Y1)² / N = 76.9
√[∑ X² - (∑ X)² / N ∑ Y1 ² - (∑ Y1)² / N] = 6.38
r1 0.8812

19 | P a g e
Like wise by substituting Y2 & Y3 values in to above table we can obtain correlation
coefficients for each job candidate as r2 = 0.9518 r3 = 0.8814

Table 5.5: Correlation coefficients

Job Candidate FM1 FM2 FM3

Correlation Coefficient 0.8812 0.9518 0.8814

5.5.2 Differential technique

Here we have calculated the degree of similarity or dissimilarity between the idle profile
and each of the job candidates.

D – Difference between the scores of the ideal profile and the scores of the candidate
with regard to each selection criteria.
SD – Squired Difference i.e. D²
Table 5.6: Differential Technique Indices of Similarity
Selection Criteria Difference Difference Difference
from idle from idle from idle
profile for profile for profile for
1. Education 0 0 1 1 1 1
2. Experience in production
Management 0 0 -2 4 2 4
3. Production management
competency 4 16 2 4 2 4
4.Knowledge on project management -1 1 0 0 0 0
5.Knowledge on lean management
tool 0 0 0 0 0 0
6. Intelligence -2 4 -3 9 0 0
7. Communication ability. 2 4 2 4 1 1
8. Human relations competency. 0 0 1 1 2 4
9. Knowledge of labour law. -1 1 -1 1 1 1
10. Character. -1 1 1 1 -2 4
Total 27 25 29

20 | P a g e
5.6 Make selection decision of the candidate

The selection of the candidate will base on the techniques which were used for the
identification of the best candidates among the selected three best candidates. It will be
the who got the highest correlation coefficient and the lowest difference with ideal
candidate according to the differential technique.

Accordingly the job candidate FM2 is selected to fill the vacancy of the finishing
manager at Brandix Casualware Ltd as he got the highest correlation coefficient .9518
and the lowest differential value 25. According to this FM2 is the most appropriate person
to select.


Prof. (Dr.) Opatha H. H. D. N. P. 2009, Human Resource Management, Prof. (Dr.)

Opatha H. H. D. N. P., Colombo.

George Bohlander & Scott Snell,managing Human Resources,Thomson south western,

United state of America

21 | P a g e
Table 5.1a: Allocation of weights for criteria
Selection Criteria Method of Weight Analysis Weights
1.Education(High Interview 1. School -5 15
school/Professional 2. Prof.Inst -10
institute/University) 3. University-15
2.Experience in Interview 1. 01 year Ex -5 15
Finishing Management 2. 02 years Ex -10
3. 03-05 years Ex-15
3.Finishing Interview and 1. Knowledge on entire 15
Management case study pro.pros-05
Competency analysis 2. Pro.Planining-05
3. Tech.Knowledge-05
4. Time and Work study
knowledge with layout
5. Decision making ability-
4.Knowledge on Interview and Will be assess through the case 5
Project Management case study study analysis solutions and
analysis answers at the interview
5.Knowledge on Lean Interview and Will be assess through the case 5
Management Tool case study study analysis solutions and
analysis answers at the interview
6.Intelegence Intelligence test Will be judged against answers 12
to the question offered

7.Communication Interview and Oral 10

ability practical test Written

8.Human Relations Interview and Will be assess through the case 08

Competency case study study analysis solutions and
analysis answers at the interview
9.Knowledge of labour Interview Will be judged from questions 05
law offered

10.Charactor Back ground Judged from the feed back 10


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