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University of the East- Caloocan

105 Samson Rd. Caloocan City

Locker Proposal in each active building used by senior high school students of the
University of the East Caloocan
A Research Study presented to Accountancy, Business and Management Strand
UE Senior High, Caloocan
In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the subject
Practical Research in Daily Life 3

Arniño, Niko
Arcadio, Justine
Cervantes, James Russel
Llagas, Hiroshi
Rabusa, Aldin Den
Group 5

Ms. Jerosalem T. Bagaforo, LPT

January 2019
Background of the study

Today’s school era, one of the problems of students in the K-12 curriculum are the

numerous paper works, heavy books, lots of school projects and include also other school materials

that are needed in a daily basis. That is one of the problems why students experiencing back pains

associated with the bombardments of projects and books that are very heavy to carry and the lack

of interest to go to school. Lockers can be the possible solution to this dilemma and students can

benefit from it. To start the discussion, here is a little background about lockers. Lockers are

usually seen on schools, offices and the gym. They are utilized as an extra storage and safe keeper

of personal belongings. Besides these functions, lockers have other important roles on the

aforementioned facilities.

Students bring a lot of things to school to use for different classes. The supplies normally

placed in a school locker are books, papers, personal hygiene items and jackets to name a few. It

brings a lot of convenience to students as it allows them to carry only the things needed for a

certain class. They can always just access the locker in between classes. Lockers also serve as the

only personal space of students in schools so they have their storage decorated with pictures or

anything that inspires them. Spinal problems and back pain caused by carrying large backpacks

can be avoided by having students use lockers. Providing a place to store things promotes

cleanliness in school grounds. It goes without saying that having a personal storage solution makes

things easier on your students. By providing so, having lockers can make a student more

responsible in his/her belongings and not only will they enjoy the convenience of managing their

school supplies from a secure locker, but they’ll also save themselves from backaches. Studies
have shown that children who carry heavy books around on their backs all day have a better chance

of developing scoliosis and back issues.

Statement of the problem

The study seeks to answer about the problem of students regarding to Locker proposal in each

active building used by senior high school students of University of the East Caloocan:

1) Students are being hassled by large books, paper works, and other school

materials that may affect their interest to go to school.

2) Projects that are meticulous in nature are the ones who are very cautious when it

comes to handling it with so much care so an extra storage is a need to address

the situation.

3) Cases of theft in book shelters and other school equipment can be very alerting

so books that are expensive might be at risk.

Significance of the study

The one who will be benefitting the study will be the students in senior high school department

because they are the main components of this study. Teachers can also be one of the beneficiaries

in this study because of the extra storage that it might give. Parents playing a huge role in every

student will also benefit in the implementation of school lockers because it will give them peace

of mind when it comes to their child’s valuable things.

The sole benefit of the study is to ease the problem of every students in senior high school to

become more comfortable in carrying their school items. It will also benefit them in having extra

storage and the security that they are dreaming of.

The main beneficiaries will be the students and also the school itself because the “help me, help

you” will be established here in this study in terms of easing the problem of students in terms of

easing the problem of students in storage capacity and for the school also to benefit in the extra

investment for generating more profit for possible school rehabilitation of other school facilities.

Secondary beneficiaries are the teachers and parents. Teachers can also be one of the beneficiaries

in a way that if this study will succeed in the future, the expansion of the ideas for future

development might include teachers in benefitting school lockers for having extra storage. As for

the parents, this will give them peace of mind for valuable and expensive things of their child

whenever they will be going to school especially for those students who are living in distant


To the Researchers, this study will also benefit them to be more aware that it is more convenient

to study if they are carrying less things in their bag. It will also make them more responsible in

carrying out their things and for them to boost their creativity in taking care of their own lockers.

For the future researchers, if this study will succeed in the future, possible implementation of other

ideas pertaining to the expansion of the school lockers can benefit other possible beneficiaries that

are not associated with this study. It will also give them better insight if there are some flaws in

this study for them to correct the mistakes of this locker proposal.
Scope and delimitation

This study will solely focus on the implementation of school lockers to help students to become

more convenient in their way to school. Respondents will be carefully chosen and gathered by the

use of survey questionnaire and will focus on all senior high school students.

The researchers chose to have all senior high school students to take part on this study for the

purpose of giving the best output regarding on the implementation of school lockers particularly

for those senior high school students who badly need it.

The researchers aim to prevent discouragement of the students to bring books by easing their

workplace in providing school lockers as a means of extra storage.

The study will be delimited only to the implementation of lockers for the beneficiary of every

senior high school students and not other variables that have nothing to do with the study. It is also

delimited to all senior high school students and not the preceding levels because the intensity level

of stress brought by other factors such as heavy books that will lead to discouragement of senior

high school students to bring their books everyday is much higher than its predecessor.

Perspectives and perceptions are also delimited only to senior high school students.

Review of related literatures

Local literature

DepEd urged to implement measure to limit weight of school bags

School lockers for students are very essential to be implemented inside a school. Not only for its

security purposes, but also the extra storage that it may give to help students to store their books,

school projects, other school materials, valuable items, and can be for spare of shoes. A concerned

citizen urged about the implementation of lockers to limit the weight of school bags cause of heavy

loads of books. A representative from a distant city has expressed concern over the health of school

children, especially those enrolled in private schools, amid reports that scores of them went back

to classes last week, burdened with school bags weighing about half as much as they do. Lazatin

introduced in the 14th Congress House Bill 6644, An Act Limiting the Amount of Bags Carried

by Children in School and Implementing Measures to Protect School Children’s Health from the

Adverse Effects of Heavy School Bags.

“The bill was not passed but he appealed to school authorities nationwide to consider

implementing it anyway. Lazatin cited reports of recent random weighing showing that pupils

bring school bags that weigh as much as 50 percent or even more of their body weight. The bags

are filled with textbooks, workbooks and notebooks. This is not to include the jug of water and

lunch box, he noted. He also said “I think this aberration has been going on nationwide for years

now, as indicated by the expensive and huge school bags being sold at supermarkets and

department stores. Most of them are fitted with wheels, but to be sure, the kids have to lift these
bags at one time or another on their way to and from their classes every day,” he said. Lazatin cited

medical experts who have recommended that schools should limit the weight of bags to less than

15 percent of the students body weight.” (Cervantes, 2010)

Foreign Literature

Importance of Lockers For Students & Teachers in University

The study shows the importance of lockers for students and for the teachers to benefit them. “The

modern schools are a complex institution; between schooling, costing, staff management, keeping

the teachers, parents, and, ultimately, students happy, by fulfilling their little requirement. One

such necessity that commonly arises is the storing facility.”

“School storage lockers are useful and are essential for any school, college or university. They

support in keeping your life and work composed as well as serves as an excellent space to dump

things off on the go. If you have decided to purchase a storage unit for your school, make sure to

maintain the standard and consistency. For instance, you would not want to buy half of your school

lockers made of wood and rest half of plastic.

Having a uniformity will make your school look refined and like you mean business. Also, make

sure to purchase similar size lockers throughout the room. It would be biased on students for some

of them to have large lockers, and some have small ones. Whatever school lockers you do decide

on your students will be beneficial as they would have some space to store their stuff.”

(Anonymous, 2016)
The Advantages of Lockers in Schools

There are many advantages of having lockers in schools. Aside from their surface

usages, like storing books, clothing and other possessions, they introduce students to a

number of features that are less apparent. Learning how to properly use a locker,

including the conditions or circumstances that surround its usage, actually mirror a

variety of situations that students will encounter in the future. According to Spinello,

“Lockers provide students with a space of their own. They’re held accountable for its

contents and it’s their job to care for and maintain that space. Memorizing locker

combinations help students gain a sense of responsibility; if they want to get what they

need, they’re required to know the combination and be able to open it. This serves a s

practice for other things they’ll have to preserve and be able to access later in life (i.e.,

safety deposit boxes, pin numbers and alarm codes).” As for the effect for every

individual, “Another advantage of lockers is how they teach students to respect other

people’s property. A student’s locker tends to contain things that are valuable to them

and that they need, like pictures, books, homework and other belongings. A locker is

supposed to be a safe place for students to store items without having to wo rry that

they’ll be stolen or ruined. Given that students want to be confident that their locker’s

possessions are protected, odds are they’ll show consideration for their fellow student’s

lockers.” (Spinello, 2018). Lastly, the benefits of having lockers for students are, “A

major advantage of lockers is the social environment that surrounds them. Lockers are

where a lot of public interaction takes place. This teaches students about social

responsibility and etiquette. Regardless of whether or not they are friendly with the
students who have lockers next to them, they need to respect them. In school (work and

other social settings), you may not know everyone around you or even like them.

However, lockers present students with a chance to converse with diffe rent types of

people outside a specific peer group and form new relationships.” (Spinello, 2018)

School lockers prevent pupils developing back problems

Associated with the possible back injury that a student might suffer due to heavy backpacks, Mary,

a concerned journalist published an article regarding implementation of school lockers may

prevent students on developing back problems such as scoliosis and the likes. “Just like all

organizations, health and safety is increasingly important to school sand is becoming one of the

biggest topics for the education sector. Indeed, all educational establishments are responsible for

student’s health and safety during their time on the premises. Many schools have focused on health

& safety within the context of the school buildings and surroundings, forgetting the importance of

what in business might be termed manual handling. In essence, the school and national curriculum

force the pupils to need a number of heavy items to be carried around – which without secure and

convenient school lockers place the pupils at risk of damaging their physical wellbeing. With

technology advancing, students are increasingly bringing laptops/tablets to school which can be

great for both teachers and the pupils themselves, yet heavy and bulky to carry around. Add a

packed lunch, bottled water, some text books and maybe a PE kit and the once light rucksack can

easily top up to a mighty 2 stone (12.7KG)” (Mary, 2013)

She also added, “Students are carrying up to a quarter of their body weight around all day long,

which would never be allowed adult (2), so why should students be allowed to be carry all this

through the whole day at school, moving from one classroom to another?
Providing school lockers to students can help students lose 2 stones off their shoulders throughout

the whole day at school, students can easily pick up the necessary items during lesson change and

store their heavy and bulky item such as PE kit (which is normally just needed for 1 hour of the

day), and valuable item such as laptop and mobile phone in a safe and security place, also giving

the parents a peace of mind too.” (Mary, 2013)

The Back Pain of Back to School

A rheumatologist named Mark Borigini, M.D., has conducted a study about back pains that may

develop in a young age that might carry on as the child grows older. He made a research regarding

to the alarming back injury that may develop to a student who always wore his/her bag full of

heavy books. According to Borigini, “The school locker was an island of self-expression amidst

the conformity of pep rallies and society’s expectations of new adolescence. It might be wall-

papered with troubling photos of Iggy Pop, or the latest work of Flavia. The school locker was the

student, no matter how the student appeared to the school. But something happened. Schools

and parents began wondering what really was behind that glorified locked shoebox: A weapon to

take down an airplane? Or a magazine encouraging the student to take down his or her pants?

Suddenly one autumn, the school locker was abolished. The pornography was now lodged between

chapters on the isosceles triangle and the Pythagorean theorem, the gun precariously tucked in that

pair of sagging slacks.” However, research has shown an increase in the incidence of back injuries

in some students, which has been directly attributed to the lack of lockers for the storing of those

large text books, thus forcing students to spend more time carrying heavy loads of books in

backpacks. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of children, ages
ranging from 5 to 18 years, are treated yearly in hospitals and physician offices for injuries related

to backpacks.” (Borigini, 2013)

Conceptual Framework

Input Process Output

Implementation of school As an extra storage to Prevents possible back

lockers lessen student’s hassle. injuries.

Means of exercise. Respecting each other’s


Provides personal space.

Creativity is being

The framework tells us that most of the students demand school lockers for their extra storage

that they can give. By doing so, it can also provide personal space for the students and also their

creativity can be expressed freely. The most least of it as a reason to implement school lockers

will be as a medium of exercise and it will all fall down to the conclusion that school lockers

might prevent possible back injuries and other worrying injuries associated with that and also it

can teach students to respect their fellow classmates in each other’s spaces.


1) Lockers are very essential for senior high school students as an extra storage for them to

store their books and other valuable items that needs security.

2) Bringing all your books can make the student very exhausted due to back pain and

exhaustion. Lockers can be the solution and senior high school students who are living in

a very distant places might need this proposal.

3) When it comes to parents, they will also think that their children need lockers for

unexpected circumstances that might happen during transportation time. By implementing

lockers inside the campus, parents who are very worried about their child’s school projects

and books might help them to relieve their stress.

Definition of terms

Aberration – the fact or an instance of deviating or being aberrant especially from a moral standard or

normal state.
Aforementioned - mentioned before: spoken about or named earlier.

Amidst – in or into the middle of something.

Apparent – easy to see or understand.

Appropriate – right or suited for some purpose or situation.

Beneficiaries – a person, organization, etc., that is helped by something: someone or something that

benefits from something.

Bombardments – used as an act of something that is repeatedly done.

Convenience – something that makes you more comfortable or allows you to do things more easily.

Converse – to talk usually informally with someone.

Dilemma - a situation in which you have to make a difficult choice.

Ease – a relaxed and informal way of behaving.

Essence – the basic nature of a thing.

Etiquette – the rules indication the proper and polite way to behave.

Implementation – an object used to do work

Institution – an established organization.

Perception – the way an individual think about or understand someone or something.

Rheumatologist – a person that deals with medical science in dealing with rheumatic diseases.

Rucksack – a kind of backpack used by hikers.

Scoliosis – a lateral curvature of the spine.

Storage – space where you put things when they are not being used.