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Name : Alfa Zainullah R

: Rahmawati Putri R
Class : 2C / D-III Chemical Engineering

Cajuput Oil Making Process

Cajuput oil is something that already familiar to Indonesian people. Cajuput oil is
very useful such as for body warmer and relieves itching. Cajuput oil is obtained by
distillation from cajuput leaves. Distillation is the process of separating substances from
the mixture based on the boiling point difference. Distillation of cajuput leaves to get
cajuput oil using the principle based on the nature of cajuput oil which can evaporate
when heated with hot steam. The flow of steam will bring cajuput oil which then if the
steam is in contact with the cold media it will turn into dew and get separate oil and water
The process of making cajuput oil begins by preparing the equipments and
materials to be used. The equipment used are a boiler, leaf container tank, condenser, and
separator, while the materials needed are cajuput leaves, water, and fuel to heat water in
the boiler. After that, the boiler is filled with water to a certain height and heated. On the
other hand, a filter is placed inside the container then filled with cajuput leaves. If the
pressure of water vapor in the boiler already 4.5 atmospheres, the water vapor is flowed
through a pipe to the bottom of the container tank and passes the cajuput leaves. Cajuput
oil can be separated from the leaves because of the pressurized water vapor so that the
steam will contain cajuput oil and water. The steam from container tank flows through a
pipe to a cooling bath or condenser so that the steam turns into a dew phase. After that
the dew is flowed towards the separator to separate water and oil based on the density,
cajuput oil will be above the water because the density of the water is greater than the
density of cajuput oil. After that, the cajuput oil can be packaged and can be sold.