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Project Rubric

Student’s Name:_____________________________________________Class:____________________________
Teacher’s Name:_____________________________________________Date:____________________________

Presentation Quality - Content Points

2 Presentation is well developed and rehearsed; visuals are of high quality; all project requirements met.
1 Presentation is partially developed and rehearsed; some visuals are included; missing some project requirements.
0 Presentation is not developed or rehearsed; low quality or no visuals; does not meet project requirements.
Professionalism Points
2 Student demonstrates professionalism during the entire presentation.
1 Student demonstrates some professionalism throughout most of the presentation.
0 Student does not demonstrate any professionalism, i.e. laughs, talks to other students, reads off notes.

Vocabulary: Student´s use of specific vocabulary learned in the units being assessed. Points
2 Very few errors (if any). Student uses all the appropriate vocabulary.
1 Knows enough vocabulary to communicate using simple expressions and words. S/he self-corrects him/herself.
0 Almost none of the vocabulary expected at this evaluation. Student has a very limited communication skill and/or uses Spanish.
Grammar: Student´s correct use of specific grammar & structure learned in the units being assessed. Points
2 Very good grammar usage and sentence structure. Student communicates using simple and complex sentences.
1 Coherent when using simple structures. Tense usage is ok.
0 Student doesn’t know verb tenses and shows many problems when using grammatical structures.
Pronunciation Points
2 Student shows no major problems when pronouncing English words, they can be easily improved.
1 Student shows some problems with English words, i.e. past tenses, endings, etc.
0 Student shows major problems making it difficult to understand what he/she is saying.