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Working with an NGO is a real-time experience.

It enables your inner talent and provides

enough exposure to enhance your skills. Sharing my personal experience :

The Day Geeta Ajit Mam told us that we have to volunteer in any Ngo of our choice
my reaction to that was not very positive rather I thought what’s use of doing social work if
we are Engineers.It took me only two to three sessions working as volunteer to completely
change my opinion.

After Geeta Mam assigned us the project, we started searching for nearby Ngo’s.We
visited few Ngos but there timing was not matching with our college timings. When we got
information from our friends that there is a children orphanage in Mankhurd, named
‘Childrens Aid Society’ we all decided to go there for enquiry. It was our first day there. I
had imagined in mind that orphanage will be old and small, but when we entered the
orphanage gate I was surprised to see such beautiful campus. The moment we entered the
orphanage, I felt both happy and sad at the same time when I saw children playing, fighting
with each other, crying, laughing, cribbing about certain things , dancing, and so on. To the
left was Teachers room where we first went. There we met Mr. Rahul sir wo was Children
Home’s Principal. We explained to him about our project. He immediately gave us
permission for attending sessions there as previously students from different colleges had
done sessions with children. But he also warned us that working with those children was not
any childs play as those children came from very critical situations like some were found on
road, some were rescued from red light area, some lost there parents in criminal cases.He told
us to start our session on Independence day.

So our first day to ngo was on Independence day. First we attended Flag hosting
ceremony. Then there were certain programs arranged by the orphanage which included
Speech by chief guest followed by students speeches, then students performed various dance
and singing performances. We all enjoyed this experience as Independence day celebration
for us was just merely a holiday. This experience enlightened spirit of patriotism within us.
Second day we planned to play some fun games. We played Dumsharas with them. We were
amazed to know their knowledge regarding bollywood and other regional language movies.
After taking these games we realized that their was a bonding started developing between us.
Then we decided to give them career guidance as they don’t have anyone close who will
guide them in life. We told them about various options to take after 10th and 12th. This was
definetly helpfull for them as they were confused about their professional life.

We also wanted to test their knowledge out of syllabus so we took activities like Quiz,
in which we asked themquestions from categories like general knowledge,sports,etc. We also
took sessions on drawing and crafts which brought out their creativity and imagination. Those
children made so many beautiful and creative things by using their craftsmanship. Apart from
these we took personality development classes which included sessions like communication
skills, behaviour,dressing sense,etc which helped them to gain confidence,improve their
behavior and learn better communication.