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DRAPE FH1d1G March 19,2019 Approved as To: E, Vazquez, Assistant Chiefy Final Disposition Temp Pols Dene Gg A g sm K0Camdewycncitony, MIC eenineiat 7 enor yal Attn: C. Johnson, Major nN District Three “4-CY From: R. Blasili, Captain District Two K, Schoolmeesters, Captain (Criminal Investigation ion Subject: Professional Standards Bureau, Case #18F-012, involving Officers John Lavatta, Mark Landry, Algenis Maceo, Sarah Brown, Bryan Tracy, Jessica Gillte, Jose Estrada Il, Andrew Lepochat, Ryan Zenko, Reserve Officer Jonathan Darling and Reserve Officer Daniel Falk Synopsis: ‘On September 19, 2018, a citizen made a complaint tothe Tampa Police Department against Officer Mark Landry and Officer John Laratta, The complaint alleges both offices threatened the citizen with physical violence during a selFintiated call on September 18, 2018. During the investigation of the alleged complaint, Office John Larata's body wom camera footage was feviewed. This examination revealed possible violations of Tampa Police Department policy by Officer Mark Landry and Officer John Laratta. Based onthe findings, all of Officer Larata's BWC retained recordings were examined dating back to May 15,2018, when he was first issued ‘the body wom camera. This broader review uncovered additonal policy violations not only by Officer Mark Landry and Officer John Larati, but by eight othe officers. ‘The overall investigation identified 30 separate incidents of policy violations dating back to May 15,2018, (Case Summation: On September 19,2018, a citizen made a complaint othe Professional Standards Bureau alleging he was threatened with physical violence by two officers. Officer Mark Landry and (Officer Job Lartta are identified asthe officers, The PSB determined Officer Lata is assigned a body wor camera. The citizen's complaint was referred for investigation to the District Three office where the ident occurred and where te officers are assigned. The officers chain of command investigated the accusations and reviewed Officer Laratia's BWC. footage regarding the complaint. The BWC footage captured the start ofthe incident which was DRAFT inated as “suspicious vehicle” call. The BWC is tumed off three minutes and forty-seven seconds into the call which ats thiry-