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So the internal conflict is Nancy is a black race who is persistent in studying, she can blend in
with her environment. However she is always underestimated by the American commitee
which distinguishes the difference between nigger and white race. From there we can see the
conflict experienced by Nancy was her disappointment with the environment of racism which
still considered that the black race was the lowest caste. Even though she had tried to show
that he deserved achievement, even by upholding America. However it turns out that racism
is stronger than her determination.

2. External conflict in the story One Friday Morning by Langston Hughes is that the government
has not accepted a black race in its country, therefore Nancy became cornered when she
wanted to get a scholarship. racism makes Nancy an exception in the selection of winners. this
didn't only happen to Nancy, but also Miss O'shay who was Irish. The American government
that cannot accept the arrival of other races then uses the issue of racism to infer them.

3. Since both of the conflicts has the same line that is racism
“Miss O’Shay said, “When the committee learned that you were colored, they changed their

“‘It seems to us wiser to arbitrarily rotate the award among the various high schools of the
city from now on. And especially in this case since the student chosen happens to be colored,
a circumstance which unfortunately, had we known, might have prevented this
embarrassment. But there have never been any Negro students in the local art school, and
the presence of one there might create difficulties for all concerned. We have high regard for
the quality for Nancy Lee Johnson’s talent, but we do not feel it would be fair to honor it with
the Artist Club award.’” Miss O’Shay paused. She put the letter down.

Nancy Lee, I am very sorry to have to give you this message.”

“But my speech,” Nancy Lee said, “was about . . .” The words stuck in her throat.
“. . . about America.”

“I thought, since the award would be made at assembly right after our oath of allegiance,” the
words tumbled almost hysterically from Nancy Lee’s throat now, “I would put part of the flag
salute in my speech. You know, Miss O’Shay, that part of ‘liberty and justice for all.’”

“I know,” said Miss O’Shay slowly facing the room again. “But America is only what we who
believe in it make it. I am Irish. You may not know, Nancy Lee, but years ago we were called
the dirty Irish, and mobs rioted against us in the big cities, and we were invited to go back
where we came from. But we didn’t go. And we didn’t give up, because we believed in the
American dream, and in our power to make that dream come true. Difficulties, yes. Mountains
to climb, yes. Discouragements to face, yes. Democracy to make, yes. That is it, Nancy Lee!
We still have in this world of ours democracy to make. You and I, Nancy Lee. But the premise
and the base are here, the lines of the Declaration of Independence and the words of Lincoln
are here, and the stars in our flag. Those who deny you this scholarship do not know the
meaning of those stars, but it’s up to us to make them know. As a teacher in the public schools
of this city, I myself will go before the school board and ask them to remove from our system
the offer of any prizes or awards denied to any student because of race or color.” From those
dialogues we can see that Nancy received the act of racism. Those example explain that Nancy
failed to win scholarship because she is colored people. This argument supported by others
character statement that she treated the same. According to that evidence we can say that
america can not respect other races at that time, so that the author raised the issue of racism
in story conflicts.

4. Miss Dietrich is an art teacher who is neutral and does not side with anyone in her work
because she attaches importance to originality in each student's work, but she does not have
a significant role in the story’s conflict.
Miss O'Shay is a good vice president, she motivated Nancy in the story conflict because Nancy
failed to get a scholarship. she has an important protagonist role in the story. She told Nancy
that she had been treated almost the same as her.
Nancy is a black girl who comes from Africa and lives in America, she is the main actor because
this story describes the racism behavior she has received. Nancy has a strong heart because
she is not depressed by the discriminatory behavior experienced, therefore she thinks
positively that the situation can change if she tries to prove that the black race is capable.

5. Yes, the story does have all the the traditional structure. They are exposition that marked by
the author introduce Nancy from her background and daily life. Second is raising action that
marked when Nancy won the artist club scholarship. Third is climax that tell the story when
miss O’Shay said that Nancy failed her scholarship because she is colored girl. Then falling
action is when miss o'shay motivated Nancy not to give up because she had been treated the
same as Nancy, she assured Nancy that things could still change. And the last is resolution can
be seen from the moment nancy accepted the decrimination that the committe of scholarship
did. And she started to believe that condition may changes depends on the people