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Abdomen 4

316 Lymph Vessels and Nodes of Kidneys and 322 Abdominal Scans: Axial CT Images
Urinary Bladder 323 Abdominal Scans: Axial CT Images (continued)
317 Autonomic Nerves of Kidneys, Ureters, and 324 Cross Section at T10, Esophagogastric
Urinary Bladder Junction
318 Autonomic Innervation of Kidneys and Upper 325 Cross Section at T12, Inferior to Xiphoid
Ureters: Schema
326 Cross Section at T12–L1, Intervertebral Disc
319 Autonomic Nerves of Suprarenal Glands:
327 Cross Section at L1–2, Intervertebral Disc
Dissection and Schema
328 Cross Section at L3–4
320 Arteries and Veins of Suprarenal Glands
in Situ
Muscle Table
Sectional Anatomy
Plates 321–328

321 Abdominal Wall and Viscera: Paramedian

(Parasagittal) Section

Atlas of Human Anatomy