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Opinion Essay

“Corruption in politics is experiencing increasing rates of growth in many countries.”

It is a well-known fact that corruption in part of the world has severe and sometimes catastrophic
implications on ordinary citizens as well as worldwide economics and politics. Many politicians start their Commented [C1]: for

political campaign promising better changes, high wages, and education and health improvements for any Commented [C2]: Theeconomy

social status. These same politicians, who claim honesty and transparency whenever they give public Commented [C3]: regardless their social status.

announces on national television, are the main responsible for corrupting the whole system. What is more, I Commented [C4]: make

am highly convinced that political corruption has a negative impact on ordinary citizens and the county’s Commented [C5]: announcements
Commented [C6]: wholly or entirely
economy. (wrong collocation)
Commented [C7]: absolutely or completely
To begin with, a system that is corrupted only contributes to destabilize a country’s economy and society, (wrong collocation)
which deeply affects its citizens’ way of life. For instance, according to recent data, poverty rate has increased Commented [C8]: (alternatively) inpinges on
enormously in the last few years. having As a consequence people who cannot afford the basic needs required Commented [C9]: Corrupt system
to sustain a dignify life, such as food or medical care. The struggle to survive each day in a country that does Commented [C10]: lead a decent life.

not provide everyone with the same possibilities as to grow economically is one of the reasons people Commented [C11]: opportunities

consider to immigrate to another countries. This same destabilization results in the richer becomes more and Commented [C12]: generate economic growth

more wealthy and the poorer with less and less opportunities to escalate or improve their situation. Commented [C13]: before emigrating
Commented [C14]: other
Secondly, nowadays families at least need two incomes in order to have a good living standard in a country Commented [C15]: the richest becoming
where corruption is strongly installed on all its systems. Even though women also incorporate themselves to Commented [C16]: struggling to free of poverty

the workplace, the living conditions have lowered in a rapid pace. As a result, low wages, inflation, and fewer Commented [C17]: need at least

job opportunities make it even harder for families to have a better living standard. Before this country went Commented [C18]: standard of living

through the political and social crisis, the average families could afford sending their offerings to private Commented [C19]: is deeply engrained
Commented [C20]: to send
schools or enjoy going on holidays, yet corruption made all privileges such a good memories.
Commented [C21]: offsprings

Talking all these points into consideration, I would say that corruption is the worst evil any country and its Commented [C22]: rewrite this

citizens have to face. Needless to say, until these politicians, with their false promises, do not change the way Commented [C23]: such

they run things, improvements will not be possible in the short run. Apart from this, corruption will always Commented [C24]: things is a vague word

bring destabilization, disorganization, poverty; and consequently, affecting not only a country’s population, Commented [C25]: will affect

but also the worldwide economy. Commented [C26]: its whole economy

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