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BLHW 2403


Part I: Classifying Information Elements (10 marks).

1. Scope
2. Organization
3. Background
4. Objective
5. Organization
6. Scope
7. Background
8. Objective
9. Objective
10. Background

(1 correct answer= 1 mark)

BLHW 2403
Part II: Paraphrasing and Documentation (20 marks)
For all answers, award the following marks for documentation.

No error; strictly follows the stipulated format for citations;

1 display academic quality.
(1 mark) ½ Average; some errors in citations.

0 Poor; unable to follow the format.

Well paraphrased, Language is accurate; no slips, no minimal

lifting. Varied structures, effective word choices
PARAPHRASE & Satisfactorily paraphrased, Language fairly accurate; one or
LANGUAGE 2 two slips, very minimal lifting. Attempted changes in
(3 marks) structures and word choices.
Poorly paraphrased, Language fairly accurate with some
minor errors, noticeable lifting.

Paraphrase and document the following information to show emphasis on the author.

1. Social networking and blogging has opened up a whole new world to people from
remote locations, and the reach of the mass media has increased a thousand fold.


Thieman, Y. G. (2008). Using technology as a tool for learning and developing21st

century citizenship skills: An examination of the NETS and technology use.
Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 8(4), 342-366.

Possible answer and keywords;

Thieman (2008) observed that, the access to mass media has expanded thousand fold. Individuals
from the rural area are also given an opportunity to socialize via social networking sites and

2. Additionally, many people and animals have died in flash floods as flood also brings a
lot of diseases and infections including military fever, pneumonic plague,
dermatopathia and dysentery.


Johnson, L., Adams Becker, S., Cummins, M., Estrada, V., Freeman, A., & Ludgate,
H. (2013). NMC Environmental Report: Effect of Flooding. Retrieved
BLHW 2403
October 1, 2015 from
http://www.nmc.org/publications/2013-environmental report/23

Possible answer and keywords;

According to Johnson et al. (2013), individuals and creatures perished due to the downpour.
The researcher also agreed that, downpour can cause sicknesses and contaminations including
military fever, pneumonic outbreak, skin diseases and diarrhea.

Paraphrase and document the following text to show emphasis on the information.

3. Floodwaters also carry lots of nutrients that are deposited in the plains and farmers love
such soils, as they are perfect for cultivating some kinds of crops.


Johri, A., Williams, C. B., & Pembridge, J. (2013). Creative collaboration: A

study of the role of computers in preventing flood. International Journal
of Environment, 29(1), 33-44.

Possible answer and keywords;

Flood also gives benefit to farmers. Floodwaters bring bunches of supplements that are kept in
the fields which are ideal for developing a few sorts of yields (Johri, Williams & Pembridge,

4. With then utilization of advanced technology, most engineering students believe that
they are able to enrich their ability in accessing information, manipulating data,
creating design, analysing results and storing information.


Anderson, J. E., Schwager, P. H., & Kerns, R. L. (2006). The drivers for acceptance
of tablet PCs by faculty in a college of business. Journal of Information Systems
Education, 17(4), 429-439.

Possible answer and keywords;

BLHW 2403
With then use of cutting edge innovation, most engineering graduates agree that they are able to
improve their capability in getting to data and information, making outline as well as working
with results (Anderson, Schwager & Kerns, 2006).

5. The auto-balancing characteristic of the Hovertrax should help the riders stay balanced.
The hovertrax can travel up to 5 miles (8 km) and/or 30 minutes on a charge, reaching
speeds of up to 5 mph. It only take about an hour to charge the lithium-ion battery from a
standard wall outlet.

Halim, T. (2011). A Hovertrax: The Greatest Innovation. Journal of Engineering

and Human, 3(1), 42-50.

Possible answer and keywords;

The Hovertrax is able to assist riders to stay adjust. It also can go up to 5 miles (8 km) and/or
half hour, speeds of up to 5 mph after its lithium-particle battery has been charged for an hour
(Halim, 2011).

* The above are sample paraphrases, do accept any others relevant answers.

BLHW 2403
Part III: Conclusion & Recommendations (30 marks)
Answer Key
Element Description

Justifying The aim of this report was to recognise the current state of the
purposes/ computer environment and usage, which included the ergonomic
objectives viewpoint.
(1 element)
Reviewing scope/ A questionnaire was sent out to 100 elementary schools selected
method randomly in Yokohama and Kawasaki Cities, from January to March
(1 element) 1998 regarding the use of personal computers by pupils and students.
The survey included the questions that asked how often and in what
environment computers are used, whether any instructions are given
as to their use, children’s working posture, and the effect on health.
Reviewing findings The results show that most schools are slow to develop instructive
(1 element) programs from the environmental or ergonomic point of view.
Explaining So far there are not many children who complain of any serious
Findings symptoms such as pain in the neck, head or shoulders, but a future
(1 element) increase in the number of classes which involve computing, as well as
the widespread popularity of home computers, will surely arouse a
legitimate concern about the health of pupils and students, since they
will spend more and more time operating the devices
Discussing Due to the logistic and manageability factors, the respondents were
limitation randomly selected from Yokohama and Kawasaki Cities only.
(1 element) Therefore, there is still a question on whether similar results will be
obtained with respondents from other cities.

Implication Now that the amount of computer time at home and school is sure to
(1 element) keep increasing, the important thing is to use the equipment in a well-
designed environment, accustomed to human behaviour, physiology
and psychological features, in order to maintain users’ health.
Recommendations It is a matter of urgency that we develop new guidelines based on
(1 element) attention given to the physique and physiology of pupils and student.

BLHW 2403
Marking Scheme

Well-written Satisfactorily written Poorly written

14 8 - 12 2–6
(14 marks)  All 7 elements  Some elements  Only (1-3) elements
are included (4-6) are included are included
* 2 marks for each
element which is
*only 1 mark for
construction, but
with several
*no mark for

4-5 2-3 0-1

 Paragraph has  Paragraph shows  Paragraph lacks
unity and some unity and is unity and coherence
coherence reasonably  Hardly any attempt
Organisation  Well-linked coherent to link ideas
(5 marks) * take note of the  Able to link ideas
uses of satisfactorily
*reflective of the
marks for Format -
6-8 3-5 0-2

 Language fairly  Language fairly  Language fairly

accurate, one or accurate with inaccurate with more
two slips some minor errors spelling errors
 Hardly any  Few spelling  Meaning is often
spelling errors errors unclear
(8 marks)  Meanings are  Meaning comes  Hardly any variety
clear across of sentences
 Variety sentence satisfactorily
structure  Some variety of
*reflective of the sentences, but
marks for Content tendency to use
simple sentences

BLHW 2403
3 2 1
 Points are in  1 or 2 points are  More than 2 points
correct sequence not in correct are not in correct
(3 marks)
sequence sequence

BLHW 2403
Part I: Tenses (10 marks).
Award 1/2 mark for each error identification, and 1/2 mark for correction.
 Marks should not be awarded in cases:
- wrong line no.
- wrong error identification

No. Line no. Error Correction

1 3 will occur occurs
2 4 was is
3 7 reappeared reappears
4 9 left leaves
5 10 was is
6 12 decided decide
7 14 will include include
8 18 were are
9 19 was is
10 21 were are

Part II: Faulty Parallelisms (10 marks). Award 1 mark for each correction.

1. The irrigation technologies have been focused on the reduction of fresh water and
application of this resource for increasing the yield.
2. Management hopes to improve profits by cutting costs, increasing productivity, and
improving distribution.
3. The company can become profitable by cutting costs or selling more widgets.
4. The computer brain uses only 10% of its volume for energy supply and thermal transport,
70% for communication and 20% for computation.

BLHW 2403
5. Spare compressors are used to improve the flexibility of the plants and to avoid
unsatisfied production deliveries.
Spare compressors are used for improving the flexibility of the plants and avoiding
unsatisfied production deliveries.
6. There is a need for decisions which minimize operational costs and increase the lifetime
of the compressors and their motors.
7. The maintenance of a compressor involves several actions such as bearing repairs,
coupling and gear box maintenance, and sealings inspection.
8. The result of the fouling is a decrease in performance and an increase in power
consumption for the same load.
9. The literature from one side examines the maintenance of a single compressor, and on the
other side examines the optimization of the operation of networks.
10. Agriculture helps to preserve biological diversity, provides elements to the flue gas
capture, and contributes to enhance the landscape.

*accept possible answers which reflect understanding of the concept of parallelism without
changing the rest of the sentence structure.


Section A: x/2 = 30%

Section B: x/2 = 10%
TOTAL = 40%