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And now, the next Speaker...

erdinard Martin G. Romualdez ii PhiliDpines in Diliman, Quezon Ciry' Martin, 46, tall, charming and acces-
the "comeback kid" in the House. ir" nbiot a certificate for special stud- sible, continues to be inspired by simple
He was Representative for three ies in administration and management displays of malasakit and determined
terms - from 2007 to 2016. All congress- iiom Harvard University in Carnbridge, to'give back to others after having wit-
men, I believe, are angling for the pbst of Mass, USA. nessed and been on the receiving end of
Speaker. So must have Romualdez at the A iawver, he the cu-rrent president
is the.monumental display of generosiry
start of the campaign period for the mid- of the Pliilippine Constitution Associa- and chadry from donors ard sympathiz-
term elections this coming May. To his tion (PHILCONSA). ers during his district's devastaLibn and
pleasant surprise, Sara Duterte-Carpio, He served for tluee consecutive terms desolation from Yolanda.
chair of the Hugpong ng Pagbabigo, as representative of the lst district of Having finished his third ierm in
announced during a campaign caravan Levtd. Du rinq hjs nine-year term in Con- Congress in 2016, his wife, former Bb.
in I acloban Citv that she wasendorsing sr6ss he;as"the lead6r of the House's International Yedda Marie Kittittil-
fum for the plum post. She sald he wiii independent bloc. He supported mas- dtvedt-Romualdez rary and won his
be able to steer "a more productive and ,ive 'inuest-ents in infraitruchrre that seat in the 17th Congress. She is rururing
responsive" House of Representatives. spurred progress and development' as the Tingog Party-list No. 1 nominee
There was no resistance from possible ri" .ha^bioied small businesses and in the coming midterm election.
aspirants for the speakership. Rather t}re inarrtrti"i in his district and the plight
words of endorsement were aplenty. o{ disadvantaqed and vulnerable sec- Outstanding women leaders of Isa-
Former Speaker Feliciano beh'onte i.,ti ot societi, PWDs (Persons with bela were scheduled to be given awards
jr. cited Romualdez's good record as ,,a Disabilities), s'enior citizens, the sickly Iast Monday for their contributjons in
constructive critic" when he headed the various fields.
independent bloc in Congress. ,,During and the poor
One af his benchmark legislations The awardees from the 4th District
rny speakership, he headed the inde- are: Laynie Panganiban for her ex-
pendent minority group. He proved to during the 16th Congress-was the pas-
sage of House BilJ 1039 a la\,v'exempting emplary performance in socio-civic
be:upportive ald helped me in pushing work; Mayor Leticia Sebastian for her
lmportant measures." Romualdez was persons with disabilities from paying
value-added tax on certain goods and impeccable and selfless service in the
then president of the Lakas-Christian government; Dr. Noime.Liangco for
Muslim Democrats. services. This bill was signed into law '
on March 23, 2016, and is now known her undying passion for the protec-
"UndoubteJly Romualdez is veiy tion of the environment and improve-
as Republic Act 10754 or an act expand-
competent to lead the House giveh ment in agriculture; and The 4th
his track record as lawyer and p"ublic ing thebenefits and privileges ofpeople
with disabilities. He was the principal Impact composed of sisters Almira,
servant," House Minority Leader and Irene, Mylene, and Celina Cercado
author of House Bill 103b, *h.ich sei,ks
Quezon Rep.Danilo Suarez said.
to promote the establishment of micro- for thejr impressive i n terna t iona I
"We need a competent and honest participation in arts and drusic. The
man like Congressman Romualdez. He business enterprises (MBEs) by provid-
ing incentives and benefits to barangay winners from the five otlrdr districts
has good public relations and no deroga- selected Ihrough Ihe lsabela province
Lory issue. Congress will be very iflter- initiatives. His legislative record from
the 14-16th Congress was a terstament Gender and Development Committee
esting with his leadership. He is good, coordinated through its focal per-
responsible, very brjght and in tel tig-ent,',
to his compassion for public service
and exernplified his malasakit tot the son Hortencia Gallapon are: Hon.
Suarez continued. Marilou Sanchez of San Guillermo;
Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice sup- marginalized,
Chairman of the board of several Maridee Belagan of Naguilian; ]ocelyn
ports Martin a5 the next House Speakir. Tum to page 14
t'He has no corporations, such as in banking and
corruption issue, and that
will work to his advantage," Erice said. minin& Martin tumed to his own corpo-
Isabela Rep. Rodolfo Albano said, "He
is a good and brilliant lawyer who never
rate and pdvate network for assistance
to the Yolanda super typhoon-stricken r pAQ<t
PU. -
areas across Central and Eastem Visa-
losl a case. He is also fair and a charming
yas. He corsiders the Yolanda disaster as
his most challenging and trying exper!
Those legislators know whereof they
ence and has taken a special interest in
speak. Martin Romualdez has a good
academic record. and a healthy lawyer- working towards reforms and legislative
measures to ensure that no one else
ing career. He earned fus bachelor of
arts- degree from Cor_nell University
will ever experience ihe tragedy they
(this is confirmed) in Ithaca, New Yor( suffered.
and studied law at the University of the * PAC-a - ttn
the province, was the special Buest sPeaker at the eve nt held at
TORREVILLAS From Pase rl the orovincial capitol.
dccording to UNESCO Artist for Peace and ITI Soci :rl Change
Lennin of Roxasi Drolly Claravall of llagan City; and Rosa Baua Network prEsident Cecile Cuidote-Alvarez, this year
of Reina Mercedes. campaien'theme, "Balance For Better," envisions "a wor ld where
Thev were all honored bV Earthsavers, a UNESCO Dream eacliwiman and gful can exercise her cltoice, be it to Part icipate in
Center'founded by former sinator and congressman Heherson politics, get an edicatior! have an jncome, and to live irL societies
Alvarez, in partnership with the Isabela provincial govemment iree of discrimination and bias."
led bv iov. taustino dv III, Intemationai Theatre Institute (ITI), The recosnition ceremonv aimed to showcase tlre cotttinuous
Nati6nal Commission-for Culture and the Arts Gad commit- fisht of wo;en to end all forms of violence that confro nt them,
tee headed bv executive director Rico Pableo, and the Supreme #d celebrate their strength and perseverance to fight folvvomen's
Master Chine Hai, TV and PIA Region 2 Office. The awardees rishts and eender equaliW,
-ere endorsEd by the Philippine eommission on Women and iThoawirdees -ill alsb be nominated for The Outtrtanding
were awarded at'a program'itaged as a culminating activjty of Women in The Nation s Service (TOI/!'NIS) 2019 Award chaired
lntemational Womeil's i'Ionth ott'uurch x in n"gaolsabela, and by former secretary of Health Esperanza Cabral. .-

in the observance as well of World Theatre Week.

President Mary Ann Arcega-Dy of the Isabela Green Ladies EmatT: dominitoneuillns@gmail.com ;

Organization 0GLOO), the primary organization ol women in *.


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