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1st Floor Layout

Air Conditioned
Makassar Meathouse Floor to ceiling
butcher preparation room,
glass partition
see through, ala “Churchill”
Built-in upright Built-in upright
Illuminated Window display
chiller /glass door Wooden chiller /glass door
wooden ala : “Churchill”
section meat / poultry / POS cabinet / section pastries /
butcher block fish and seafood System counter grab & go

Room temperature
bakery display in
glass showcase


Groceries Granite center piece for display / Product display,

shelves packaging / take aways counter / 90 cm height glass showcase
cabinet store

Ventilated Security room / Employee

garbage room supplier check in/out entrance
employee time in/out
2nd Floor Layout
Makassar Meathouse - Seating capacity 35 standard seats + 8/10 stools
Existing building wall
facing main street

Male toilet Sofa benches Exhaust Hood Kitchen side wall /

and urinoir location above cooking line accessories
Fabric awning covering
partly 2nd floor front view

All electric cooking line

with combi steamer /
double induction / sink

Glass window facing

main street / natural light

toilet Waiter station /
clearing satellite
for soiled dishes

Floor to ceiling Glass sliding door Smoking area Kitchen side wall Multi usage Granite counter
cooking book shelving to terrace terrace with wall accessories 80cm height. Demo counter /
Pick up food counter /
Dining counter
3rd Floor Layout
Makassar Meathouse - High / Open ceiling

Staff toilet Valuable Open rack Natural brick wall Guest meeting room /
equipped with shower good storage tiers floor to roof video projector / screen

Potential garbage disposal Floor gutter / Wall partition Administration 2m high glass partition / Full glass
ducting 3rd floor to 1st floor drainage desk white board windows
straight to garbage room