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Communes and Workers' Control in Venezuela. Building 21st Century

Socialism from Below

Book · January 2017


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Dario Azzellini
Cornell University


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Communes and Workers' Control in Venezuela
Building 21st Century Socialism from Below
Dario Azzellini, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

  In Communes and Workers' Control in Venezuela: Building 21st Century Socialism from Below
, Dario Azzellini offers an account of the Bolivarian Revolution from below. While authors
on Venezuela commonly concentrate on former president Hugo Chávez and government
politics, this book shows how workers, peasants and the poor in urban communities
engage in building 21st century socialism through popular movements, communal
councils, communes and fighting for workers' control. In a relationship of cooperation
› October 2016 and conflict with the state, social transformation is approached on 'two tracks', from
› Hardback (xi, 303 pp.) below and from above. Azzellini’s fascinating account stands out because of the extensive
› ISBN: 9789004300118 empirical examples and original voices from movements, communal councils, communes
List price: €121 / $145 and workers.
› E-ISBN: 9789004331754
› Language: English READERSHIP:
› Historical Materialism Book All interested in Venezuela and Latin America, and all interested in social movements,
Series, 133 participation, self-administration and socialism.
› Imprint: BRILL
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