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Field Study 5



Maria Rowena P. Martin

CTP 7-2 March 28, 2019

A test is an instrument or systematic procedure which typically consists of a set of
questions for measuring a sample of behavior. It is a special form of assessment made under
contrived circumstances so that it may be administered. It is a systematic form of assessment
that answers the question “How well does the individual perform?” – either in comparison with
others or in comparison with a domain of performance task. Also, it is an instrument designed
to measure any quality, ability, skill or knowledge.

There are different kinds of test. But in this activity you will get hold a quarterly test
(subject area and quarter of your choice) from public and private school. Distinguish the
commonalities and differences of the tests. Then, interview the teacher (whom you got the
test) on the process of testing.

The Game Plan

A. Get hold quarterly tests from public and private school and attached them on this


School: _Tandang Sora Integrated School Address: 7th Avenue East, near 10th St. Grace
Park, Caloocan, Kalakhang Maynila

Date of Visit: March 6, 2019____________________Grade Level: __7_____________

Subject Area: _Araling Panlipunan_________________ Quarter: 3rd

Total Number of Test Items: ___50____________ Average Number of Students per class: __40__


School: Sta. Cecilia College Address: 108 Gen. T. de Leon St., Valenzuela City Metro Manila

Date of Visit: _March 6, 2019_ Grade Level: ________7___ 1

Subject Area: Araling Panlipunan Quarter: 3rd

Total Number of Test Items: _____75____Average Number of Students per class: 40

FS 5 by Teacher Mel

B. Fill-in the table below.

Level of
Topics Objectives Type of Test ge of
Kolonyalismo at Napapalagahan Multiple 40% Remember
Imperyalismo sa ang pagtugon ng Choice
Timog at mga Asyano sa mga
Kanlurang Asya hamon ng
pagbabago, pag-
unlad at
pagpapatuloy sa
Timog at Kanlurang
Asya sa Transisyonal
at Makabagong
Panahon (ika-16
hanggang ika-20
Public Ang Multiple 40% Remember
School Nasyonalismo at Naipapaliwanag Choice
Paglaya ng ang iba’t ibang
mga bansa sa manipestasyon ng
Timog at nasyonalismo sa
Kanlurang Asya Timog at Kanlurang
Ang mga Nasusuri ang Enumeratio 20% Understand
Pagbabago sa balangkas ng mga n
Timog at pamahalaan sa mga
Kanlurang Asya bansa sa Timog at
Kanlurang Asya

Transpormasyon Nasusuri ang Multiple 15% Analyze

ng mga transpormasyon ng Choice
pamayanan at mga pamayanan at
estado sa Timog estado sa Timog at
at Kanlurang Kanlurang Asya sa
Asya sa pagpasok ng mga
pagpasok ng kaisipan at
mga kaisipan at impluwensiyang
impluwensiyang kanluranin sa
Private kanluranin sa larangan ng 6.1
School larangan ng pamamahala, 6.2
5.1 kabuhayan, 6.3
Pamamahala teknolohiya, 6.4
5.2 Kabuhayan lipunan, 6.5
5.3 Teknolohiya paniniwala, 6.6
5.4 Lipunan pagpapahalaga, at
5.5 Paniniwala 6.7 sining at kultura 2
aga, at 5.7
Sining at Kultura

FS 5 by Teacher Mel

Ang Nabibigyang-halaga Multiple 15% Analyze

Nasyonalismo at ang papel ng Choice
Paglaya ng nasyonalismo sa
mga bansa sa pagbuo ng mga
Timog at bansa sa Timog at
Kanlurang Asya Kanlurang Asya

Ang Kinalaman Multiple 20% Remember

ng Edukasyon Naiuugnay ang mga Choice
sa Pamumuhay kasalukuyang
ng mga Asyano pagbabagong
sa Timog at pang-ekonomiya na
Kanlurang Asya naganap/nagagana
p sa kalagayan ng
mga bansa
Pagkakaiba-iba Nasusuri ang mga Multiple 30% Remember
ng antas ng anyo at tugon sa Choice
pagsulong at neokolonyalismo sa
pagunlad ng Timog at Kanlurang
Timog at Timog- Asya
Kanlurang Asya
Pagkakakilanlan Multiple 20% Remember
ng kulturang Nahihinuha ang Choice
Asyano batay pagkakakilanlan ng
sa mga kulturang Asyano
kontribusyong batay sa mga
nito kontribusyong ito

C. Distinguish the commonalities and differences of the tests from public school and
private school.

Public School Private School


85% passing score Verbal warning for Test Permit

Misbehaving students
50 items During exam. 80% passing score

Item analysis Special exam for those 75 items

who are unable to take the
schedule exam due to Identification type of test
valid reasons.

Type of test: Mulitple choice

FS 5 by Teacher Mel

D. Ask the following questions to the teacher-in-charge.

1. What are your preparations before the quarterly test?

Prepare the table of specification (TOS) and the topics within the scope.
Reminding the students of the date of examination, securing their permits (private). Teachers
provide pointers and scope of the test to their students.

2. What are your considerations in test construction?

Based on topics and scope within the given period. Multiple choice and Identification are
the common consideration in test construction.

3. How do you conduct the test?

All things at the back, it should be pen and test paper are on the table.
One seat apart if possible.

4. What do you do with students who misbehave during the test?

Warned them and if continues I will ask them to step outside for final warning.

5. What do you do with students who cheat in the test?

Give 1st warning and for 2nd offense, will ask to hand it back the test paper and automatic
zero in the exam.

6. What do you do if the students failed to take the test on the scheduled date?

Ask for the reason and if there’s validated documents, we will provide special exam.

7. What other problems do you encounter during the test?

Private school – no permit 4

Public / Private school – noisy and cheating during exam. No pens.

FS 5 by Teacher Mel

8. What are the ways on checking the test accurately and easily?

Teacher should be checking the test not a student.

9. What is the passing/failing score in the test?

Private – 80%
Public – 85%

10. What do you do when half of the class or mostly of your students failed the test?

Item analysis and re teach the topic.

**You may add more questions related to testing.

1. Based from the comparison that you made and insights you gain from the interview,
do you think test is important part teaching? Why or why not?

To Test Or Not To Test?

Test is very important part of teaching. This is an instrument or

technique that gauge, measure, assess and evaluate your students’
performance and knowledge of something to determine what he/she has

Test is also a way of documenting the validity and/or importance

of a goal or expectations whether to move on or reteach the lesson by using
the formative or summative test.

This is also a way of self-evaluation for the teachers how well and
effective they are as a teacher.

FS 5 by Teacher Mel

2. Given the testing practices you have learned from your interview of the
teachers, which is useful to you as future teacher?

Being considerate about the test construction and at the same time
meeting the table of specification.

Be sensitive and observant with your students how they are before,
during and after the test.

FS 5 by Teacher Mel


Insert photos of your interview. Include captions in each picture.

Public school test paper Private school test paper

Tandang Sora Interated School Sta. Cecilia College

FS 5 by Teacher Mel