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VENUE DATE (i) Muslim Commander OUTCOME

(ii) Commander of opposing forces
1. Chaldea 633 AD (i) Khalid bin Waleed Hormuz killed and his forces
(ii) Hormuz defeated at this famous battle
of Chains

2. Walaja (i) Khalid bin Waleed Persian regiments defeated

3. Hira 633 AD (i) Khalid bin Waleed Peace Treaty signed and amnesty


4. Firaz 634 AD (i) Khalid bin Waleed Arab Christians defeated

5. Mulah 632 AD (i) Usama bin Zaid Byzantine forces were defeated

6. Ajhadyn 634 AD (i) Khalid bin Waleed

(ii) Heraclius Heraclius forces were defeated
with them commander killed
VENUE DATE (i) Muslim Commander OUTCOME
(ii) Commander of opposing forces
1. Namarag 634 AD (i) Musana, Abu Ubaid Persian forces were defeated
(ii) Rustam
2. Jasr 634 AD (i) Abu Ubaid bin Ziyad Persian forces defeated in this
(ii) Bahman famous Battle of Bridge, where
Muslims suffered heavy losses
with their Commander Martyred
3. Buwaib 634 AD (i) Muthana Persian forces defeated and
(ii) Mehran Mehran killed. Majority of
Persian army was destroyed

4. Qadisiya (i) Saad bin Abi Waqas Rustam got killed, with his forces
(he was unwell) defeated. This completely broke
(ii) Rustam down the strength of Persians
5. Al-Madain 634 AD (i) Saad bin Abi Waqas Laid seige, eventually had to
surrender, King Yazdigard
fled away
6. Jalula (i) Qaka sent by Laid seige to the city eventually
Saad bin Abi Waqas captured it they agreed on terms
of Jizya
7. Tekrit (i) Saad dispatched the forces The combined forces of Christian
Arabs, Persians and Romans had
to face defeat
8. Ubulla (i) Utba bin Ghazwan Captured the city of Ubulla, TOWNS OF KUFA AND BASRA FOUNDED
9. Nehawand
(consequence (ii) Persian King The defeat of Persians resulted
of Treaty in end of sassanid Dynasty. This
broken by being the last great battle fought
Persians alter between Muslims and Persians

10. Jordan (i) Shurabil bin Hasan Captured the city

11. Palestine (i) Amr bin al Aas Captured the city

12. Damascus 635 AD (i) Khalid bin Waleed - assisted Laid seige to city, finally captured.
by Abu Ubaida and Yezid Peace Treaty signed.

13. Yarmouk 636 AD (i) Abu Ubaida bin al Jarrah Syria was lost to Muslims
Valley (ii) Theodorous (Victorious)

14. Damascus 636 AD (i) Abu Ubaida Recaptured

16. Jerusalem (i) Amr bin Aas Laid seige. Treaty Drawn

17. Alexandria 640 AD (i) Amr bin Aas Heraclius died. Egypt Mastered
(Egypt) over alter this conquest

18. Babylon 641 AD Captured