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Abita Strawberry Lager Boston Marathon, and was for. Keeps your taste satisfied
Abita Hop On exclusively available in select while keeping your senses
pubs and restaurants along sharp. An all-day IPA natu-
Marathon 26.2
the marathon route in Boston. rally brewed with a complex

Spring Craft Beer Edition

Sam Adams Summer Ale Gose is an ancient German array of malts, grains and
style, brewed with over 50% hops. Balanced for optimal
Empyrean Carpe Brewem
BA Chocolate Churro Stout wheat, and flavored with aromatics and a clean finish.
Abita Strawberry Lager coriander and salt. The result The perfect reward for an
Founders All Day Juicy, ripe Louisiana straw- is a light bodied, very refresh- honest day’s work and the
Founders Solid Gold berries, harvested at the peak ing beer, perfect for rehydrat- ultimate companion to cele-
of the season, give this crisp ing after a marathon! It's like brate life’s simple pleasures.
Founders KBS
lager its strawberry flavor and Gatorade for adults!
Firestone Walker Mind
Haze aroma. Abita Strawberry is
made with Pilsner and Wheat
Firestone Walker Luponic
#12 malts, Vanguard hops, and the
finest Louisiana-
Firestone Walker Rosalie
grown strawberries resulting
Glacial Till Hopped Cider
in a light gold lager with a
Founders Solid Gold
Heineken 0.0 subtle haze. Their brewery was built on an
Lagunitas Daytime Cans attitude of no regrets. An
attitude of taking risks to
Lagunitas Super Cluster
Empyrean Barrel Aged bring the best beer possible to
Chocolate Churro Stout their fellow renegades and
Truly Tropical Variety 12
Like their favorite Mexican rebels. Never brewing to
treat of cinnamon and sugar style, but always brewing
Cayman Jack Margarita what they want to drink.
Abita Hop On fried sweet dough dipped in
Cayman Jack Cuban bitter chocolate – our Tequila Their take on a classic, Solid
Mojito Abita Hop-On is a full-bodied Gold is a drinkable premium
Barrel Aged Chocolate Chur-
“juicy pale,” packed with Cas- lager brewed with the highest
White Claw Variety 12 ro Stout highlights delightful
packs cade, Citra and quality ingredients. Challeng-
notes of cinnamon and choco-
Ekuanot hops to deliver re- ing what a lager can be?
Leinenkugel’s Summer late, without the sticky fin-
freshing tropical and citrus That’s something they won’t
Shandy gers. Tequila barrel ageing
notes. It pours a vibrant light regret.
Northcoast Scrimshaw has imparted a brilliant dry
gold while the unique brewing
Paulaner Hefeweizen white oak, agave and tequila
process produces a distinctive
finish that balances out the
Thunderhead Prairie Peach sweet roast of this Imperial
Oatmeal Stout. Pair with
White Elm Pyxis
grilled beef, fish tacos and Founders KBS
White Elm Still Life any dessert. An imperial stout brewed with
White Elm Apricot Saison a massive amount of coffee
Zipline Daaang and chocolates, then cave-
Marathon 26.2
Zipline Lemon Drop aged in oak bourbon barrels
The Samuel Adams Boston for an entire year to make sure
Zipline American Tripel 26.2 Brew is a Gose style ale wonderful bourbon under-
Firestone Walker Bretta brewed in partnership with the tones come through in the
Tangerine Boston Athletic Association Founders All Day IPA
finish. Makes your taste buds
Saro Cider for the first time for the 2012 The beer you’ve been waiting squeal with delight.
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all designed to showcase the Dry aromatic cider delicately
possibilities of pure hop aro- hopped with the Citra varie-
mas and flavors. The lead tal. Catch mouthwatering
hops in No. 12 include varie- flavors of lemongrass and

Winter Craft Beer Edition

ties from the Pacific North- grapefruit ABV: 6.0%
west and Germany, providing
Firestone Walker explosive flavors of tangerine,
Lagunitas Super Cluster
Mind Haze honeydew and strawberry
From the coast of California gummy.
Super Cluster is a Citra-
comes Mind Haze, a free- Hopped Mega Ale of interga-
spirited beer made to elevate lactic proportions. Everything
your perceptions—juicy yet they've learned about making
balanced, hazy yet lasting, hop-forward beer: Pale, cold,
and loaded with an imagina- alcoholic, and bitter. Availa-
tive array of tropical hop Heineken 0.0
ble in 6 pack cans.
flavors. In the words of Great taste Zero Alcohol.
Brewmaster Matt Firestone Walker
Heineken 0.0 is brewed and
Brynildson, “Mind Haze Rosalie
fermented with Heineken’s
offers the best of what you Rosalie taps into their brew- unique A-yeast made
expect from a hazy IPA. But ery’s family winemaking with natural ingredients, gen-
we’re going about it a little roots, using local wine grapes tle alcohol removal and
differently, and that’s what to create a delicious one-of-a- blending to achieve a fruity
gives Mind Haze its own kind beer rosé with bright Truly Tropical Variety 12
flavor and slight malty notes
unique signature. We’re fruit flavors and luscious acid- Pack Cans
finally ready to do a hazy ity. Rosalie is co-fermented THE GOOD STUFF
IPA the Firestone way.” with Chardonnay and other Styles: Their newest styles:
wine grape varieties harvested Passion Fruit, Pomegranate,
just miles from the brewery. Pineapple and Mango.
They also incorporate a dash ABV: 5% Calories: 100
of hibiscus flower to achieve a Sugars: 1 g Carbs: 2 g
brilliant color. The result is Gluten free
Rosalie—a uniquely refresh- Lagunitas Daytime Cans
ing beer that offers all the best The beer in this can has
qualities of a classic rose achieved what we all hope
wine. for ourselves; to be made
new again. There is freedom
in burning down the house of
expectations and it confers an
Firestone Walker undeniable lightness to being.
Luponic Distortion #12 We didn't invent these truths;
they invented us. At 4% ABV
The base beer of Luponic Cayman Jack Margarita and
and only 98 calories, Day- Cuban Mojito
Distortion always remains
Time IPA represents every-
the same, but each new re- Cayman Jack is available
thing they know about mak-
lease features a different hop in margarita and mojito fla-
ing hop-forward beer, ex-
blend built around emerging vors. Enjoy the taste of their
Glacial Till Hopped Cider pressed in a sotto voice.
and experimental cultivars— premium prepared cocktails.
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century seafarers, Scrimshaw
is a fresh tasting Pilsner
brewed in the finest European
tradition using Munich malt

Winter Craft Beer Edition

and Hallertauer and Tettnang
hops. Scrimshaw has a subtle Zipline Daaang IPA
White Claw Variety 12 Pack hop character, a crisp, clean
Cans palate, and a dry finish. This new American IPA is so
Get all three flavors of White dank and tangy its name was
Claw (Natural Lime, Black White Elm Pyxis instantly obvious. Style: India
Cherry & Ruby Grapefruit) Pale Ale
A Belgian Ale made with
the refreshing, spiked, spar- Flavor Profile: Dank, Tangy,
Key lime, hibiscus, and vanil-
kling water with a hint of Hoppy. Now available in 6
natural fruit in one conven- pack bottles.
ient mix pack!
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen

It’s the #1 wheat beer in Ger-

many and one of the world’s
favorites. In fact, beer experts
call it a masterpiece. In devel-
Leinenkugel’s Summer
oping this beer, the Paulaner Zipline Lemondrop Pale
brewmasters have perfected a Ale
Their own unique take on unique technique with “yeast White Elm Still Life Lemon candy aromas spring
Franz Kugler’s original Mu- suspension,” resulting in a from this golden pale ale
nich tavern tradition. Still Life is their moderately
uniform, slightly cloudy ap- while copious additions of
Leinenkugel’s® Summer hopped session lager. Built on
pearance, consistent quality, Lemondrop and Citra hops
Shandy® is their traditional the idea that modern Azacca
and perfect taste. provide a burst of crisp citrus
weiss beer with refreshing hops would make one of their
natural lemonade flavor that favorite styles, Pilsner, even
makes it the perfect summer better. Bright notes of papaya
beer. In 2012, Summer and orange peel weave
Shandy won a Silver medal through the grain sweetness
at the Great American Beer and finish crisp and dry.
Festival® in the Fruit Wheat
Beer category.

Thunderhead Prairie Peach

Zipline American Tripel
An American Wheat Ale American Tripel takes Bel-
made with Oregon Peaches. gian tradition and subverts it,
dosing the usual clove and
banana character with a heap
White Elm Apricot Saison
of hops. Rather than hitting
North Coast Scrimshaw
Style: Saison / Farmhouse your nose with the familiar
Named for the delicate en- Ale Belgian esters, American
gravings popularized by 19th ABV:6.0% Tripel comes at you with
K&Z Distributing
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huge peach aroma, filling
your senses with juicy antici-
pation. The wealth of stone
fruit flavor is rounded out

Winter Craft Beer Edition

with an Abbey ale yeast to
create a medium-bodied
drink with all you’d ever
need from a beer.

Firestone Walker Bretta

Their region is blessed with
an abundance and variety of
fresh fruit. South of Barrel-
works in the hills surround-
ing the hamlet of Ojai, there
are groves of citrus – orang-
es, lemons, grapefruit and
tangerines. They’ve been
lucky to work with the Ojai
native Friends Ranchers who
specialize in tangerines.
Friends offered the W. Mur-
cott Tangerine which they
zested for aroma, juiced for
flavor, and then fermented
with their base beer of Bretta
Weisseto to create a meta-
morphosis. Brought to life
was Bretta Tangerine! A
bountiful bouquet of citrus
mingles with pronounced
herbal notes, leading to
funky, yeasty, citrus flavors.
Soft cereal and oak aromas
are enveloped by a firm acid-
ity and tartness and punctu-
ated by zesty tangerine. The
finish is dry and crisp; a
thoroughly enjoyable bever-
age. Santé!