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Ministry of Education of Republic of Moldova

Teacher’s Training University „ Ion Creangă”

Enghlish Language Department

Lesson Plan

Student: Obrintețchi Dumitrița

Date: 15.03.2018
School: Liceul Teoretic „ Onisifor Ghibu”
Class: a-III-a C
Time: 45 min.
Module five: Grandma’s Birthday
Specific Competence Indicators (SCI): Listening, Spoken Interaction, Reading, Written,
Interaction, Grammar.
Lesson objectives:
At the end of the lesson pupils will be able:
- to read and translate the dialogues;
- to pronounce the correctly the words;
- to answer correctly the questions.
Visual aids and materials: copybook, work book, blackboard.
Techniques: conversation, writing, reading.
Forms of activity: individual, whole class work.
Stages of the Techniques Teacher’s activity Pupil’s activity Timming
lesson and form of
Indroduction Whole class -Stand up! -Good morning 1’
(greeting) work -Good morning pupils! mrs. teacher!
-Sit down please.
Checking up Individual -What was your -Our homework 5’
the work homework for today? for today was from
homework workbook pg. 58-
*The teacher is checking 59.
the homework.
Phonetic Whole class -Open your books at 5’
drill work page 60 and let’s reapeat
the words from:
*Family tree, grandma, *Pupils pronounce
grandpa, grandson, the words.
granddaughter, aunt,
uncle, cousin, son,
Oral speech Whole class -Let’s read and translate *Pupils read and 5’
practice work one more time the translate the
dialogues from page 60. dialogues.

-Now three pupils go to

the blackboard.
-I will dictate the words
and you must write and
translate them correctly:
Individual Arbore genealogic Family tree
Bunica Grandma
Bunel Grandpa
Nepot Grandson
Nepoată Granddaughter
Mătușă Aunt
Unchi Uncle
Văr Cousin
Fiu Son
Fiică Daughter
-Look at the picure and -In the picture we
Presentation say what do you see? see a family who
celebrate a
-Who is present at the -At the celebrate is 5’
celebrate? present: Grandma,
Whole class grandpa, grandson,
work granddaughter,aunt
-Whose birthday is? -It’s grandma’s
-Read and translate the
dialogues abaut
grandma’s birthday:
Dan: Happy birthday,
dear Grandma!
Grandmother: Thank
you, dear.
Dan: I have a present for
Grandmother: What is
Dan: It’s our family tree.
Grandmother: Wow!
What a surprise.
Angela: I have a
surprise for you too.
Grandmother: Do you?
What is it?
Angela: Open the box
and see.

Whole class -Let’s pronounce and *Pupils pronounce

work translate the unknown the words.
Family tree
-Open your copybooks 8’
and write down the date:
Feed back Indiviual
The 15 of March
Class work

-Write the smilar *Pupils write a

dialogues in your similar dialogues
copybook. in copybook
Home task Whole class -Now put down your *Pupils write 1’
assignment work homework for the next down their
lesson: Write the similar homework.
family tree from book
page 61 about your
Evaluation Whole class -I would like to thank
work you for being active!
-Our lesson is over.
-Good bye pupils! -Good bye missis