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Sim girl

You have 100 days to get the girls you want.
Each day you will have 100 energy points to spend.
You will need to:
Train yourself and improve your stats, work and earn money, and, hook up with the
In the main overview map of the city, you will find a smart phone at the lower right
corner. It contains important information including your own stats, your relationships
with the girls, and the items that you are carrying. There is also a digital calendar to
keep track of all the events and hidden scenes. Keep an close eye if you don’t want to
miss any goodies.
Your Stats
There are three main stats for yourself:
Charm, Knowledge and Strength
Charm, mainly for seducing the girls. When you talk, give gifts, call and etc,
everything is strongly affected by charm. You can raise your charm at the Pub.
Knowledge, mainly for exams, and get the most reliable job to earn money. Certain
girls love intelligent guys. You can raise your Knowledge at the classroom in school
and by surfing the internet at home (effects will be random).
Strength, mainly for fighting, swimming and protecting the girls. Certain girls love
strong guys. You can raise your Strength at the Pub.
How to get girls
All girls have relation Exp with you. Please be patient and raise the relation Exp with
them. Once you have enough Exp, you can ask the girl at school to upgrade your
relation Lv to the next level (except to the girlfriend or lover status). I will tell you more
about those later.
Each time you upgraded a relationship, new actions will be unlocked. As your
relationship improves, there will be more to do with the girl.
Please see the table on the next page for details.
Relation Exp

Relation Lv Required New actions

Stranger 0 ----------------------
New friend 30 Give chocolates
Good friend 100 Give flowers, call by phone
Close friend 400 Give bears, date
Girlfriend 3000 Give Diamonds, visit her place
Lover 9999 Make love
How to again girlfriend status
As I said, you can ask the girls at school to upgrade the relation Lv once you have
enough relation Exp but for girlfriend status, you will need to have 2222 or more
relation Exp, and kiss the girl successfully during a date in order to upgrade. Of course,
first kiss is important for young girls and you need to wait and get the right signal from
the girl, and for instance, when she blushes.
How to gain lover status
Once you have 9999 or more relation Exp, you will need to visit her home and ask.
There are many collectable items that money can’t buy. According to my tarot readings,
I can see how you can get them:
Feather, Impress Kotomi at the greenwood park.
Fashion mag, Impress Kotomi at the Goldstar city.
Time mag, Impress Kotomi at the sunset beach.
Fitness mag, Impress Kotomi at the Blue Mountain.
Wand massager, Impress Tomoko at the greenwood park.
Egg vibrator, Impress Tomoko at the Ocean Restaurant.
Fragance, Impress Tomoko at the Goldstar city.
Metal Knuckles, Impress Tomoko at the sunset beach.
Eyeglasses, Impress Tomoko at the Blue Mountain.
Scouter, Impress Tomoko at the space trip.
Necklace, Receive it in an unexpected situation.
Golden belt, Beat the bloody king at the pub.
Trophy, Win the swim contest at school on specific.
Saturdays (marked on calender).
Goddess home & wings, Trade at ryuuji’s mansion.
During a Date
Expensive gifts are nice, but they are not always the best choice. At different locations,
gifts will have different effectiveness.
There is a mood meter in the middle of the screen. When her mood reaches a certain
level her facial expression will change. This will show you how she feels at that
You should know when to perform certain actions by observing her mood meter. For
example, only take her photo when she is happy, only kiss her when she blushes. If she
is not un the right mood and you perform inappropriate actions, it will make her mad.
Always remember the date when a girl becomes your girlfriend. She is likely to ask you
the date later.
Best gifts for each location
Ocean’s restaurant, Chocolate.
Greenwood park, Flower.
Goldstar city, Teddy bear.
Blue mountain, Flower.
Sunset beach, Teddy bear.
Space, Diamond ring.
Her bedroom, Diamond ring.
Hentai Points
Purpose, to unlock certain hentai hidden scenes, these hidden scenes are marked as
“????” on the calendar.
Each girl has hentai points. The more points she has, the hornier the girl is. For
example, a girl with 0 hentai points is pure and innocent, and a girl with 200 hentai
points level is a hentai goddess.
During many regular scenes there are two options for player to choose, romantic or
hentai. Choosing the hentai option will increase the girl’s hentai points. Basically, you
are responsible for affecting your girl’s attitude towards sex during regular scenes. If
you want her to be innocent with low hentai points, choose the more romantic option
To check hentai points of the girls, please go to your smart phone and click on status.
My hentai points is always zero? Yes, I swear I will never become a hentai girl! Don’t
waste your time!
Oh, I have one more important tip for you!
Finish the drama club’s project and you can get more hentai points for Karin, kotomi
and tomoko all at once. It is important is you want to get the maximum points for all
Hidden Scenes
There are many hidden scenes in this game. They are all marked as “!!!!” or “????” in
the calendar.
All “!!!!” hidden scenes will play automatically. All “????” hidden scenes will require
you to unlock them.
I will give you some tips on how to unlock them. Otherwise you may miss out a lot of
good stuff.
???? Hidden scenes @ Known events
Game show, Tomoko must be a girlfriend or lover, hentai points 80 or above, & buy
game from Tomoko.
Christmas eve, choose “spend time alone” to trigger. Tomoko, Kotomi and Sana must
be lovers, Karin must be playmate, Tomoko’s hentai points 100 or lover.
Firework festival, Tomoko/Kotomi must be a lover.
Final Exam, knowledge 300.
Gymnastics trial, Tomoko’s hentai points 140 or above.
Ms. Fukoma pageant, Tomoko must be a lover & check her out at the changing room.
Super gravure idol competition, $50000 & one of the simgirls win the competition at the
Valentine’s day: Tomoko’s ending H bonus, Tomoko’s hentai points 160 or above.
Other ???? hidden scenes
Day 17, Tomoko must be exactly close friend, charm 200+ & money $2000+.
Day 70, Tomoko must be a lover & hentai points 100 or above.
Day 72, Kotomi must be a lover.
Day 78, Tomoko must be a lover & hentai points 100 or above.
Day 80, Tomoko must be a lover & hentai points 120 or above.
Day 82, Tomoko must be a lover & hentai points 140 or above.
Day 87, Karin hentai points 100.
Day 89, Tomoko hentai points 140, café sales $2600.
Day 93, Tomoko’s hentai points 160 or above.
Day 96, all Tomoko & Kotomi side stories completed, time machine is completed.
@SimMan’s room, Tomoko’s hentai points 200, watch videos.
Side stories, Tomoko and Kotomi
Changing room in the east wing
Tomoko must not be a girlfriend or lover.
Kotomi must be a girlfriend or lover.
Must be on Saturday.
Tomoko’s hentai points 40 or above.
On the way back to the west wing
Both Tomoko and Kotomi must be lovers.
Must be on Saturdays.
Tomoko’s hentai points 80 or above.
Kotomi’s hentai points 40 or above.
Scene #1 above must have happened.
Medical room in the east wing
Both Tomoko and Kotomi must be lovers.
Must be on Saturdays.
Tomoko’s hentai points 120 or above.
Kotomi’s hentai points 60 or above.
Scene #2 above must have happened but not on the same day.
Sex at Tomoko’s place after gaining lover status
After becoming lovers, visit Tomoko at school frequently. Once a while she may not
want to talk to you. You know, girls are girls and they have “down” time for whatever
Visit her place and always prepare a little nice gift for her. Pretty girls require high
maintainence so just get used to it! After that she will be impressed and you will get
what you want eventually.
Even in a steady relationship, many girls still want your attentions.
Requirements for endings
Ami, time machine completion.
Karin, lover status & time machine completion.
Kotomi, lover status.
Tomoko, lover status.
Tomoko (pure love), lover status & hentai points 0
Tomoko (evil), lover & 200, lose to ryuuji.
Sana, max hentai points for Tomoko, lover status with Sana, 12 black stones, wing and
All girls, mega playboy ending, all your stats 300, lover status with Ami, Karin,
Kotomi, Tomoko and Sana, Max hentai points for Karin, Kotomi and Tomoko, $300
000 or more.
Spend time alone, hidden black spears ending, Love status with Ami, Karin, Kotomi
and Tomoko, Tomoko’s hentai points 20.
Get Ms. Fukoma in 30 days, Lover status with Tomoko before Day 30, Tomoko’s
hentai points 100, On day 30 check her out @ the in-game social network.

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