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2/6/2019 Uses of Multimedia in Different Fields | Multimedia Course in North Delhi


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31 JANUARY Use of Multimedia in Different
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Mul media

this present epoch of communica on, everything needs to be adver sed,

whether it is news or any piece of informa on. With the opening of more and
more TV channels, ad agencies, event management companies, the requirement
of media has really increased.
Mul media can be anything and everything which you watch and listen in a
form of text, photograph, audio, video and much more. In most of the
industries, whether hospitality, avia on, banking, insurance, science and
technology etc, it is being used in almost every field, either for publishing
something or for some other purpose.
Another iden cal term used for mul media is ‘rich media’. Crea ng such kind of
content is a challenge, but with modern means of technology and the exper se
of so ware valuable resources can be created. The mul media so ware that are
available in market helps in developing content that is crea ve, s mula ng and

Importance of Multimedia in Various Fields

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2/6/2019 Uses of Multimedia in Different Fields | Multimedia Course in North Delhi

Mul media is everywhere whether you are at a railway sta on looking at the
schedule screens or watching your Television or using your mobile. It has
changed everything from manufacturing to the adver sing and educa on to
healthcare industry. It has revolu onized everything everywhere not only in India
but also the en re world.

1. Advertising
Adver sing has changed a lot over the past couple of decades, and this is mainly
due to the increased use of the internet in business. Mul media plays a great
and a vital role in the field of adver sing. As whatever it is whether print or
electronic adver sement, they first are prepared on the computer by using
professionals' so ware's and then it is brought in front of the target audiences.
Some of different types of adver sing are:
Print adver sing
Radio (audio) adver sing
Television (video) adver sing
Digital adver sing
Display Ads
Remarke ng
Mobile adver sing

2. Education
In the area of educa on too, the mul media has a great importance. Talking
par cularly about the schools, their usage has a significant role to play for
children also. It is broadly used in the field of educa on and training. We used
audio for impar ng educa on even in tradi onal method, where charts, models
etc. were used.
Nowadays the classroom need is not limited to that tradi onal method rather it
needs audio and visual media. With the use of mul media everything can be
integrated into one system. As an educa on aid the PC contains a high-quality
display with mic op on. This all has promoted the development of a wide range
of computer-based training.

3. Mass Media
It is used in the field of mass media i.e. journalism, in various magazines and
newspapers that are published periodically. The use of mul media plays a vital
role in a publishing house as there are many works of newspaper designing and
other stuff also.
Nowadays it's not only the text that we can see in the newspaper, but we can
also see photographs in newspaper, this not only makes newspaper a perfect
example but will also explain the worthiness of hypermedia.

4. Gaming Industry
One of the most exci ng applica ons of mul media is games. Nowadays the live
internet is used to play gaming with mul ple players has become popular.
In fact, the first applica on of mul media system was in the field of
entertainment and that too in the video game industry. The integrated audio
and video effects make various types of games more entertaining.

5. Science and Technology

Mul media had a wide applica on in the field of science and technology. It is
capable of transferring audio, sending message and forma ed mul media
documents. At the same me the it also helps in live interac on through audio
messages and it is only possible with the hypermedia. It reduces the me and
cost can be arranged at any moment even in emergencies.

https://www.admecindia.co.in/blog/use-multimedia-different-fields 2/6
2/6/2019 Uses of Multimedia in Different Fields | Multimedia Course in North Delhi

At the same me, it is useful for surgeons as they can use images created from
imaging scans of human body to prac ce complicated procedures such as brain
removal and reconstruc ve surgery. The plans can be made in a be er way to
reduce the costs and complica ons.

6. Pre-Production
Pre-Produc on comprises of everything you do before you start recording of
audio or video. This phase of your project is extremely important. Everything
you do in pre-produc on will save me and aggrava on during produc on and
post-produc on. The techniques shown will include: how to design storyboards,
including how to show correct camera angles for the scene, wri ng your story,
and how to use video transi ons can be done with the help of mul media.

7. Post Production
It is the final step of produc on involves edi ng scenes, adding various transi on
effects, addi on of voice to characters, background score, dubbing and much
more can be done using mul media technologies.

8. Fine Arts
In fine arts, there are mul media ar sts, who blend techniques using different
media that in some way incorporates interac on with the viewer. One of the
famous ar st is Peter Greenaway who is blending cinema with opera with the
help of all sorts of digital media.

9. Engineering
So ware engineers o en use mul media in computer simula ons for anything
such as military or industrial training. It is also used for so ware interfaces
which are done as collabora on between crea ve professionals and so ware

10. Research
In the area of mathema cal and scien fic research, mul media is primarily used
for modelling and simula on. For example, looking at a molecular model by a
scien st of a par cular substance and manipulate it to arrive at a new

Career Options and Salary Package in Multimedia

A er comple on a professional course from a reputed ins tute like ADMEC
MULTIMEDIA, one can opt for different gra fying professions, such as graphic
designer, layout ar st, image editor, template ar st, web designer & developer,
audio/video editor, game designer, 3D animator and presenta on ar st, in
various industries. Such professionals are one of the highly paid professionals in
the world. Salary packages varies profile to profile and loca on to loca on, so I
will give you an idea about the salary package in Delhi and India only.
Mul media professionals can be divided in 3 parts:
1. Fresher with no designing background – Salary Package (15,000 – 30,000)
2. Fresher with designing background – Salary Package (25,000 - 40,000)
3. Experienced Mul media Professional with 1 – 3 years of experience – Salary
Package (35,000-70,000)

Note: Above Salary Range is in Indian Rupees and an es ma on for India and
specially for Delhi and its nearby areas only.
Mul media graduates find employment with:
Games development companies
Interface and Graphic Design firms
Educa onal ins tu ons
Film produc on companies
Website development companies
TV networks
Online magazines & newspapers

https://www.admecindia.co.in/blog/use-multimedia-different-fields 3/6
2/6/2019 Uses of Multimedia in Different Fields | Multimedia Course in North Delhi

Marke ng companies
Public rela ons companies
Adver sing companies
IT companies
Music video organiza ons

Importance of Multimedia Training and Courses

Mul media courses are becoming popular among students looking to explore
crea ve, dynamic career op ons. Mul media is the amalgama on of a variety of
content types, such as images, audio, text, anima on, video etc.
Individuals with a crea ve mind and ability for handling computer applica on
like adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign, AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, Adobe
Premiere Pro etc. can choose diploma or cer ficate mul media courses to let
loose their crea vity and learn different traits of the trade.
Jobs in mul media industry are highly rewarding, as there is always a scope for
innova on to make the mul media content unique and a rac ve. The
comprehensive mul media courses in north Delhi offered by ADMEC include
sketching visual grammar, and user experience, illustra on, image manipula on,
video produc on, web design and UI development, website management, CMS,
architecture and interior designing, 3D anima on and visual effects, post-
produc on modules.
Looking for Mul media Course Check Below:
Mul media Master Plus Course - 36 Months
Mul media Master Course (h p://www.admecindia.co.in/best-mul media-
courses.html) - 24 Months
Mul media Standard Course (h p://www.admecindia.co.in/courses-mul media-
ins tutes-delhi-s.html) - 18 Months
Adver sing Design Course (h p://www.admecindia.co.in/adver sing-design-
course.html) - 12 Months
Visualiza on Master Course - 06 Months
Graphic Master Plus - 12 Months
Adver sing Design - 12 Months

Mul media courses are becoming prevalent among students and professionals
who want to upgrade their skill set or looking to explore crea ve and dynamic
career op ons. An individual can opt for mul media courses at both graduate
and postgraduate levels. Par cipants are encouraged throughout the course to
experiment and develop an individual approach to communica ng their ideas to
the world, transla ng self-expression into appropriate ar facts.
Many students enroll for the mul media diploma courses to enhance their
chances of ge ng top jobs in the industry. Individuals with a crea ve mind and
flair for handling different so ware can choose one of the above-men oned
courses to let loose their crea vity and excel in this field.
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