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Nature and goals of assessment and evaluation

Asit kumar maurya

Pg diploma in counseling guidance &
psychological intervention
• Assessment and its process.
• Definition of assessment, testing,
measurement, and evaluation.
• Differences between Assessment and Testing.
• Differences between Assessment and
• Types of assessment
• Goals of assessment
• Assessment is a process, in which several
things are evolve like :-
Collecting data
Analyzing data
Synthesizing data
Organizing information and
Inform decision.
Process of assessment
• Planning
formulating goals
selecting tools
• Inputs : collecting information
• Processing inputs : analysis and synthesis
actuarial process
clinical process
Output : communicative reports
Definition of Assessment

• Assessment is a process in which collecting,

analyzing, organizing information about a client
to make and inform decision.
• According to APA (1999)
“A psychological assessment is a comprehensive
examination undertaken to answer specific
question about a client’s psychological
functioning during a particular time interval or to
predict a client’s psychological functioning in the
Testing, Evaluation and measurement
• Psychological testing is a part of psychological
assessment in which we used specific and
standardized test.
• Measurement is a process of assigning
• Evaluation is a process of collecting and
summarizing the data and comparing the
result to a set criteria to draw conclusion.
Differences between Assessment and
• Assessment is a broad • Testing is a part of
process. assessment.
• Provides qualitative and • Provide only
quantitative data. quantitative data.
• Assessment is less • More formal.
formal aspect.
• Structured and flexible. • Structured and un
Differences between Assessment and
• Assessment is done to • Current level compared
determine the current level. with previous level.

• Assessment is exploratory In • Evaluation is confirmatory

nature. in nature.
• Collecting and analysis of • Application of value of
data. judgment.
• Ongoing process. • Summative process.
• Process oriented. • Product oriented.
• Diagnostic . • Judgmental.
• Flexible. • Fixed.
• cooperative • Competitive.
Types of Assessment
Clinical Assessment
Psychological Assessment
Educational Assessment
Functional Assessment
Behavioral Assessment
Goals of Assessment
• Initial screening and diagnosis.
• Differential diagnosis.
• Evaluating current performance and
• Monitoring intervention effectiveness.
• Making decision for termination of
• Assessment is a process, in which several
process are evolves like planning, collecting
information, processing information, and
communicating the information….