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What is one thing IT teams need in order to spend time where they can add the most

value to the way business operates?

They need to automate a wide and diverse range of manual tasks at an
effective scale. *
IT teams need to put more focus on initiatives that are important to IT
instead of customer needs.
The business should increase the headcount of IT so they can add more value
to the business.
IT needs to be more willing to change where they spend their time whenever
the business asks them to make a change

According to the qualification criteria for vSphere Platinum, whom should you

Cost sensitive customers
Customers familiar with virtualization
Customers prioritizing security infrastructure investments =
Customers that need enhanced application performance and availability *

If your customer is looking for enhanced application performance and they
deal with Enterprise and commercial mid-market, what two vSphere Editions would you

vSphere Standard
vSphere Essentials Plus
vSphere Enterprise Plus *
vSphere Platinum *

What feature of vSphere introduces several new APIs that improve the
efficiency and experience of deployment?

This VMware solution provides an entry-level solution for basic server
consolidation and business continuity.
This VMware solution provides an all-in-one solution for small environments
that includes six processor licenses for vSphere and one instance of vCenter
Server. =
This VMware solution provides resource management, enhanced application
availability, and performance. *
This VMware solution provides intelligent operations, consistent management,
and automation with predictive analytics. @

What is a key sales trigger for vSphere?

Your customer is experiencing complexity in their virtual environment and
wants to get the best performance, availability, and efficiency out of their
infrastructure. =
Your customer is looking to reduce administration costs by implementing a
self-service IT solutions portal.
Your customer has had a recent outage or disaster or is implementing a
disaster recovery strategy.
Your customer is looking to automate their application lifecycle across
development, testing, and production environments. *

Where does vSphere fit into the journey toward the SDDC?

It is the final step in achieving the software-defined data center.
Since it automates the delivery of virtual desktops, it is essential part of
the IT architecture. =
It is the first step, the foundation of the software-defined data center. @
It is essential for the customers who need to manage their heterogeneous
environment. *

What are the three main sources of competition for vSphere?

Platform vendors
Data protection software market * =
Customers who feel no need for management * =
Niche vendors * =

Why would a customer need vSphere Platinum if they have a security tools from
another vendor?

Customers need vSphere Platinum only if they want to manage beyond their
vSphere environment.
Signature-based solutions, like antivirus, only know about existing threats
and are unable to catch zero-day threats that they simply don’t know about. *
vSphere Platinum has deduplication and compression which saves money over the
long run because you will not need as many nodes.
vSphere Platinum gathers raw data from the vSphere hosts and then streamlines
the delivery of infrastructure and application services using blueprints.

How does vSphere help customers virtualize any application with confidence?

vSphere empowers businesses to virtualize any application be it business
critical applications or newer machine learning, artificial intelligence workloads,
with high performance, availability, and security. *
It only minimizes unplanned downtime.
Multi-processor fault tolerance provides limited availability.
It provides backup and replication for virtual machines and cloud-based

According to the qualification criteria for vSphere, whom should you target?

vSphere customers with three or more hosts @
Customers with one full-time employee in their IT organization =
Customers who want to automate the provisioning of infrastructure and
applications *
Large enterprise organizations only
What is a prevalent business initiative that vSphere helps IT achieve?

Self-service in a hybrid cloud
Full automation of the actual execution of testing, recovery, and migration
Attaching applications to users, groups or devices, even when users are
logged onto their desktop
Managing increasing infrastructure footprint, easy extensibility into the
hybrid cloud, providing support for new use cases and doing all of the above in a
secure and consistent manner. *