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Pitch Detection SDK

MuseBook Pitch Detection SDK for Windows® Developers

Our purpose is to empower software developers to have pitch detection technology
for their products and application. AMuseTec provides on-going online support and
developer's forum worldwide.

What is MuseBook Pitch Detection SDK?

MuseBook Pitch Detection Software Development Kit is a music recognition
library for software developers under Windows®. This Windows SDK will help
you to embed pitch recognition power in your software. Pitch Detection SDK
is primarily applied to our series of MuseBook software. With this SDK, you
can empower your song writing software, music training software, karaoke
software, etc with pitch detection technology.

MuseBook W-PDSDK MuseBook R-PDSDK

(Wavefile Pitch Detection SDK) (Real-time Pitch Detection SDK)

Pre-recorded Live Performance

WAV file

Read WAV file
Input WAVE data
Normalize WAV file
Noise Reduction
Spectrum Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer
Pitch Detection
Pitch Detection
Error Correction

Onset Information Onset Information

Pitch Frequency Pitch Frequency
Input Sound level Input Sound Level


-Note ON/off -Note ON/off
-Pitch Bend -Pitch Bend
-Volume Expression -Voulume Expression
-Brightness -Brightness

What you get DLL files for dynamic loading & linking
LIB files to link with your software
Header files to use DLL files
SDK documents
Practical examples how to apply PDSDK to your products save your time in trial and error.
plus 24/7 online supports, developers' forum for those who are using our solution
Pitch Detection SDK

MuseBook Pitch Detection SDK for Windows® Developers

W-PDSDK (Wavefile PDSDK) R-PDSDK (Real-time PDSDK)
Input Type Wavefile Live Sound from Microphone
Processing Type Batch Processing Real-time Processing
Wavefile Normalizing Supported N/A
Pitch Bandwidth A0 ~ C8 (26Hz ~ 4,500Hz)
Pitch Detection Interval 11 msec 11 msec / 44 msec
Output Data Onset Information (on/off)
Pitch Frequency (Hz)
Input Sound Level (dB)
Optional Output Data MIDI Note On/Off
Pitch Wheel
Volume Expression

Requirements for Developers

W-PDSDK (Wavefile PDSDK) R-PDSDK (Real-time PDSDK)
O.S. Windows® 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
CPU Pentium® II or higher Pentium® III 800MHz or higher
RAM 256MB or higher
HDD 500MB free space
Soundcard Optional 44,100Hz 16bit mono recording
Microphone Optional Required
Compiler Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0
Software Microsoft® DirectX SDK 8.x*
* For free download http://www.microsoft.com/directx

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