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Over 70% of Millennials report wanting more purpose each day, and they will
account for 75% of the workforce by 2025.

Traditional volunteering is far too rigid and segmented for

this super connected fast moving generation.
A mobile app that’s powered by the millennial workforce. “Neighborhood
Superheroes” (our users) identify needs, resources and events in their communities
by shining “signals” on the map. As these superheroes build teams, help out, and
fundraise, they improve the volunteering experience for everyone.
PRAXEIS addresses the main reasons* people report for not volunteering, which
are: ”Volunteer schedules are too inflexible” and “No one asked me to.”

PRAXEIS lets you:

● Spot community resources and needs, on your schedule
● Map the causes you care about and invite friends to help
● Act by responding to opportunities in real time
● Fundraise while giving back in your own neighborhood

Source: Stanford Center on Longevity.

User Experience


The Ultimate Company Perk

80 year Harvard study proves embracing community is #1 factor in living

longer, and being happier!

● Elevates mood
● Increases social interactions
● Improves self esteem
● Betters relationship quality
● Decreases loneliness.

PRAXEIS provides companies THE tool for “employee wellness.”

Market Landscape

68 million*
millennials participate in informal volunteering (i.e. outside of an official
organization), each year.

is the amount companies spend on average per employee per year on wellness.

of employers with more than 50 employees offered a wellness program. Of
those, 68% plan to expand wellness programs in the next 3-5 years.

Source: Double the Donation’s Analysis of Matching Gift Participation Rates; Economic Policy Group | Governance & Accounting Institute Inc. 2017 research. 2015 US Bureau of Labor Statistics*
Revenue Model
Value: Employee Wellness, Public Sponsorship, and Strategic Donations.

Tiered SaaS freemium pricing model. Starts at

$199/mo, increases with company size.

Significant upselling possibilities for

companies to sponsor specific
community events and/or create
competitive teams in-house.
Volunteering Opportunity Gamification Community Fundraising
Mapping Action

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VolunteerMatch x
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x x x
P R A X E I S x x x x x
Early Traction

● MVP (DeeditForward) Launched March 2018.

● 3,000+ downloads, w/ resources & needs

mapped in 18 states & 4 countries

● News coverage and endorsements

● Preliminary Partnerships established with 40+

national and international nonprofits

● Pilot projects underway with the City of Oakland.


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