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Li-ion power gives you the

decisive advantage required to win.

Maximum power at all times in the warehouse with lithium-ion technology
made by Jungheinrich, the leading systems provider in intralogistics.

Benefits of lithium-ion technology:

Peak performance Achieve your goals

with a top-level team. safely – every time.
Jungheinrich – Free of gassing and non-toxic

the complete system. Permanent monitoring

Jungheinrich After Sales
Perfectly synchronised components handles transportation and disposal
Maximum power 7 In-house development and production 6 IP54

at all times.
Constantly high More endurance
performance.* than others.
Always full power through
high voltage stability
Energy consumption
reduced by up to 20 % 1 On track for success with Jungheinrich. 5 Especially well-suited
*Compared to lead-acid batteries.
for multi-shift operation

Back in the race

again faster. 2 Learn more at: 4
Extremely short 8–10
hours Stays in the race
charging times. three times as long.
High vehicle availability
Boost and
Especially long
interim charging
service life.
No battery changes
3 Ready to start at all times.
Without any waiting times.
No need for special charging areas with ventilation
No need for time-consuming battery changing systems
Three times
No need to add water longer than traditional lead-acid batteries