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Adress 11/2014 - Current Intensive Care Nurse

Carrera 62ª #48 – 59
Hospital San Vicente Fundacion Rionegro
Rionegro, Antioquia
• Check on and identify patient needs and problems and make interventions,
Phone taking into account an integral approach.
(+57) 304 361 4197 • Provide direct nursing care to critically ill patients.
• Recognize life threatening arrhythmias and means of treatment for patients
in cardiac monitors , caring for A-lines, monitoring Swan-Ganz catheters,
drawing ABG's and other labs, interpreting and reporting results for proper
I.D. medical management.
06/2014 -11/2014 Intensive Care Nurse
IPS Universitaria
• Coordinated with patients family and nursing staff to develop patient care
Registered Nurse with expertise in • Observed, assessed, and documented patient vital signs.
evaluations, monitoring, and health • Observed behavior and symptoms and report changes to on-call physicians.
assessments. Skilled at building
rapport with patients and working 11/2012 - 06/2014 Emergency Room Nurse and Intensive Care Nurse
effectively with wide range of Clinica Somer
physicians, technologists, nurses, and
• Administered critical IV medications such as Cardizem, Dopamine, Insulin,
staff. Proactive and resourceful with
Nitroglycerin, and Adenosine
superior work ethic. • Assisted in the care of multiple traumas, cardiac arrests, stroke codes,
sexual assaults and conscious sedations
Organized and detail-oriented with • Provided care to people across the lifespan with different conditions from
high standards for performance and infants, children, pregnant women, and the elderly.
maintenance of treatment protocols.
Patient-focused and compassionate 05/2012 -11/2012 Emergency Room Nurse
caregiver. ESE Hospital San Juan de Dios

• Assessment and placement of patients as a triage RN.

REFERENCES • Applied expertise in rapid assessments and treatments, particularly upon
patient arrival to the ER during initial phase of acute illness and trauma;
Adrian Rojas Goméz treated a variety of illnesses or injury in children and adults.
adrian.rojas@sanvicentefundacion.com • Collaborated with other ER professionals to ensure effective patient care
delivery-Identified patients' condition and addressed nursing care.
Hospital San Vicente Fundación
Nurse Supervisor
Phone: (+57) 312 268 2403 06/2010 - 05/2012 General Nurse and Intensive Care Nurse
Clinica Imat Oncomedicas
Andrés Conrado Gárces
• Proactive learning of new procedures and treatment protocols from more
andresgarcesrios@gmail.com established nurses.
Clínica Somer • Evaluation of the patient´s condition, carry out physician orders, monitor
Nurse Supervisor vitals, and review labs and radiologic exams.
Phone: (+57) 320 747 2680 • Administration of blood products, monitoring of patients for symptoms
related to transfusion reactions.
Gustavo Adolfo Ramírez
Hospital San Vicente Fundación
Phone: (+57) 311 351 4591 2010 Bachelor of Science: Nursing
Universidad de Córdoba
Oscar Zuluaga
Hospital San Vicente Fundación CERTIFICATIONS AND LICENS ES
Critical Care Physician
Phone: (+57) 300 201 5748 05/2011 - Present BLS - ACLS Certification