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Reading Skills Evaluation

Instructions: Please read the passage aloud. After reading, please answer the questions and
choose the best answer.

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes was one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century. He was born
in Joplin, Missouri, and moved to Cleveland at the age of fourteen. Four years later, we went to
Mexico and spent one year there before attending Columbia University in New York. For a few
years after he roamed the world as a seaman, visiting ports around the world and writing some
poetry. He returned to the United States and attended Lincoln University, where he won the
Writer Bynner Prize for undergraduate poetry. After graduating in 1928, he traveled to Spain and
to Russia. His best novels include “Not Without Laughter” and “The Big Sea”. He wrote an
autobiography in 1956 and also published his collections of poetry then. A man of many talents,
Hughes is one of the most accomplished writers in American literature history.

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the correct answer.

1. Langston Hughes was ______________ years old when he went to Mexico.

a. 14 c. 20
b. 16 d. 18

2. When were his collections of poetry published?

a. 1958 c. 1928
b. 1956 d. 1960

3. Where did he win the Writer Bynner Prize for undergraduate poetry?
a. Columbia University c. Spain
b. Lincoln University d. Russia

4. Where was Langston Hughes born?

a. Columbia c. New York
b. Missouri d. Cleveland

5. Which of the following statement is NOT true?

a. Langston Hughes used to travel by ship to many ports around the world.
b. Langston Hughes attended Columbia University in New York at fourteen.
c. “The Big Sea” is one of Langston Hughes' best novels.
d. Langston Hughes lived in Mexico for a year before her left for New York.
Listening Skills Evaluation

Directions: Please listen to the conversations and answer the exercises below.

Audio File: I2017-001-1.mp3

Exercise 1.1: (1 point x 5 = 5)

What does the man plan to do?
a. Have a party
b. Buy office supplies
c. Take a vacation
d. Ask the woman out

Exercise 1.2: (1 point x 5 = 5)

Why does the man call the woman?

Exercise 1.3: Fill in the blank. (1 point x 5 = 5)

Hello, Crusty Catering. How ____ I help you today?

Exercise 1.4: Write the correct form of the word. (1 point x 5 = 5)

The party will be ____ indoors in one of the large conference rooms. (hold)

Audio File: I2017-001-2.mp3

Exercise 2.1: (1 point x 5 = 5)

What are the speakers talking about?
a. The man's job
b. The man's salary
c. The woman's business
d. The woman's clients

Exercise 2.2: (1 point x 5 = 5)

How many clients does the woman have?

Exercise 2.3: Fill in the blank. (1 point x 5 = 5)

How are you doing with your ____ business?

Exercise 2.4: Write the correct form of the word. (1 point x 5 = 5)

I _______ a conference call last week while I was wearing my night gown and bathrobe. (do)
Speaking Skills Evaluation

You will be given 5 questions.
Your teacher will read each question twice and you will answer each question within 30 seconds only.

1. Where do you like to have a party?

2. What do you like to do at parties?
3. What can people do at a party that will annoy you?
4. Describe the best party that you have been to.
5. Would you rather go to someone else's house for a party or have it at yours? Why?

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