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Batangueno Group of Companies are which is more traditional companies in the

Philippines even though they are also professional and competitive companies in the sort of
industries. Because most of family oriented companies maintains their values. Three (3)
Industries which are juice, pawnshop, and Mortuary.
Katas ng Batangueno which company is managed by Mr. Ala-e. He gives his attention for
this company. First of all he has dreamed about the company to export their product. After that
he had an action plan to hold-off competitors than he was thinking about his idea to make a real.
His current production capacity utilization was however only %42 leading in the company. It
means that he does not use full capacity of company without investment. Although Juice
manufacturing requires are a lot of expensive equipment need to process of make a juice, he
went to Us and purchased the latest state of the art equipment. If someone is who is
manufacturing some product , nothing is enough for %100 capacities. In the manufacturing
sector that if you reaches %100 , something is wrong there. This is the which is only my opinion.
Because all the manufacturing companies should work on more than. It means , they always need
to investment and evolution.
Batangueno Pawns(BP) which company is managed by Monica Ala-e. She is well
educated person. She studied master degree in the Us. She is the one who is forward looking. She
wants to develop and innovate to the all pawnshop. She wants to touch for rural population.
Because when some people run into financial difficulty in Manila. There is a huge conflict
Monica and his father which is debt of overdue. Because he was planning the invest of juice
Batangueno Memorial Homes(BHM) which company managed by his wife, Glenda. This
company is also very competitive. Also this company is very manageable however It seems that
they don’t expect much profit from this company, because their offers inexpensive. But the good
thing is that has the largest number of the clients in the industries. If they want to investing to
this company that It will not costly for them. In my opinion , they should also focus for this
industry among three companies too.
Katas ng Batangueno (KB)
Strength: The company which is the dearest in his eyes. He has dreamed about exporting
and he always wants to give an attention for this company. Also he went to Us personally and
purchased latest equipment. He wants to flagship in the Industry.
Weakness: The equipment are very expensive. His current production capacity is %42
even tough he invested new equipment from Us 2 years ago.
Opportunities: He wants to export his product to Australia and United State. After
modernization some of competitors might be hand-off in the market. And then he can be a leader
in the market.
Treat: There are five firms currently involved manufacturing and well-managed. Also
they can invest and export their product. And they can take an advantage in the local market,
when he focus his exporting their product. In case , he can might be lose the market in the

Batangueno Pawns(BP)
Strength: Monica is well educated person who studied master degree in US. She is
very loyalty to her father. She also wants to be flagship in the industry. Her plans of expending
threefold by setting up total of 120 branches. Most of provincianos willing to part of their
heirloom jewelry and items.
Weakness: She has some ideas however they are in the middle of its industry. Her
father does not believe that the pawnshop might be a leader in the industry. *This is the big
weakness , because, family oriented company.
Opportunities: She believes pawnshop was not a financing business but rather
foreclosure business. Greater profit could come from foreclosure and subsequent auction
revenues rather than from interest income.
Treat: find a funds. Her father wants to invest juice company. 2 of company needs
to P320 million. This is an economical treat.
Batangueno Memorial Homes(BHM)
Strength: It has larges number if clients. Inexpensive prices.
Weakness: Low revenue totals.
Opportunities: The number of deaths is increasing. it can be taken as a regular
Treat: There are a lot of strong and huge company which works more professional.
In summary , KB should be the flagship of the Batangueno of Companies which has personal
attention by Mr. Ala-e. Because Their business is still sustainable and if they invest it , they can
export their product. They should focus on it. If they focus pawnshops , there are a lot of
possibility and contingency. Also He wants to focus his juice company. And this is not a good
idea to borrow money for investment.
If KB goes to the flagship , they should focus on it. Because there is a huge capacity
competitor impending entry into the juice industry. Food industries are include all Income class.
However they should focus which class is better for them. If they don’t want to lose their market
in the Philippines , they should focus on both exporting and local selling. Their price should be
cheaper than others. At the same time they should give them high quality. They must be a leader
not a follower. PFI will entry into juice industry. Actually If he heard about this plan , first of all
this is only a plan. If the big company has a plan and the entry capitalized at P1.5billion It means
Mr. Ala-e has still few years to invest and develop his company. He should need to strategic
plan. First of all which is important exporting or local market. Because there are very important.
In my opinion , already he cannot reach %42 capacity. Above all he should make a plan for
increasing. He should check his weakness part in the company. He should make an action plan
what will help increase his capacity of companies. After that he should start use local media , and
advertisement. He should increase of awareness of his brand. If it is necessity , he should close
his wife company. There are a lot of competitors and really low revenue totals. I think, this
company which is in the mortuary Industry will be as a hunchback. Pawnshop can be a stable in
the market. The company should be stay in the middle. Because After entry of PFI lose his
market in the sector. If his strategy will be an offensive strategy that will be more costly. I think ,
It should be more defensive strategy. First of all be safe in the market after that invest and step
by step develop yourself. Only the offensive strategies should be investment. It should be
internal action. Innovation and evolution are very important. Which strategy will be better for
them, SWOT and 7S are much better. After that they will know , who they are, where they are in
the market.
Structure : They should create a system. I think hierarchy will be better for them. Mr. Ala-e to
deep emloyees.
System: If he does great action plan that’s better
Staff: He should get increase of stuff and more professional people.
Skills: Staff might be well educated.
Shared values : His daughter should come back to company. And after that they solve their
cultural problem.
Strategy: He should investment that’s the best strategy in this case. And create a fund.
But the hardest thing is that family oriented company mostly managed by his father or
grandpa or who is the older in the company. They are generally old fashion people and they do
not like to new ideas. But his attitude which is hired a professional consultant for the company
even though he has a well educated daughter. This is the big question mark and also best
investment for the company. On other hand she is very loyalty. When she knows that her father
needs to fund , what is for her idea then she gave up her idea. She thought , her father does not
trust her. This decision is totally emotional. But the good thing is that she works their
competitors. It means she will know their system and after that she can check their system and
market and then help about how they competitor with them.