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TGIF Coffee/Refreshment Set Up at 8:45

Note: Pick up supplies from the Ward Kitchen in the area near Knox Hall.
1. There should be two bags with a sign that says TGIF.
2. Here is a list of the supplies:
a. Two-dozen bagels, sliced
b. Fifty donut holes
c. Two-dozen donuts
d. Two sleeves of cups
e. Two cartons of cream cheese (They use soup cartons for the
cream cheese.)
f. Two cans of Regular coffee. (Sometimes there is a can of
Decaf coffee as well. We only order that about every three
weeks because we do not use as much Decaf.)
g. Sleeves for coffee cups

At around 8:45:
1. Put all of the coffee supplies on the counter by the sink.
2. Put all of the food items in the storage room (where there are extra
chairs) on top of the stacked tables.
3. Move Overhead projector from portable cart to storage cart. You will use
this cart to move the coffee pots and the hot water pot to the storage
4. Fill and plug in the small white pot put on the cart. This will be hot water
for tea.
5. Put all three coffee pots (Metal Pots) on the cart that held the overhead
6. Disassemble pots.
7. Fill both large pots with enough water to make 50 cups each for Regular
Coffee. (There is a plastic pitcher under the sink.)
8. Fill the small pot with enough water to make 20 cups for Decaf Coffee.
9. Put posts in all three pots.
10. Run water over the baskets. (This helps keep the coffee grounds from
getting in with the coffee.)
11. Fill each basket with coffee grounds.
a. 3 ¼ cups of Regular coffee grounds for both large pots.
b. 1 /3 cups of Decaf coffee grounds for the other pot.
c. There are small signs with chains that say Decafe and Coffee.
d. There is a can opener and a measuring cup in one of the large
bins in the TGIF Cabinet.
12. Put the tops on the baskets of the pots.
13. Put the lids on the pots.
14. Put the lids on the coffee cans if there is any coffee left and store them
back in the cabinet where you found the supplies.
15. Put these items on the bottom shelf of the cart with the coffee pots:
a. Two sleeves of cups
b. Lavender bowl
c. One empty basket for donations
d. Sign for coffee donations
e. Basket with cream and creamer
f. Basket with sugar and sweetener
g. Two signs with prices for donuts, donut holes and bagels.
16. Leave these items on the counter:
a. Tea
i. Regular
ii. Decaf
iii. Herbal (In a wooden box)
b. One sleeve of cups
c. Basket with cream, sweetener, sugar, stirrers and sleeves
17. Roll the cart into the area with the chairs.
18. Plug each pot into a separate outlet. (Pots blow the circuit it they are all
plugged into the same outlet.) Make sure the lights light up on pots.
Check the small white pot to make sure it is heating.
19. Close the door to the storage room. (The pots make a lot of noise while
perking. The closed door insures that the 9:30 class will not be disturbed
by the noise.)

At 10:30 once the previous class is over:

1. Turn the table nearest the door at a right angle to the wall and put the
nametags, pens, etc. on this table.
2. Roll the cart out of the back room and put the regular coffee on the table
nearest the storage room.
3. Put the food supplies on the table to the right with signs about
4. Put the decafe and hot water on the counter.

Thanks for volunteering to set this all up.

It is a little overwhelming when you look at this list but it is pretty simple once you do it.
Everyone in our class really appreciates the great
coffee and refreshments.

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