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GARCIA, Krizzi Eve D.

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Etymology: Etimolohiya:

Ytterbium is a metallic rare-earth Ang Ytterbium ay isang metallic rare-

element, The term is coined during the earth element. Ang salitang ito ay na
year 1879, coined in Modern Latin by nalikha noong taong 1879 na panahon
Swedish chemist Carl Gustaf Mosander ng Makabagong Latin ng Suwekong
(1797-1858) from Ytterby , name of a chemist na si Carl Gustaf Mosander
town in Sweden where mineral (1797-1858) na nagmula sa lugar na
containing it was found. Ytterby sa Sweden kung saan ang
mineral na naglalaman nito ay
Yb. A rare-earth metal (q.v.) of yttrium
subgroup; atomic number 70; atomic
weight 173.04; valence, 2,3. Exists in Yb. Isang rare-earth metal (q.v.) ng
alpha and beta forms, the latter being subgroup ng yttrium; may atomic number
semiconductive at pressures above na 70; atomic weight na 173.04 at
16,000 atm. There are 7 natural isotopes. valence na 2,3. Ang mga anyo nito ay
Its properties are metallic luster, quite alpha at beta, ang may anyo na beta ay
malleable, melting point 824 degrees may pagkakondaktibo sa mga presyur na
Celsius. Boiling point 1427 degrees lagpas ng 16,000 atm. Mayroong itong 7
Celsius, reacts slowly with water, soluble na natural na isotopes. Ang pagiging
in dilute acids and liquid ammonia. Low makinang na metal nito na may
toxicity. It is derived from the reduction of pagkamalambot, natutunaw sa
the oxide with lanthanum or misch metal. temperatura na 824 degrees Celsius,
It is used as lasers, dopant for garnets, kumukulo sa temperatura na 1427
portable x-ray source, chemical degrees Celsius, may mabagal na
research. reaksiyon sa tubig, natutunaw sa
malabnaw na asido at likidong ammonia
at pagiging mababa sa toxicity ay
Book kanyang mga katangian. Ito ay
nanggaling sa pagbabawas ng oksido na
Ytterbium derives its name from the
may lanthanum o misch na metal.
Swedish village of Ytterby. The Swiss
Ginagamit ito bilang mga lasers, dopant
chemist Jean Charles Galissard de
para sa mga garnets, portable na
Marignac discovered in 1878 a new
pinagkukunan ng x-ray, at pananaliksik
component which he called Ytterbia. This
sa kemikal.
was in fact ytterbium-oxide,
contaminated with Lutetium-oxide. In Libro:
1907 the French chemist Georges Urbain
Nagmula ang pangalan na Ytterbium sa
– and Auer von Welsbach-separated the
isang nayon ng Ytterby sa Sweden.
components and named the two
Natuklasan ng Suwekong chemist na si
components Ytterbium and Lutetium.
Jean Charles Galissard de Marignac
Ytterbium is a rare-earth metal of the
noong 1878 ang isang bagong elemento
Lanthanide series with atomic number
na tinawag niyang Ytterbia. Sa
70. It has seven naturally occurring
katunayan, ito ay ytterbium-oxide na may
stable isotopes. The atomic mass is
halong Lutetium-oxide. Noong taong
given as 173.04 a.u. (Meggers & Tech,
1907 ang Pranses na chemist na si
Georges Urbain at si Auer von Welsbach
ay binukod ang mga bahaging ito at
pinangalanang ang dalawang ito na
Ytterbium at Lutetium. Ang Ytterbium ay
isang rare-earth metal ng serye ng mga
Lanthanide na may atomic number na
70. Ito ay mayroong pitong natural na
umiiral at di aktibong mga isotopes. Ang
itinalagang atomic mass ay 173.04 a.u.
(Meggers at Tech, 1978)
Depinisyon mula kay Ginang Camela P.
De Leon, MA. ng Angeles University

Educational Attainment:

Bachelor of Science Major in Chemistry

Ateneo de Manila University

Master’s Degree in Chemistry University

of Santo Tomas

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paaralan ng Angeles University
Transkripsyon ng Panayam

Ytterbia or Ytterbium is a chemical element with an atomic number of 70. One of its
physical characteristics are silvery-white with pale yellow tint. It’s solid but malleable and
it belongs to the lanthanide series. Ytterbia was discovered in 1878 by a Swiss chemist
named James Charles Galissard Marignac when he separated a rare earth called erbia
and its another component called ytterbia which was derived from Ytterby, Sweden where
he found it. So where does ytterbia being used? The compounds are used as source of
gamma radiation used in the field of medicine. It is also used in atomic clocks or watches.
It is said the it is the most stable metal to be used for these watches. However, even
though ytterbium is a stable metal, it is advised to be careful in handling these because it
can be poisonous. Its compounds can also irritate the eyes and the skin when in contact.
It can also be flammable when exposed in the air. Also it is used as colorant for glasses,
a dopant for garnet, and it is also used in optical fibers. Why is this? Because it is a
hydroscopic substance, so it can attract water. Therefore, water molecules are eliminated
from the substance they are being added to.

Pagsasalin sa Filipino

Ang Ytterbium ay isang kemikal na elemento na may atomic number na 70. Ang pagiging
kulay pilak o puti na may maputlang dilaw na tinte nito ay isa sa kanyang pisikal na mga
katangian. Ito ay solido ngunit malambot at kabilang sa serye ng mga lanthanide sa
peryodikong talaan ng mga elemento. Ang Ytterbia ay natuklasan noong 1878 ng isang
Suwekong chemist na si James Charles Galissard Marignac noong binukod niya ang
isang rare earth na tinatawag na erbia at isa pang bahagi nito na ytterbia na hango sa
Ytterby sa Sweden kung saan niya ito natagpuan. Ang mga compounds nito ay ginagamit
bilang pinagkukunan ng gamma radiation na ginagamit sa larangan ng medisina.
Ginagamit din ito sa mga atomic clocks o sa relo. Sinasabi na ito ang metal na pinakapirmi
gamitin para sa mga relong ito. Gayunpaman, kahit na pirmi na metal ang ytterbium,
pinapayuhan na mag-ingat sa paghawak nito dahil maaaring magdulot ito ng pagkalason.

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