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Lesson plan in Englsih

Grade 10

I. Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the learners will be able to:

A. listen to the song, “Imagine”

B. fill in the correct lyrics missing from the song

C. discover the message of the song

II. Subject-Matterz

Topic: Imagine by John Lennon

Reference: English Module 2 – Gr 10

Materials: laptop, projector, speaker, screen, cartolina, pentel pen, print out papers

III. Procedures

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activvity

A. Preparation
The teacher greets the students.
• Good Morning Class Student: Good morning sir.
Make Agreements and set classroom
rules to be followed throughout the class.

Teacher: What will you do if your teacher is

discussing here in front? S: • Listen attentively.
• Do not make unnecessary noise.
• Raise your hand if you want to answer.

B. Motivation
Let the students listen to songs and then guess the
missing lyrics of the song after wards.

T: Listen to the song and later on guess the

missing lyrics of the song. If you know the song,
you may sing as well.
List of songs:
1st - Top of the World by Carpenters
2nd - In the End by Linkin Park
3rd - Closer

Missing Words
1st – dream S: The answer is dream.
2nd – valuable S: The answer is valuable.
3rd – older S: The answer is older.

C. Presentation
Present the topic, which is to examine the song
Imagine by John Lennon and the Objectives of the
Let the student read the Objectives of the day.

Objectives of the day. S: Objectives of the day.

• listen to the song, “Imagine” • listen to the song, “Imagine”
• fill in the correct lyrics missing from the song • fill in the correct lyrics missing from
• discover the message of the song the song
• discover the message of the song

D. Discussion
The teacher plays the song Imagine and presents
the lyrics of the song which some words are

Let the student guess the missing lyrics that are

missing with their partner and see who listen
attentively and got the correct lyrics.

Reveal to the class the correct answers. S:

1. sky 1. sky
2. peace 2. peace
3. dreamer 3. dreamer
4. one 4. one
5. world 5. world
6. one 6. one
7. hunger 7. hunger
8. brotherhood 8. brotherhood
9. world 9. world
10. dreamer 10. dreamer
11. one 11. one
12. world 12. world
13. one 13. one

After revealing the answer, help them understand

the song through some questions.
S: The title means that people should have
1. What does the title mean? dream about a world that is peaceful and
people are united as one. No more harm,
warm, greed, puberty and all that exist is
happiness and love.
S: The word sky means that there is heaven
2. What does the word sky mean? exists and the writer wants to have heaven
even here on Earth.
S: In the song, he describe peace as to let
3. How did he describe peace? every people know no boundaries, religion
and be united as one.

E. Activity
Small Group activity
Each group will make a picture or poster about
peace and unity of humankind.


F. Generalization S: The message of the song is all about

What is the message of the song? peace and unity all over the world.

IV. Evaluation
Name: __________________________
A. Fill in the correct lyrics.
You may say I'm a 1. ____________.
But I'm not the only 2. __________
I hope someday you'll join 3. ______
And the 4 ________ will live as 5. _____.
B. Encircle the letter of your chosen answer.
6. What is The Message of the song?
a. peace and unity b. kindness and love
c. about a dream
7. Who is the artist of the song?
a. John Marc b. John Lennon c. John Birth

V. Assignment

Bring the following: newspaper, pentel pen, scissors, glue

Prepared by:

Vincent Yarag