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A Moment to Remember: Recognition

Day Speech
fojrance (46) (/@fojrance) in life (/trending/life) •  last year

Li your head a little higher. Spread the love like fire. Hope will fall
like rain when you speak life with the words you say. - Toby Mac
(Speak Life)

A year a er I graduated my college and passed the licensure exam, I was

asked to talk to the students during their recognition day. I thought it was a
joke when my former dean said that I’ll be the one to speak. But it wasn’t.
Yet, it turned out to be a very memorable day for me, and maybe also for
To encourage and to inspire people who, I believe, are smarter and more
diligent than me, was the event that I didn’t expect to happen in my life. But
I just can’t turn down the chance to share the hardships that I have had and
to stir their hearts to never give up despite the numerous dif culties in life.

Sitting with me were the great people of our school. Imagine being a fresh
graduate to be with the vice presidents and deans. I was shaking that time!
Good thing though, the one who introduced me was my college dean who
used to be so close to me.

He sold me to the students by telling why I did not become a cum laude. He
said, “When I asked him why he wasn’t able to have a Latin honor, he said,
“Ni ana man gud akong mama Sir, ‘Nak eskwela ug tarong para ma
engineer ka!’ (My mom said to be studious in order for me to become an
engineer). So, that’s why he just aimed to top the exam.” Hahaha!

The theme of the event was "Harnessing CTU's Polytechnological

Capabilities for the 21st Century". I honestly had a hard time in dra ing my
speech. The good thing was I have a friend who made some edits in
grammar. Thanks to Kuya Rei! Hahaha.

Here’s the content of my speech.

(Greetings to the university president, VP's, deans, teachers, parents, and students.)

School Administrators, Professors, Instructors, Teachers, PTA o icers,

Parents, Friends, Students, Ladies and Gentlemen, a blissful and
wonderful day to all.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the facilitators of this

event for giving me an opportunity to speak in one of the special days
of this year at my Alma Mater. Thank you very much, Sirs, Madams, for
this privilege.

Though I am just a young man who just graduated last year still you've
given me this chance. It’s humbling to know that though there are
other great men who will be able to inspire the students more, still
you did not hesitate to give me this opportunity. This for me is a
privilege and I am grateful.

At last, the day has finally come, especially for the graduating
students with honors, to reap what they have sown. This is the day
that you’re going to receive the fruits of your labor. The day that
you’re going to remember the hardships, trials, sleepless nights, out-
of-this-world examinations, those seemed to be unending
assignments, plates, and projects, and many more.

I can still remember, and it’s still very fresh, those things that
happened in my college days. It’s nostalgic. It seems that everything
that I’m seeing today brings back old memories. (Matud pa sa
engineering, looks-fam)

This recognition day, makes me remember the achievements I

attained. The quiz competitions, the ROTC loyalty award, being a
dean’s lister, ambassador of the year, etc. This day has come not just
to recognize the achievements of the students, but also to bring into
the limelight the hard works of our parents, wisdom of our
instructors and the grace of our God.

This recognition's theme "Harnessing CTU's Polytechnological

Capabilities for the 21st Century" is a message to make use of natural
resources to enhance the Technological capabilities of our beloved
university. I believe that our university possesses great talents. Our
capacity to inspire young students is more than what we could

One of our best assets is that we have is the capability to produce

high-quality graduates, engineers, educators, etc. I have been a
witness to this. This is because of the deeper foundation of our
faculty. Our teachers, instructors have trained us well in shops,
laboratories, competitions, and lectures. Right now, we need to
harness not just the ability and prowess of our teachers and
instructors but also pour more on harnessing the potential of our

I do believe that every first-year student that enters the premises of

this university is brimming with untapped potential. It is our role to
find that potential. it is our role to find the key to unleash the
potential of the students. For I do believe that every student here
possesses great ingenuity, engineering skills, mathematical prowess,

Second, we need to inspire them. We need to inspire them to keep

reading, to keep listening, to keep observing, to keep investigating, to
keep researching and to keep on experimenting. Letting them
understand that disassembling something is the only way to know its
inner workings, engineering, and design.

Third, we need to make them understand the joy of discipline.

Knowing that we cannot reach our goal with no focus at all. Knowing
that engineering is a disciplined approach to creating something.

Our theme only means that we need to harness the “US”, I mean us.
You and me, and making use of our natural selves to enhance CTU's
Polytechnological Capabilities for this century. We must first be able
to know the capabilities that are already within us for this is a gi
from above.

Without ourselves to harness the technology, technology would be

just useless. The industry's appreciation of CTU is not because of the
existing technology that we have but is how we make use of ourselves
to think of a more productive way. Less dependence on technology
but more dependent on our minds to enhance more the
Polytechnological Capabilities this university has.

It is an honor to share my past scholastic journey. Let me backtrack

and go to my first senior high school year.

I was once addicted to computer games and because of this, I cannot

understand our mathematics teacher’s lesson anymore. I was really
having a hard time understanding/learning from her lectures and, so I
received a failing mark during our first grading period. I was so
discouraged at that time that I decided to stop going to school.

It was hard for my parents and, so I decided to help in our small

business to somehow ease their pain. I became known as a fishball
and tempura vendor in our place. During that time, I promised to my
parents that when I go back to school I’m going to strive hard, I’m
going to put my heart on it and I’m going to make them proud. By
God's grace, the impossible was made possible. I finished the
secondary school as the most outstanding student in mathematics.

During my first year in college, it came to a point where I was hesitant

to continue taking the second semester because of our financial
status. Here’s a confession, it was during this time that I drew the
plates of my batchmates in exchange for money in our Engineering
Drawing-I subject, handled by Archt. Uy, even if I knew that it was
illegal or wrong just so that I’ll be able to sustain/support myself
during those di icult times. It went on until the time when our
instructor noticed my penmanship and warned the whole class about
the illegal thing. That warning was enough for me to stop from
creating any more plates for my batchmates.

I was able to continue my studies when that same instructor, Archt.

Uy endorsed me to be a student assistant to Maam Josephine Villa, in
the guidance services center. But before I can start working, our
family needs to first settle my first semester’s remaining balance
which was around P5000. For me and my family, this is a big amount
to acquire in a short span of time because the second-semester class
is already starting. Though it was late, I was amazed by my mother
who was able to find a way to settle my dues in just a week. Now you
guess how she did it? Walay lain pa kung dili utang (No other else, but
debt), I know many can relate to this. Haha.

But I never let this problem overcome us, and I would never let this
stop me from fulfilling my dreams. I kept on going. I studied in the
morning and worked in the evening. This went on Monday to Friday.
duty on Saturdays, attend ROTC class on Sundays. Until I endured my
first year working in the guidance o ice.

My second year was the year when I started to dream as a quizzer. It

was not because of the prizes but I was focused on grabbing the honor
and bringing this honor to my family and my school. So I strived hard,
and by the help of the Almighty God, I achieved 7 championship titles,
3 of which are national competitions, thrice I became 1st and 2nd
runner-up. I Experienced many travels for national competitions
which were supported by the university administration. My close
classmate, also the topnother Engr Arrabis said my award on
recognition day should not be "Ambassador of the Year" but it must
be "Gastador of the year" because of the expenses.

Though I achieved victory from these competitions, I also want to let

you know that I also failed about 8 times in these competitions as far
as I could remember. In addition, behind these achievements are
sleepless nights, uncompleted assignments, projects, and reports.

I can relate to your hardships, pains, trials, hunger and many more.
These are not new to us who strive for greater things. There are even
failures, but what keeps us going during these times when we are so
down is the thought that "All things work together for good,
especially for those who love God".

When I turned my attention back to the things that I must do, my

studies and my work as a student assistant in College Of Engineering
faculty o ice, (for I stopped at guidance to focus studies but worked
back in COE), it turned out that I was terminated. I failed to comply
some important requirements and failed to meet some deadlines. It
was the time when I chose to go with our classmates and our
instructor in our hydrographic surveying than to report.

It was one of the most painful experiences in my college days. But as

what I have said, all things work together for good. This situation
gave me more time to study and led me to review in the review center
where I’m currently working. When the owner and director of the
review center Engr. Gillesania noticed that I was doing well on my
quizzes even though I was still an incoming 4th yr, he asked me to
work for him and be his working scholar. In addition to the training
that I have undergone under the hard work of Engr. Mayor, the review
helped me to be a national quiz champion.

Because of these situations/experiences, I was also given an

opportunity to be a scholar of Parents Teachers Association, on my
4th and 5th year. Without them, I wouldn't be here today.

Without these instructors especially my coach Engr. Mayor, Dr.

Ancheta, our beloved president today, who once gave me an incentive
a er winning the PICE Students' Quiz, Engineering Faculty, school
administration, PTA, I wouldn’t be able to stand here.
Students, we know that if we experienced hardships from our
instructors, these are always meant for us. These are made to build us
up. To hone us. To strengthen us. Though we cannot deny that they
are painful and unpleasant, we know that our characters are built.
Hardships are also given by God as a way of disciplining us, as what
we can quote from the Bible,

"Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. For

what children are not disciplined by their father? If you are not
disciplined—and everyone undergoes discipline—then you are not
legitimate, not true sons and daughters at all. Moreover, we have all
had human fathers who disciplined us and we respected them for it.
How much more should we submit to the Father of spirits and live!
They disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God
disciplines us for our good, in order that we may share in his holiness.
No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on,
however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those
who have been trained by it."

I wouldn’t be able to do these things alone, so cheers to all my friends

who were with me. And to my family, you know what you did. You
were my backbone. I don’t know where I’d be without you.

Students, without your instructors, your friends and especially

without your parents and guardians, you wouldn't be here to receive
these awards. Can you give them a round of applause as a sign of
great debt of gratitude? or even hugs to your parents! kiss them, tell
them that you love them, and you are so thankful for them.

Most of all, without the Almighty God who can do exceedingly

abundantly more than anything we could ask or pray, WE couldn't
have these things that we have right now. Every good gi comes from
our Father in heaven. So, all the glory, praises, honor and adoration
belong to Him alone.

Students, for the graduates God, bless in the next phase of life, for the
non-graduates strive more for His glory. To All, May the LORD God
bless you and keep you always. Congratulations!
It was a long speech, wasn't it? Actually, I thought the length of the speech
would make the students feel boring. But I was wrong. They rose up instead
to my surprise and gave me hands of appreciation.

Hey! Have you heard the song Speak Life by Toby Mac? You've got to check it
out. That's a song that encourages us to speak with full of hope, full of life
and see how it brightens the lives of people who are in their dark hours.

Speak Life! :D
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maka nosebleed ang speech uyy pero nice nice :) makamingaw ang CTU.
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the snappiest salute for this Lodi @fojrance (/@fojrance)!
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