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OBL Metering Pumps SEs series D_RCC_GBIT_11'15 ca Plunger metering pums RCC series spring return plunger metering pumps with sturdy and compact design. Chevron PTFE rings plunger packing with gland ‘nut, 300 I/h max flow rate. TS pumps (Max press. up to 100 bar) have floating plunger and Kevlar reinforced PTFE braid. Manual adjustment, Regolazione ‘manuate Black anodised Aluminium easing Corpo meccenismo: allumino con ossida- Zione anodica nero ; i i ; i window. Sia livelo oli, PIFE coated cast iron lantern ring Lantema in ghiso rivestita in PTFE nero, ° Pompe dosatrice a pistone Le pomge desotrici« pstone OBL della serie RCC con ritorne @ ‘olla hanno una strutturasemplice robusta e compat, Lo tenuta del pistone & de! tipo a pacce di anelli@ “V"in teflon con premitrecci, la portata max pari a 300 Ih Le pompe IS (press. max fino a 100 bar) sono dotate di pistone ‘outoallineante ¢ pacco tenuta in PTFE rinforzato in Kevior For motor characteristics see page 2 Perle caraterstiche dl matoe ved pg. 2 Oil filing plug Tappo coriee aio ASI 316L head SR execution Testota pompante: AISI 3161 Esecuzione “AL > >> OBL Metering Pumps Technical data teristiche tecniche ACC series plunger metering pump with PVC pump hese, Pompa dsotecea rece Wyeast Mesias ous vis stone serie RCC Ree ta Weve dse MEA DHE is fon textatain PE fee 3 im > 1b lise lege o's Bhi Recs 6 aa 10 AE eR 6h Recioae To Wega ley Ons ONS Reel 18 WEIS Ie Cae Duis Bhs Rccio 70 10 HRA Heals Ove DVIS Reo 38 To MEREA eam ous DNS Reco 18 accis a6 To aegicat Neg Owe DNS WesleNF DUS DNS sslasss|ssasslseslsslssss Rest 0 Besa Ons DIE fects 38 ise 1° Sega ous bxis Reiss te 10 BPR DUS ONE seas oe sl) 1 DiesieWF ous OvIS teas fo ® Sein BE ON fees 70 aD i Bescon ous Os teas Se ® gE BLE Oks kes 1s (as % Secon Bue Ov feeoo Soo ° Bejcnn But Du Flow ratesforte: * Max flow rate/Portate max 300 Yh. kes 28 Secon Bes ON foo iim ie fe Bese BUS BV Moter/ Motors, Trifse | hreephase 0.37 KW - scess se MMM wo 20 aT 4 poll [poves = IPS6 - CLE - IEC 34-1 Regs se at esse Duis Bhs Motore standatdl Ste motor 71-814 fer ie IE Bie ON 2203400 V~2 - 50 H = 4402480 V - 3 - 60 He 1105115 V~ 60 Hz - 0,37 kW RECS 38 0 Ura ons ONS Reso $3 lg to > te eget Ove DNs . Reto 73. Dot eacae Duis Duis Monofase | Singlephase Reso 3 team 32 rset Ove DNS ~ 4 pol Jpo/es IPSS - CLF ~1EC 38-1 Recs ns DA ee ec one Bk Motore standard Std'moter T1-B1A ncesz ae [sot No MS UI Oke ous Resa $3 as 1 ERAN aM OD DNS 2202240 V - 50 He - 0,37 KW Rites 7 SS : ut bum bis ‘ meen 3s 3 : egies ona DNs 110-19 V ~ 50 Hz = 0,37 KW neces 0S OOH SSS Teg Bun NB | 220230 V- 60 He - 0,37 KW. PumplPomes: _» Single and multiple unit ke & 1 ieee eke ot ohn Singolae mata eee te a" 13 flesh lesion o1's one Adjustm,/Regolac: * Via micrometer knob feoid 3 10 Uae eww ou Bus Manopol con roniolineare Retio 43 sa Schr egar Oue BN * nese siegeasr ots ous Material/Moteria: © Aluminium easing fee ie Be Corpo meeconisma atuinio. rece 8 ous ok + PTFE coated cast iron lantern ring fee ms Bhs lantern ghisarvestita in PTFE nero AGE te ae oe eanicac ee ars nore” Stroke/Corc: —» 18 mm. Karo he Be Rae Bus Bh | Weigth/Peso: = 15220 Kgslka Kar ee aco ous oN kos ae Oke Keo tt Sefer Bue Be Kero e801 EEA Keen ieeeter ous Bus rae mt mean Ke Weyer Bue A seine Amat See ba he ae eo Kent iyi Ov On + Jace ore eet ese Bes oy 58 a Sarto te, leat a |r na02 kes oo racor ache ous ove sn cn ican ai To ACSC “pu ae Mo P oteseor iescer oe oe cee heer oe GE lesa eter ote Bhs af Keer he (Gon $ > f Westan rycen om ONE iceu 1 ese wi singlepase mo serene 25 oss: RECS on A ues, 1 Topetnecontneoc nonefre stdss i 5h per psene RESET eon aD