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StepApp 18B

Member Administration
Internal Affairs Committee
Project Managers: James Abaja, Ferrine Reyes
March 31, 2019

1 Introduction
The Member Administration subcommittee mainly handles and monitors the
database of clubbers and clubber participation in various IE Club initiatives.

2 ClubberDB
One of Mem Admin’s projects is ClubberDB, the internal website of IE Club
which, so far, caters to most of the subcommittee’s operations and other sub-
committee’s needs especially when it comes to data. The website handles the
reaffiliation process, and database management of clubber information, and a
lot more features to come in the future. In line with that, this new initiative
gave Mem Admin a new task: management of the website and its repositories.

3 StepApp
For your StepApp, you are going to demonstrate the same process of the sub-
committee in handling clubber data, but this time, for your co-applicants.

3.1 Main Tasks

1. Create a Google Drive that will store all of the necessary files for this
2. [First Database] 18B Applicants’ Personal Information
• Create a Google Form that will obtain your co-applicants’ personal
information, and export it into a Google Sheets file.
• Required Data
– Name: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
– Nickname

– Email Address
– Present Address
– Birthday
– Degree Program
– High School
– Other Affiliations

3. [Second Database] 18B Applicants’ Subject Database

• Create a Google Form that will obtain what your co-applicants are
taking this semester, and export it into a Google Sheets file.
• Required Data
– Total Number of Units
– Subjects being taken this semester

4. [Third Database] 18B Applicants’ Event Attendance

• For this database, you need to monitor the attendance of your co-
applicants in the required events for the Application Process.
• Create a Google Sheets file with the required IE Club events as
columns, and your co-applicants as rows.
• If you are not present in an event, make sure that someone from your
batch or from IE Club can take note of the attendance of your batch,
and make sure it’s recorded correctly in the database.
• Make sure to post the sheets file in the 18B Facebook Group, for
your co-apps to be able to monitor their progress in events.

5. For the first and second database, you may add other fields to be obtained,
as long as the required fields mentioned above are satisfied.
6. For the first and second database, make sure that ALL of your co-applicants
answer the form. The number of respondents will be cross-checked with
MemComm to verify the population of your batch.