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Laurea Magistrale (MSc)

A Bachelor Degree in a scientific or technical discipline 1st year:
A Committee will evaluate students with a different Control and Actuating Devices for Mechanical Systems,
background case by case. Applied Metallurgy, Energy Systems, Nonconventional
Machining Processes, Machine Design, Mechanical
HIGHLIGHTS System Dynamics, Mechanical Measurements,
Configuration and Management of Production Systems
Mechanical Engineering provides sound scientific, economic 2nd year:
and technical skills for a successful career in technologically Choice among:
advanced companies. Mechanical Engineers have an Milano Bovisa Campus: Production Systems,
interdisciplinary background in machine design, with respect Mechatronics and Robotics, Virtual Prototyping, Internal
to functional requirements, dynamic and structural analysis, Combustion Engines and Turbomachinery, Advanced
propulsion and engine systems, fluid mechanics, material Mechanical Design, Advanced Materials and Technology,
properties, manufacturing processes and production systems, Ground Vehicles.
operation and management of industrial plants, experimental Lecco Campus: Mechanical Systems Design, Industrial
techniques, mechatronics and industrial automation. The Production.
programme is taught in English. Piacenza Campus: Machine Tools and Manufacturing
EU students: from about €900 to €3,900 per year. Programme Website
Non-EU students: about €3,900 per year.

Lecco, Milano Bovisa Campuses