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Wilmer F.

Penalla BIT AT 401

October 29, 2018 Philippine Constitution

Reaction Paper of 2017 Movie “The Circle”

Directed by: James Ponsoldt

In todays’ modern world, technology plays an important role in the life

of every person. Without doubt, it makes our life more efficient, and our tasks
easier. In just a click of a finger, we can learn or discover something that can
change our outlook, or perspective in life. Everything can be found through
the internet. Through the presence of these high tech or advance technology,
our lives became dependent on the modern world that we are experiencing
now. However, these high tech technology and gadgets, can somehow have
a negative or positive impact in our lives. As a person, are we responsible
enough in using these technology and gadgets? Do you still have a privacy?
Are you one of the many, who prefer to post or share everything about your

In the 2017 Movie directed by James Ponsoldt which was entitled “The
Circle,” serves as an eye-opener to everyone that technology has a greater
impact or effect in our living. This movie bring out the importance of privacy
within our self. It tackled the good idea of sharing is caring, but too much
dissemination of information can destroy our life. It is not good to spread
everything about your life, we must filter the most and least important ones
before we shared it. The experienced of Emma Watson as Mae in the movie
was the best example of irresponsibility toward using technology. She let the
technology occupied and manipulated her life which resulted to misleading
and disseminating private information about her. The worst part was, many of
her loved ones got involved on the accident and resulted to their deaths. If at
the very beginning, Mae became responsible in handling everything, then I
guess she can control everything in her life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that
you need to be opened in every aspect of your life. Yes, we all have a freedom
and we all have a rights as a human. But, being open to everything is not good
enough. In fact, not sharing all is a healthy habit for it can maintain the privacy
with yours. People do not need to know everything from your life, because
knowing everything can be harmful. As a person, we must not give others the
chance or authority to judge our living. We must not allow them to have a
strong desire toward our self. Being able to be respected by others must first
come to ourselves. Leaking of information about ourselves is our own fault, for
we are not responsible enough in handling and balancing our lives.

It is a matter of how you balance your social and private life. Let us not
allow the advancement of these technology to dictate what we need to do
in our own life. People, let’s bring in our mind that these technology can be
useful to us by means of using it correctly, and not abusing the power of it. Let’s
not be like Emma, which allow the technology to manipulate her life. Instead,
we should have a positive attitude toward using of it. Preserving a good and
respectable appearance can be our weapon toward facing this modern
world. The recipe of wisdom, good decision making and being able to
balance what is right with wrong are the ingredients toward living a good and
peaceful life.