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1)Can we fetch the historical data in OTBI report?

2)how to check full log file history in HCM extracts?

3)How to create Payroll elements and once elements created how to attach elements
to employee?
4)why we are using hcm extracts instead of bi reports is there any differences for
hcm extracts and bi reports?
5)I have developed full file hcm extract and its already moved to production,Client
recommended for changes only file how you can achieve this requirement?
6)have you worked on BI Bursting and how it works?
7)what are the dates avaiable in work relationship page?
8)what is effective sequence in worker file?
9)How you will get the sourse system owner?
10)how to hide the column in personalization and client come back immediatly they
will inform we no need to hide,Then how you can unhide column?
11)Can you please explain personalization steps?
12)what is Areas of responsibility?
13)how to give condition for full time employees,contingent woker,pending worker in
14)without plan can we create AbsenceType?
15)what is the difference between WorkTerms and work relationship?
16)How to attach security roles to the person?
17)Can we fetch Historical data in OTBI?
18)What is data reference set?
19)Can you please explain differences for Recuring and non recuring Elements?
20)is it possible to load images through HDL if yes how?
21)Is there any limetations in Spreadsheet DataLoader?
22)Please tell me some list of Some Subject Areas?
23)What is the use of security profile?