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Manual Deposit Accounting

This document demonstrates the required steps to manually process a security
deposit refund.
Step 1: Process Forms and Send to Revenue Accounting
Depending on the reason for the refund, email one of the following to

a. Tenant Move-out Form: If the tenant has moved out of the unit in
which you are refunding their security deposit.

b. Tenant Account Adjustment Form: If the tenant has not moved out of
the unit but we are refunding a portion of their security deposit.

Step 2: Revenue Accounting will Process Deposit Transactions

After all required documentation is provided to Revenue Accounting, the necessary
steps will be completed in Yardi to correct the A/R side of the security deposit on the
tenant or customer ledger.

Step 3: Revenue Accounting will Notify AM to enter Refund Payable

Once Deposit Refund Charges and Adjustments have been entered to the appropriate
ledger and the refund amount has been verified from the paperwork submitted, the
Asset Manager will be notified that the refund payable may be entered into Payscan.
Refund Payables may not be entered without prior approval from Revenue Accounting

Step 4: Asset Management Enters Refund Payable

Once the charges have been created for the Deposit and the Deposit Refund, an Invoice
Register batch will need to be created and approved to generate a check to the tenant
and to create the refund. Enter a single payable for the total amount of the refund.

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Kilroy Realty | Yardi Voyager 7S

Example of Deposit Refund Payable


1 Company Select the appropriate company.
2 Payee Enter the Lease ID or the Customer code for the Payee.
3 Invoice # Enter a unique invoice number such as “Deposit
4 Expense Type Select the Opex expense type.
5 Total Amount Enter the total amount of the refund.
6 Invoice Date Enter the date of the invoice – this will display on the
7 Post Month Enter the post month for the invoice.
8 Entity Enter the property code for the tenant or customer
being refunded.
9 Amount Enter the amount of the refund.
1 Account Enter the account for Security Deposit Refund
24150-10 Security Deposit Refund.
2 Notes Enter a descriptive note, such as “Deposit Refund”.
3 Click SAVE

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Kilroy Realty | Yardi Voyager 7S

Supporting documentation must be attached by way of the Functions>Attachment

feature on the Payable Invoice screen.

Example of the Attachment Link

a. Tenant Move-out Form –OR–Tenant Account Adjustment Form (as

applicable) and the associated/appropriate supporting documents. The
file name for the Attachment should be saved as follows: “TAAF_[Name
of Tenant]_[Date]. For example: “TAAF_MarcusAndMillichap_071013”.

b. A copy of the email from Revenue Accounting which OK’s the Refund to
be entered.

Validate and approve the payable as normal – it will proceed through the selected
workflow prior to being paid.

Once the check is approved and paid, the ledger will display the updated balance of the
deposit on file. For a tenant who has moved out it will display a zero balance and the
“Deposit Received” field on the lease screen should be blank. If the deposit was partially
refunded, the balance should display in the Deposits Received field.

Example of Lease Screen

Example of Ledger After Refund

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