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ESE I002

Level: Intermediate

Reading Evaluation:
• Social Problem: Suicide
◦ Total words = 99 words

Answer Key
1. b
2. b
3. a
4. a
5. a

Listening Evaluation:

• Dialog 1
◦ Audio File: I002-1.mp3
Answer Key
• Exercise 1.1 = a. Catering Arrangement
• Exercise 1.2 = about 100 employees
• Exercise 1.3 = company party
• Exercise 1.4 = expect

Audio Transcript:
Man 1: Hello, Crusty Catering. How may I help you today?
Man 2: Yes, I'm with the Colbert Corporation. We're having a company party next Friday, and I need to arrange
for all the food and drinks.
Man 1: OK. How many people do you expect to entertain? And will it be an indoor or outdoor affair?
Man 2: About 100 employees will be there. And we'll hold it indoors in one of our large conference rooms.

• Dialog 2
◦ Audio File: I002-2.mp3
Answer Key
• Exercise 2.1 = b. Policy for vacation request
• Exercise 2.2 = to the Human Resources
• Exercise 2.3 = come
• Exercise 2.4 = got

Audio Transcript:
Man: Hey, Mark. What's the policy for vacation requests. I'd like to take time off in July when the kids are out
of school.
Mark: You and everybody else, you've got to submit a form to the Human Resources. It's first come first serve
based on seniority.

Man: I see. My chances wouldn't be very good then, would they? Maybe I should try for February when the kids
have mid-winter break.