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Building Project Update

Andrew Sprang As the weather breaks and the temperatures are

starting to climb more people will be working on
the construction site for the remainder of the year.
Superintendent There is a great deal of activity at both locations.
Following is a breakdown of the work going on
at both buildings then an overall summary of the
Opportunity awaits. Here at Fostoria City Schools the statement project.
opportunity awaits is captured in our district vision statement: Inspire.
At Fostoria Elementary the renovation has moved
Succeed. Leave a Legacy. What does this vision mean? In my
into phase 5 out of 6 phases. The roof work con-
opinion the meaning is that we put all of our students into the best tinues as weather permits. There is only so much
opportunities for them to be successful. Students have the opportunity that can be taken off during the day as it needs
to collaborate, work independently, follow their interests, and receive a to be covered in the evening. There will also be
quality education not only in the textbook but also in skills that they will site work being done to expand the parking lots
take with them throughout life. around the building. This is the more noticeable
work. On the inside of the building, remodeling of
In order to do this work, we must look at all aspects of the school en- classrooms and replacement of the heating and
cooling systems continue
vironment including relationships, academics, resources and activities
as well.
for ALL students. Over the past several years, we have implemented
the Leader in Me & LEAD in partnership with Franklin Covey. This is The new Junior Senior High
a great investment in the person/relationships and allows us to work School has made significant
progress as well. Last week
on goal setting and skills that are life skills based on the 7 Habits. We they began laying brick on
have also reviewed & updated all of our curriculum in order to provide the exterior of the build-
our students with the most current resources to help prepare them for ing. On the inside they are
academic success. Most recently we implemented a 1:1 technology running electrical, heating
program in grades 5-12. All students have the opportunity to utilize and cooling lines, as well
these devices to enhance their learning experience. Outside of the as starting the process of
classroom there are plentiful opportunities to participate in the arts, hanging some drywall.
athletics, and many other clubs at all ages. When you define what Overall summary on the
it means to “Inspire. Succeed. Leave a Legacy.”, from outside of the project - the bids are being
classroom this vision is carried out with our accomplishments with awarded for the technolo-
superior ratings for our band, and excellent for our choir, with students gy and loose furnishings
qualifying for the national DECA competition on an annual basis in packages. These bids deal
with the furnishings for
recent history, to winning a league title in volleyball, an aspiring artist
inside the buildings as well
presenting at a state level exhibit, to our elementary students partici- as the technology that will
pating in after-school STEM activities. be used in the classroom, the phone systems, and security systems. All of these system upgrades will provide unique
opportunities within our district. The classrooms are going to be outfitted with 75” interactive panels that will allow the
As we prepare for the future in our district, our work is far from done. students and staff to interact with one another on activities by sharing projects and displaying information. Security is
The work that has been started is making progress as our report card also a paramount feature of the project as the capabilities and shear number of cameras will be far greater than what
continues to get better, participation in activities and groups is growing currently exists on the inside and outside of our buildings. The loose furnishings budget has been utilized to create
once again, and our new facilities are nearing completion. With all of an inclusive and collaborative classroom setting second to none. In order for our students to excel in today’s global
society communication and collaboration are key. In the classrooms as well as common areas, and extended learning
this momentum moving in the district there is plenty of opportunity to
areas these skills will be able to take place through an array of options enhancing the educational programming that is
Inspire. Succeed. Leave a Legacy. There is no better time to be part of offered in our schools.
this transformation in the district, and I personally thank the community
for the opportunity to do this work on a daily basis. Through the spring and summer we encourage you to follow the progress in the district. We look forward to being
able to open our doors on a new chapter for students in Fostoria City Schools during the 2019-2020 school year.

Playground Fundraising Update

One exciting project that is also scheduled to happen this summer is the construction of a new
playground for students in grades 1-6 at the Fostoria Elementary building. This was not entirely
funded as part of the building project, but due to the wear and tear of the existing equipment it is
best that we replace it at this point in time.

What the district would like to do is create a playground that can also serve as an extended learn-
ing area for the students, as well as tying into our local history. The district has selected a Native
American themed playground that would tie play and learning together. The following information
are examples that can show how we could tie the playground in with our social studies standards:

• 4th Grade History Strand

Content Statement 3: Various groups of people have lived in Ohio over time including prehistor-
ic and historic American Indians, migrating settlers and immigrants. Interactions among these
groups have resulted in both cooperation and conflict.
Content Standard 5: The Northwest Ordinance established a process for the creation of new
states and specified democratic ideals to be incorporated in the states of the Northwest Territory.
Content Standard 6: The inability to resolve standing issues with Great Britain and ongoing con- believed would make their playground an enjoyable experience.
flicts with American Indians led the United States into the War of 1812. Victory in the Battle of Lake
Erie contributed to American success in the war. The students demonstrated great leadership as they listened to presentations from potential
vendors and were able to share their thoughts on what they were shown.
• Grade 5 Geography Strand The total price of the project could be close to $180,000. Currently we have an investment of
Content Standard 8: American Indians developed unique cultures with many different ways of life. $120,000 for the project. This will be a project that will last for many years in the district. Any sup-
American Indian tribes and nations can be classified into cultural groups based on geographic and port that your organization, or on an individual basis, is willing to contribute to the project would be
cultural similarities. greatly appreciated. Donations should be made out to Fostoria City Schools- Playground Project.
Other key points are the amount of play equipment that can be used by large groups of students Respectfully, the donation categories have been established in recognition of local Native Ameri-
at one time, and also the inclusiveness that the equipment provides for all students to be able to can tribes. Each category will have a historical marker on the playground and then a list of donors
in that particular category.
use. Below is a potential rendering for a portion of the playground.
$25-250.00 Mingo Tribe $251-500 Ottawa Tribe $501-750 Huron Tribe
To get the rendering pictured, the district worked with a group of students to determine items they $751-1000 Seneca Tribe $1001- 5000 Shawnee Tribe $5000+ Wyandot Tribe
District Information
Tera Matz Jennifer Abell
Curriculum Director Student Services
District-Wide Title I Parent Engagement Events Happy Spring! The Student Services department has been busy meeting students’
One of Fostoria City Schools’ goals is to focus on building an effective partnership between the district, schools, medical, social, behavioral, and academic needs and providing the necessary
and students’ parents/guardians. In an effort to strengthen this partnership, FCS is committed to provide our interventions and services for school success. Here are some of the latest
families with many opportunities to come together with school staff and participate in fun, informational, educational happenings within the department!
activities – an example of such activities are our District-Wide Title I Family Engagement Nights. On these evenings Professional Development Provided
throughout the year, the district has committed to focusing on our families by not holding athletic events or prac- Fostoria City Schools intervention specialists and paraprofessionals have taken part
tices, encouraging staff to not assign homework or large tests the following day – to truly give our families an oppor- in professional development to help in working with the students with the highest
tunity to come together and spend time with one another without worry of the typical demands of the busy weekday academic needs. The training has focused on the Expansion and Expression Tool
evening! Our three events this year have been a huge success! I hope all who attended our Title I events found (EET) for students K-12 with an intense focus on grades K-6. This is a writing
them to be fun, informative, and educational. FCS Title I staff enjoyed meeting with the students and their families strategy to help students remember the parts of a good sentence through a visual
and having the time to share strategies and activities that help continue your student’s academic growth. I know representation. There has also been training on the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness
how hard it is to take time out of your busy schedules to spend an evening with us and we appreciate it and thank program that is focused on providing foundational phonics skills at grades Pre-K
you for your attendance. For those of you who have never attended one of these events, I would like to encourage through 3. Lastly, the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) Training has been provided
you to consider attending future events with your families. These events truly are an opportunity for you and your for intervention specialists and paraprofessionals at the 5th through 12th
children to interact in a fun, educational atmosphere with FCS staff and other families within the community! level which focuses on strategies to facilitate independence with students
in reading and writing as well as content enhancement activities.
Non-Core Curriculum Selection Update
You may remember from prior newsletter articles that Fostoria City Schools has committed to reviewing and updat- Google Extensions for Chrome
ing curriculum materials every 5 years; this year the focus has been on the needs of our non-core subjects. This With students grades 5-12 having the 1:1 technology via
includes courses such as Spanish, CBI/Careers, Technology, Art, Music, PE/Health, etc. The various departments their Chromebooks and an increase in devices for
have devoted many hours to reviewing potential new curriculum materials in an effort to find the best fit for the younger students as well, many opportunities for students
staff and students at FCS. Several departments have made their selections, while others are still in the final stages with specific needs have also become available! Because
of this process. FCS will begin having these materials available for public review on the Fostoria City Schools of the availability of having their own individual device,
webpage soon. Look for this information to be posted late March/early April. We welcome your feedback. The goal students can utilize various accessibility tools that are provided
of these new adoptions will be to provide the resources necessary to best meet the needs of our students for the through Google Chrome. The district has invested in one specif-
2019-2020 school year and beyond. ic extension for ALL students and staff within the district to utilize.
This extension is called Read & Write.
High-Stakes Testing Intervention specialists and paraprofessionals have been trained on how to utilize
With the first signs of spring also comes the knowledge that testing time is drawing near. I feel it is very important to the Read & Write extension with their students and there will be ongoing training
remind everyone the role that these “high-stakes” assessments play in the education of our students. Whether we with ALL staff and students. This extension has been added via personal email
agree or disagree with the idea of “high-stakes” testing, the reality is that these tests do matter and are being used accounts, thereby allowing students to have access to accessibility features when
to make important decisions about our students, educators, schools, district, and community alike. For example: on Google Classroom and other internet-based sites both while at school and
our students’ test results may be used to determine whether a student advances to the next grade level or whether when at home. With Read & Write through Google Chrome, ALL students will have
they receive a diploma; our educators’ test results may impact their evaluations; our school buildings and district access to these features with a specific focus on Students with Disabilities, English
test results are used as an accountability measure by the state and directly impact the results on our local report Language Learners, and students with 504 Plans from grades 2 through 12.
card. All of us in Fostoria are directly impacted by the results of these assessments. Some of the specific accessibility features of Read & Write are as follows:
There is no doubt that testing season elicits a certain level of stress throughout the district. However, as we enter Text-to-Speech- allows text that is on Google
Classroom or other web-based sites to be
this season of “high-stakes” testing, I want to be sure to put these tests into perspective for our students, families, read aloud to students
and the community. As important as it is for our students to try their very best— their best is all we can and should Speech-To-Text- allows student to speak
ask of them. Placing undue stress and pressure onto students to achieve can actually be detrimental to their overall into their computer to compose sentences,
performance - many students already have anxiety regarding testing. As adults we need to do our best to ensure answer questions, create documents without
that we are finding the balance between asking our students to work hard, while ensuring we are not placing too typing
much pressure on them. Picture Dictionary-allows students to
With all of the focus and effort that goes into preparing for and passing these tests, I encourage all of us to not lose highlight a word they don’t know and be
sight of the fact that test scores, while important, are simply one measure of a student’s strengths and weaknesses provided a picture representation of the word
- only a snapshot of who that child really is and the things they can do. Unfortunately, these tests do not measure meaning
the amazing people we know our students are. As educators we know our students have amazing abilities both Dictionary- allows students to highlight
in and out of the classroom. Whether your child has the ability to make others smile, a special musical or athletic a word they don’t know in a passage and
talent, a wonderful sense of humor, or especially empathetic of others – the scores you get will tell you something, obtain a written definition of the word
but they will not give you a complete picture of what makes each of our students wonderful. Highlighting Collection- allows a student to
I encourage you to share this message with your child, and ask that you encourage them to work hard and try their highlight information within an online text/
very best throughout this testing season. But also, please remember there are many ways of being smart and these book and then collect it to be placed on a
tests are only one piece of a much larger picture. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. On the separate document to narrow their focus for
last page of the newsletter, you will find some general information regarding the assessments that will be given this review and studying purposes
spring – specific grade level dates and schedules will be coming from the respective buildings. Text Prediction- allows a student to begin
writing information and provides predicted
text based on typical word patterns to help
speed up the writing process and stimulate
Another extension that is free for all students to use is Google Translate. This
extension can help our English Language Learners by translating text helping not
only to increase students’ ability to communicate and learn, but also to increase their
knowledge of the meanings of English words.
Both of these extensions are meant to help students with barriers for learning and
for sharing their knowledge.
However, they should be
used with caution, as it
is important for them to
learn the skills of reading
and writing and not rely on
technology for all forms of learning. The best use of these accessibility features is
when reading is not what is being measured or when writing is not what is being
measured but rather the content information. For example, when a student needs
to share their knowledge about the Ming Dynasty and write a sentence to describe
their knowledge. Rather than being slowed down by having to read a lengthy
passage and then write their findings with pencil and paper or type it into a paper,
they could use the text-to-speech feature to have it read orally to them and then
use the speech-to-text feature to share their knowledge in a document to more
effectively and efficiently show what they have learned. In this case, how they
obtained the information and HOW it is shared is less important than WHAT they
learned and can demonstrate to the teacher about the specific content.
Longfellow/Riley Elementary School 619 Sandusky St. 1324 Walnut St.
419-436-4135 419-436-4145
Grades PreK – 2 kbauman@fostoriaschools.org

Kelli Bauman
Kindergarten Readiness:
We are revamping our registration process for Kindergarten this year. Stu-
dents will be given a brief screening to be able to assess readiness for kin-
dergarten and also to decide the best placement and grouping of students for
the 2019-2020 school year. We are excited to be able to have all kindergarten
staff available to help with this process in order to ensure a successful start to
school in the fall. This event is scheduled for Friday May 3rd from 9am-4pm
at Longfellow Elementary. We will also be screening children ages 3 and 4 for
preschool opportunities.

See below for Kindergarten Readiness checklist provided by the Ohio Depart-
ment of Education.

To prepare for kindergarten, children need to be supported and nurtured in all

areas of development. It is also important that your child is physically, socially
and emotionally ready to participate in school. This list can serve as a guide
as you and your child prepare for the exciting transition to kindergarten!

Can your child separate from primary caregiver without anxiety?

• Use self-control?
• Keeping hands to self
• Sharing and taking turns
• Cooperating and playing with other children
• Using classroom supplies appropriately

Cooperate with adults and authority figures?

• Following directions
• Communicating needs effectively
• Demonstrate self-help skills?
• Using the restroom independently
• Putting on and zipping own coat
• Tying shoes Top of Form

Use classroom tools and toys efficiently?
• Cutting with scissors
• Holding and using a pencil, crayon or marker
• Building with blocks or Legos

Express self-awareness in a variety of ways?

• Knowing first and last name.
• Writing first name.
• Naming the letters in first name.
• Knowing name of primary caregiver(s)

This list is not a list of requirements for kindergarten but more of a checklist
of developmental and academic skills that will set your child up for great suc-
cess as they begin their educational journey.

Your Child’s Development: Primary Ages and Grades

During the early elementary school years, children enjoy taking on increasing
amounts of responsibilities at home and at school. They also start to master
reading skills and use math in more abstract ways. Friendships are important
to children this age, but these relationships may change over time.
As in previous stages of childhood, each child will develop at his or her own
pace. Children may develop some new skills earlier than expected, while
others develop a bit slower.
Below we have listed a few examples of the abilities commonly seen in chil-
dren this age.
Work on projects and make things;
Fold and cut paper into shapes;
Tie their own shoes;
Swim and ride bicycles;
Know left from right;
Prefer two or three close friends;
Tell stories with lots of details;
Be responsible and carry out commitments.
If you are concerned about your child’s learning, talk with your child’s teacher
or the school principal. These skills are not requirements for these ages or
grades in school but can help you to prepare and support your child as they
grow and transition through the primary grades.
1202 H.L. Ford Dr.
419-436-4125 Fostoria Intermediate Elementary School
kbernal@fostoriaschools.org Grades 3 – 6
Kori Bernal Jerome Haupert
Principal Assistant Principal
It’s hard to believe that summer is right around the corner!  As we move I am writing to emphasize the
into the final stretch, I thought it would be nice to look back on all the things importance of consistent school
we’ve done throughout the year. We look forward to next year and all being attendance for all students. A great
together as a PK-6 building! deal happens during the school day at
Fostoria Intermediate Elementary that
directly contributes to student learning.
Missing school or routinely showing
up tardy adversely impacts student
achievement and limits a student’s ability
to feel connected with adults and peers
by negatively impacting learning for others while the teacher is helping students get caught up.
While there are many important reasons that a student misses school, such as: illness, death of a loved
one or a vacation, the attendance policy of Fostoria City Schools is designed to encourage full attendance.
We all understand the seriousness of illness this time of year and respect those decisions to keep students
home, but please make sure to communicate that with the school.
To help incentivize student attendance our building has been competing this school year in an attendance
challenge. The winning grade level at the end of the month receives a reward: dress down, popsicles, hat
day and a pajama day. For March we will be giving the winning grade level ice cream sandwiches, in April
they will receive a pizza party and in May there will be another dress down day. Our goal for the year is to
have 95% attendance as a building, at this point in the school year we are at 93.45%. There are eleven
The cafeteria workers were We have the best volunteers in Project weeks of school left and we need to get that percentage to our goal!
polling students to see what their MORE! Positive High FIES
favorite lunch is. This is then Trying to focus on the positive we have started a system where staff can recognize students, students
added to the menu. can recognize staff and staff can recognize staff. This is based on the 7 Habits and when someone is
caught exhibiting one of those habits they are given a High FIES. They are announced during the morning
announcements and come to the office to receive a prize as well as a card that if they continue to earn High
The 3rd grade classes are learning about different composers of the Baroque
FIES could potentially turn into a homework pass. The goal at the beginning of the year was for staff to write
time period.  We also have been singing songs from The Little Mermaid, so we
1,500 High FIES to students and at this point in the school year we have written almost 1,300! We are going
can enjoy the high school production of the musical in March.
to meet our goal and beat it by the end of the year.
The 4th grades have been busy practicing the recorder and singing songs from I
Staff vs. Students
Need A Vacation for their upcoming program on April 7, 2019.  They will perform
Looking ahead to the end of the year we are going to be starting an annual Staff vs. Students game for
in the FJSHS PAC at 2:00 PM.
the 5th grade students, while the 6th
5th grade Music students have finished Opera and are reviewing the Instruments
grade is away at camp. I am hoping
of the Orchestra and World Instruments.
that this will give the incoming 3rd and
6th grade students are listening to and identifying many different musical genre
4th graders something to look forward
and different composers
to in 5th grade as they have camp to
look forward to in 6th grade. This year
it was voted on by the students to have
a dodgeball game. There will be a
sign up for students that would like to
compete as well as a permission slip
that will be going home after sign up
and voting has taken place. 10 students
will compete against 10 staff members
in the dodgeball game and we will be
selling small items for students to show
their school pride. The date of the
dodgeball game will be May 3, 2019.

Mrs. Weber and Miss Stockard are in full art show mode here at F.I.E.S! With the art show right around the
corner, students are busy getting the final touches on artworks that will be showcased this year.
All grades are also diving into their clay unit. Each grade level will be creating unique relief and sculptural
designs in clay. 3rd, 4th and 6th grade will be learning about mixed media and relief sculpture while the 5th
graders will be taking a look at Pop Art and food creation!
5th and 6th grade bands are in preparation for their spring concert, held on Thursday, May 23rd at 7:00PM in
the FIES main gym. In 6th grade, we are talking about more complex rhythms and different ranges on the in-
strument. In 5th, students are beginning to learn more notes and reinforcing good practice habits. In addition to
regular concert performance prep, we bring in guest musicians to help our students Begin with the End in Mind
and see what happens when you continue to practice and play your instrument. In February, we were visited
by a professional clarinet player. At the end of March, all classes will have visitors from the Fostoria Community
Band. For students who are looking for a challenge, auditions will occur in April to participate in the “Gig Band,”
a select group that has additional performance opportunities. We are progressing well and a lot of music is
being made!
The 3rd grade students have been continuing their working knowledge of the various features of Google
Docs.  They have been working with a menu option called ‘drawing’.
4th graders have been busy learning how to create a bi-fold brochure.  For the most part they have mastered
the set-up process. Our next step is to learn to add factual information through research on the internet.
The 5th grade students have been working on a States tri-fold brochure.  The students are not only learning
how to set up a factual tri-fold, but also learning about the 50 states through their research.  Our next, step is to
demonstrate mastery by research about organisms and creating a tri-fold independently.
6th graders have been working really hard at learning more features of Google Slides.  They are now learning
to insert videos, and link slides within the same presentation. These students will next be moving into the
beginning stages of programming. In the past I have experienced the students really liking this topic.
Fostoria Junior/Senior High School 1001 Park Ave.
Grades 7 – 12 dbauman@fostoriaschools.org

Redmen LEADers
On Friday, March 8th, a group of FHS students and staff members travelled to Columbus to participate in the High
Drew Bauman School Community LEAD Day, which brought schools together from across the state to share and celebrate their im-
plementation of LEAD and the 7 Habits. Our students presented to the entire group about LEAD rallies, action teams,

Principal SUCCESS/ACHIEVE, and more. They also gave an impromptu performance of our 7 Habits song!

Spring has sprung! The start of the spring season always means exciting (and
busy) times at Fostoria Junior/Senior High School. As we prepare for the final
quarter of the school year and the administration of the Ohio State Tests, we
also get the chance to celebrate another great school year and recognize all
the amazing things our staff and students have done throughout the year.
While there is still much to be done before we depart for the summer, we
always enjoy the opportunity to reflect on all we have accomplished. Please
take a moment to read about some of the recent successes and celebrations
we have been fortunate to experience.
Students came back energized and engaged, wanting to do even more to create further growth for our building! We
are so proud of their involvement with LEAD and the 7 Habits and appreciative of the opportunity to interact with other
schools who are working towards the same goals.
March Music Month!
From the first day of the month through the last week, Fostoria Junior/Senior High
School had it all happening in March in our Performing Arts department, including
concerts, guest instructors and clinicians, District competition, and the annual Spring

In the last week of February our students had the opportunity to speak and practice
with professional musician and college educator Christopher Bowmaster from Marietta
College. Professor Bowmaster was able to spend time with musicians at every level,
rehearsing with students
at FIES, as well junior
high and high school
band members. We are
very appreciative for the
generosity and kindness
of this true professional
Last year we established the Early College High School, in partnership with Terra and for all that he did to
State Community College and the Fostoria Learning Center. This partnership of- impact our students during his time in our schools!
fers College Credit Plus courses to students in a face-to-face setting with college
professors and does not require students to be bussed or drive to campuses in On Sunday, March 3rd the Fostoria High School band performed its annual OMEA Preview concert. The concert is
other towns. Students who take (and pass) these courses will receive college two-fold, giving our families and community members a sneak peek at what the band will be playing at the District
credit while also satisfying high school graduation requirements. This also a competition while also giving our musicians the chance to play these pieces with the, literal and figurative, bright lights
great opportunity to receive college credit at NO COST, as there is no charge to shining. This year’s concert was graced by the presence of guest clinician Richard Saucedo, an outstanding director
students for the course or textbooks! and composer. Following the concert, Mr. Saucedo spent two hours with the students and directors, preparing for their
District performance, which took place at Oak Harbor High School on Saturday, March 16th.
Any students interested in taking College Credit Plus courses through Terra
State Community College must take the required Accuplacer placement test. We
have completed two rounds of on-site testing at FJSHS with the assistance of a
Terra State representative. If you are interested in the Early College High School
program and did not participate in either of these test sessions, please make
sure to contact Mr. Bauman immediately.

Ohio Governor’s Youth

Art Exhibition Fostoria High School Dominican Republic Trip
Fostoria High School junior Students currently in grades 8-10 have the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2020,
and Design III student, thanks to the efforts of FHS teachers Courtney Fleming and Mallory Hefner. To this point, there have been several
Mique’la Mundy, traveled meetings for parents and students, and fundraising efforts are well underway.
to Hilliard-Davidson High
School on March 9th to In preparation for the Summer
participate in the state 2020 trip, Mrs. Fleming travelled
judging portion of this to the Dominican Republic in
year’s Ohio Governor’s February and saw some amazing
Youth Art Exhibition. While sights while also preparing to
she did not move on to give students on this trip the
the next round, we are best experience possible! These
very proud of Mique’la’s pictures are just a small glimpse
work. Participating in this at the beauty of this country’s
event for the first time landscape.
was a great opportunity
for Mique’la and the Art It is not too late to sign up for
Department and we look this INCREDIBLE opportunity. If
forward to seeing what you/your student is interested in
artwork she and the rest learning more, please have them
of our Redmen artists will see Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Hefner, or
make moving forward. Mr. Bauman.
Michele Wolf
Athletic Director
Tennis Update
Due to low and inexperienced numbers, the Varsity boys tennis program has
elected to run as a club sport this spring and into the summer in an attempt to
rebuild the program and interest in the sport. Returning Head Coach Walt Bor-
row will focus on recruiting players in grades 6-11 to teach the rules of the game
and build specific skill sets to be successful in tennis. In addition to internal
competition, there is a likelihood that junior varsity matches will be scheduled
towards the end of the season. This is expected to begin April 1st. Any interest-
ed boys in grades 6-11 should contact Coach Burrow at wb72mustang@aol.
com or mwolf@fostoriaschools.org.
Winter Sports Awards
The following athletes were recognized at the league and district level from the
winter sports season:
Girls’ Basketball -- District 7
Meredith Grine - Honorable Mention, All Academic
Mary Harris - Honorable Mention, All Academic
Tia Overton - All Academic
Tyriana Settles - 1st Team Maalik Tucker - Signed commitment letter with Bluffton University to play Tyriana Settles - Scored 1000th point
football beginning fall 2019. vs Lakota on Feb 11th.
Northern Buckeye Conference
Tyriana Settles - 1st Team
Meredith Grine - Honorable Mention, Senior All-Academic
Mary Harris - Senior All-Academic
Tia Overton - Senior All-Academic
Boys’ Basketball -- District 7
Maalik Tucker - Honorable Mention
Aneas Cousin - Honorable Mention
Eli Ward - All Academic
Northern Buckeye Conference
Maalik Tucker - Honorable Mention
Eli Ward - Senior All-Academic
Alex Sierra - Senior All-Academic
Wrestling -- DIII District
Roger Hall - Qualifier
Shawn Vilaisack - alternate
Chance Mason - alternate
Northern Buckeye Conference
Roger Hall - Honorable Mention (3rd Place)
Trevor Sterling - District Qualifier Roger Hall placed 3rd at the NBC Championships at 220lbs. Student section at girls’ basketball senior night vs Lakota.

2019 Spring Date

Place Time Opponent Date
Place Time Opponent

Athletic 3-16 A TBA TBA @ Rossford Sports Dome (S) 3-16 A 12pm Upper Sandusky (S)
3-19 H 4:45pm North Baltimore (S) 3-18 H 4:45pm Huron (S)
3-20 H 4:30pm Carey (S)

3-20 H 04:45pm Liberty Benton (S)
3-24 A TBA TBA @ Rossford Sports (S) 3-21 H 4:45pm Kenton (S)
3-25 A 5 pm Seneca East 3-23 H 12pm Liberty Benton
3-26 H 5 pm Old Fort 3-25 A 5pm Seneca East
3-29 A 5 pm Fremont 3-26 A 5pm Old Fort
3-30 H 4:45pm Northwood (JV DH v Tiffin) 3-28 H 4:45pm Toledo Woodward
4-4 H 4:45pm Hopewell Loudon 4-2 A 5pm Sandusky
4-6 H 11pm Tiffin Calvert DH* 4-4 H 4:45pm Hopewell Loudon
4-8 H 4:45pm Genoa 4-6 A 11am Elida Tournament
4-10 A 4:45pm Woodmore 4-8 H 4:45pm Genoa
4-11 A 4:45pm Northwood* 4-10 A 4:45pm Woodmore
4-15 A 4:45pm Lake 4-15 A 4:45pm Lake
4-17 H 4:45pm Eastwood 4-16 H 4:45pm Wynford


Date Place Time Opponent 4-22 A 4:45pm Elmwood 4-22 A 4:45pm Elmwood
3/30 A 10am Margaretta Polar Bear Relays 4-23 H 5:30pm Toledo Woodward* 4-24 H 4:45pm Otsego
4/6 A 9am Lakota Invite 4-24 H 4:45pm Otsego 4-26 A 4:45pm Genoa
4/9 A 4:30pm NBC Dual @ Lake 4-26 A 4:45pm Genoa 4-27 H 11am Tiffin Columbian DH
4/16 H 4:30pm NBC Dual w/Woodmore 4-27 A 11am Tiffin Columbian DH* 4-29 H 4:45pm Woodmore
4/20 H 9am Fostoria Athletic Booster Invite 4-29 H 4:45pm Woodmore 4-30 A 5pm Lakota
4/23 A 4:30pm NBC Tri at Elmwood w/Rossford 4-30 A 5pm Lakota 5-1 H 4:45pm Lake
4/26 A 04:30pm Margaretta Invite 5-1 H 4:45pm Lake 5-3 A 4:45pm Eastwood
4/30 A 04:30pm NBC Tri at Eastwood w/Genoa 5-3 A 4:45pm Eastwood 5-4 A 11am Fremont
5/3 A 04:15pm Pirate Relays (Perkins) 5-6 A 4:45pm Rossford 5-6 A 4:45pm Rossford
NBC Championships 5-8 H 4:45pm Elmwood 5-8 H 4:45pm Elmwood
5/11 A 10am (Eastwood) 5-9 A 4:45pm Otsego 5-10 A 4:45pm Otsego
Fostoria City Schools
Date of Assessment
Alicia Swartzmiller Assessment
Window Information Who Takes This?

Transportation February 15 – May 14

Ohio’s Early Learning Assessment (ELA) – The assessment is designed to aid
teachers in determining where children are in their readiness for kindergarten. All Pre School Students
The Early Learning Assessment will provide information for teachers about
children from early preschool to kindergarten.
Spring is just around the corner, at the transportation department we are Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities – Is Grades 3, 4, 6, and 7: ELA and Math
looking forward to warmer temperatures and more sunshine! As part of our February 18 – April 12 aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards–Extended (OLS-E) and designed to allow Grades 5 and 8: ELA, Math, and Science
district wide 4DX program our drivers are taking extra steps to promote bus students with significant cognitive disabilities to demonstrate their knowledge High School: ELA, Math, Science, & Social
safety and positive relationships. We would like to take this opportunity to and skills in an appropriately rigorous assessment. Studies
highlight a couple of our drivers. Ohio State Tests English Language Arts – State achievement tests tell us how
well our students are growing in the knowledge and skills outlined in Ohio’s Grade 3-8 ELA
Learning Standards. These tests help guide and strengthen future teaching so
March 25 – April 12 Grades 9-12 Students taking English
we can be sure that we are preparing our students for long-term success in Language Arts I and II
school, college, careers and life. Test results also allow citizens to know how
their local schools are performing compared to others around the state. 
Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Post Assessment Window for Paper-Pencil
Assessments – Is an academic goal set for an educator’s students at the start
April 1 – April 16 All Students PK-12
of a course/year. It represents the most important learning that is aligned to their
standards and sets an appropriate growth goal for students.
Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress
(MAP 2-12, MAP Primary K-2, and Map Fluency) – MAP Growth is a computer Grades K-12 ELA & Math
April 8 – April 26 adaptive test that provides teachers with information to help them deliver Grades K-3 Fluency
appropriate content for each student and determine each student’s academic Grades 3-6 Science
growth over time.
Fountas and Pinnell Benchmarking Assessment System (BAS) – Is used to Grades K-3
identify a student’s current reading level and progress along text levels over
April 1 – May 17 *Must be administered within 3 weeks
time. Evaluates students’ reading and comprehension ability and assesses prior to MAP Fluency
individual growth and reading level.
Ohio State Tests Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies – State achievement Grades 3-8 Math
tests tell us how well our students are growing in the knowledge and skills outlined Grade 5 & 8 Science
in Ohio’s Learning Standards. These tests help guide and strengthen future Grades 9-12 Algebra I, Geometry, Biology
April 23 – May 10 teaching so we can be sure that we are preparing our students for long-term or Physical Science (class of 2018
success in school, college, careers and life. Test results also allow citizens to only), American History and American
know how their local schools are performing compared to others around the state.  Government. 
Second Semester/Final Exams - Assesses the most important learning/concepts
May 29 – 31 Grades 7-12
over the course of the semester.
8 Testing Tips for Parents
Tip #1: Make attendance a priority, especially on days that you know standardized testing will be administered or there is
a test in the classroom. Though it’s important for your child to be in school as many days as possible, making sure he’s
there when the test is taken helps to ensure he won’t lose more learning time because he has to make up a test during
Tip #2: Make a note of test days on the calendar -- from spelling quizzes to big high-stakes tests. That way both you and
your child know what’s coming and will be prepared.
Tip #3: Look over your child’s homework daily and check for understanding. If your child is struggling with something
now, it won’t be easy for her to have time to try again to learn it just before the test.
February Driver of the Month - January Driver of the Month - Tip #4: Avoid pressuring your child and provide him with encouragement. Few children want to fail, and most will try their
Rob Brookman Brenda Rumschlag hardest to do well. Being afraid of your reaction to a bad test grade can increase anxiety, which makes careless mistakes
Rob has been with Fostoria City Brenda has been with the district more likely.
Schools as a bus driver since 2013. for twenty-seven years! She enjoys Tip #5: Set a reasonable bedtime and stick to it. Many parents underestimate the importance of a rested mind and body.
When asked what his favorite part her role as a pre-school driver very Tired children have difficulty focusing and are easily flustered by challenges. Also, make sure all electronics are turned off
of the being a bus driver was he much. “You get to watch how they at least 1 hour before bedtime. This helps the brain get ready to rest.
responded “The ability to make an grow and learn.” Her favorite past Tip #6: Make sure your child has enough time to wake up fully before he has to go to school. Just as rest is important, so
impactful difference in the lives in times are karaoke and fishing. She is having enough time to get his brain engaged and in gear. If his test is first thing in the morning, he can’t afford to spend
our community, Pride.” Rob also en- also enjoys sitting in her backyard the first hour of school groggy and unfocused.
joys teaching the Ohio Motorcycle watching and spending time with Tip #7: Provide a high-protein, healthy, low-sugar breakfast for your child. Kids learn better on full stomachs, but if their
Safety Training Course all over the nature. Brenda was a strong leader stomachs are full of sugary, heavy foods that will make them sleepy or slightly queasy, it’s not much better than an empty
state. Rob was recently recognized with organizing our 4DX Scoreboard stomach.
by Longfellow staff and students for this year, she always has a smile to Tip #8: Talk to your child about how the test went, what he did well and what he would have done differently. Think of it as
providing a fun and informative trip. share with our students and staff. a mini-debriefing or brainstorming session. You can talk about test-taking strategies after the fact as easily as beforehand.
A Note From The Nurse:
Illness: When to stay home and why?
We know that healthy children make better learners, and we also know that school can be a breeding ground for organisms that cause illness. That reason is why it is important
that we as parents follow the policy of Fostoria City Schools regarding when you are to keep your child home for illness.
Our policy regarding illness is:
• Any child with a temperature of 100 or higher will be sent home. Please do not send your child to school until they have been fever free for 24 hours.
• While it seems like a little Tylenol or Motrin will keep that temp down, all it is really doing is masking the illness, and your child can still infect his/her classmates.
• Keep them home if vomiting or having diarrhea for 24 hours after the last episode.
• The viruses that cause these problems will take 24 hours at least to pass through the body. Any use of OTC medicine to relieve the discomforts can slow down that process,
causing the child to keep the virus longer in their bodies.
• If your doctor puts your child on antibiotics, those will take 24 hours to become effective against the spread of the disease.
• Be sure to give a full day’s dose (usually 3-4 doses) before sending your child back to school.
Although this can be an inconvenience, making sure your child is fully recovered will help them to do better at school and prevent other children from becoming ill.
We appreciate your understanding of the district’s policy.. Sheryl St. Clair, RN, BSN