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Colors Of the wind Music by ALAN MENKEN Lyrics by STEPHEN SCHWARTZ Deliberately Dino3rd) think I’m an ig-no-rant si and you've been so man-y plac-es, I guess it must be so. But Freely Bb Am Bb Am Dm Bbmaj? @ Ey a EG] still I can-not see, if the sav-age one is me, how can there be so much that you don’t (© 1995 Wendeland Muse Company, Inc rd Walt Disney Music Company Intraoral Capyngn Secured Al Righs Resrves ry Moderately A(no3rd) D Aa E no chord a am know? You don’t Eg Ea think you own what-ey-er land you land on; the earth is just a dead thing you can a tempo Fim Bm G @ “ Ee a but I know ev-’ry rock and tree and crea - ture Em7sus Asus Bm D = & i Eg life, has a spir-it, has a name. You think the on -ly peo-ple who are Bm bd Fim a Ey SS peo - ple are the peo-ple who look and think like you, 4 Bm SG Em7(add4) Asus Hf a 8 Ef if_you walk the foot-steps of a strang - er you'll learn things you nev-er knew you nev- er Haye you ev-er heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon, f expressively